• Pre-School (3’s class)

    Children’s Choice Pre-School provides a fun, engaging atmosphere where children can discover and explore through a literature-based curriculum with hands-on thematic units and centers.  Our thematic units are age-appropriate and place an emphasis on literature, creative play, social studies, science, math, and art.  Socialization will be included in our units and we will target: friendship and consideration of others, taking turns and teamwork, verbalizing needs and expressing feelings, being responsible for behavior and belongings and following directions.

    Your child must turn 3 years old by September 1, and be potty trained.  No pull-ups.

  • Sequoya Pre-K Program

    Located at Sequoya Elementary, our Pre-K program provides a safe and nurturing environment where children learn through a unique thematic based curriculum. Each day, teachers introduce and present a topic related to our theme. Our thematic units place a strong emphasis on science, art, social studies, literature, math, and creative play.

    Our teacher-student ratio is 1 – 10.

    An atmosphere in which a child can grow in self-worth, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility, curiosity and delight in learning is highly stressed.

     Our thematic units place a strong emphasis on science, art, social studies, literature, math, and creative play.  Children explore and discover in our center-based classrooms.  Music is introduced through a variety of activities.

    We will begin the day with our theme and extend the theme into our art, science, social studies, creative play, literature, puzzles, and music. Throughout our daily activities; number and letter recognition will be incorporated in our themes, along with beginning letter sounds and math concepts.