Join the Pima Family

  • Pima Elementary is where academic excellence, strong relationships, and fun-filled learning experiences come together. Join us in nurturing the future of our scholars.

    Family at Pima ElementaryExperience the Difference: Pima Elementary isn't just a school; it's a family. When you step into our halls, you'll feel the warmth of a community that values relationships, positivity, and fun in learning. Every family that comes to campus witnesses the heartwarming interactions between scholars, teachers, and Principal Hodo, who even shares his love of music with the scholars.

    At Pima, we're more than just a collection of scholars and teachers; we're a united family. No matter your grade, teacher, or background, everyone belongs here. Our focus on building relationships fosters a sense of belonging and connection.

    Learning is an adventure at Pima, where we make education fun and engaging. Our programs like PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) and BARR (Building Assets Reducing Risks) emphasize positivity and strengths. We're dedicated to helping each child reach their highest potential academically and personally.

Program Highlights:

  • PBIS and BARR to promote team building, positive behavior, and emotional well-being.
    Zones of Regulation, "Bugs and Wishes," and "Stop, Walk and Talk" initiatives build emotional intelligence and create a positive atmosphere for learning.

    21st Century/Beyond the Bell, free through the 21st Century Grant

    • Academic-focused morning tutoring and enrichment.
    • Enrichment Afternoon Clubs including Lego, Gardening, and Sports, 

    Free full-day Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade

    A dynamic approach to the curriculum called the Formative Learning Process (FLP)that involves feedback, reflection, and revision.

    Recognition and Celebration: Pima Elementary loves to celebrate scholars' achievements. 

    • Monthly Golden Tray awards for the best-behaved class in the cafeteria to the 
    • Hodo Hall of Fame for academic growth in Math and the Allen Hall of Excellence for achievements in English Language Arts, 
    • Scholars with monthly perfect attendance earn the "Flawless Victory" distinction 
    • "Here on Time Challenge" rewards scholars that are punctual with  a token for the book vending machine. 
    • “Word of the Week” award for scholars that are able to state, define, and or use the vocabulary word of the week in a sentence.
    • Math Fact Fluency Friday award for scholars that can solve a mental math word problem. 

    Gifted and Special Education services, including self-contained classrooms.

    Our Community Math and Reading Nights are a hit, with themes that engage both parents and scholars. 

    “Grade-level Showcases” involving the parents and the community where each grade level demonstrates their learning from a special project or assignment.