Academic Excellence

  • Nurturing Global Leaders through Excellence

    At Desert Canyon Elementary School, we take pride in fostering a learning environment that goes beyond academic achievement—it's about preparing our students to become global leaders. With a strong emphasis on high achievement, dual language immersion in Mandarin, and a robust set of specials, Desert Canyon is dedicated to shaping young minds for success in an interconnected world.

The Desert Canyon Advantage

  • Discover the Desert Canyon Elementary School advantage—where academic excellence, global perspectives, and leadership development converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Gifted Services

  • SUSD Gifted Programs provide challenging curriculum to gifted students through the use of differentiated instruction designed to best meet the academic and affective needs of the students. The gifted program is designed to teach students with meaningful learning experiences that foster an enriched and in-depth understanding of the core curriculum.  These best practices for gifted education guide and shape our gifted programs throughout the district. 
    Gifted Testing Information

    There are two test options when registering your child. You can choose either the CogAT or the NNAT2. There are brief descriptions of each on the registration site as well as below.

    Second grade blanket testing - January 8 - February 1
    Spring Gifted testing -
    April 22 - April 27 - Kinder/1  

    Click here for the District Gifted Page

    Please contact the Gifted Services office at 480-484-5014 if you have any questions.

Mandarin | Dual Language Immersion

Our School

  • Academic Excellence:

    • Desert Canyon is synonymous with academic excellence. Our commitment to high standards ensures that every student receives a top-notch education, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

    Dual Language Immersion in Mandarin:

    • In our ever-globalizing world, proficiency in multiple languages is a valuable skill. Desert Canyon offers a Dual Language Immersion program in Mandarin, providing students with a unique opportunity to become fluent in both English and Mandarin, preparing them for a future where linguistic diversity is an asset.

    Robust Rigor in Learning:

    • Rigorous academic programs challenge and inspire our students to reach their full potential. We believe in providing a curriculum that not only meets but exceeds standards, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning.

    Specials to Support Young Leaders:

    • Desert Canyon understands the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our specials, ranging from arts and music to physical education, are designed to encourage creativity, teamwork, and physical well-being. These programs complement academic pursuits and contribute to the holistic development of our students.

    Cultivating Young Leaders:

    • Leadership skills are cultivated from a young age at Desert Canyon. Through various initiatives, projects, and leadership programs, we empower students to take initiative, communicate effectively, and become positive contributors to their community and the world.

    Preparing for a Global Future:

    • Desert Canyon is not just a school; it's a gateway to the world. Our global perspective is embedded in the curriculum, exposing students to diverse cultures, fostering an appreciation for global issues, and preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

    Innovative Teaching Methods:

    • Desert Canyon embraces innovative teaching methods that engage and inspire. Our educators utilize cutting-edge approaches, technology, and collaborative learning strategies to create a dynamic and forward-thinking classroom environment.

    Parent and Community Involvement:

    • The Desert Canyon community is actively involved in the educational journey of our students. We believe that collaboration between educators, parents, and the community is essential for student success. Regular communication, involvement in school activities, and partnerships create a supportive network for our students.

    Individualized Learning:

    • Recognizing that every student is unique, Desert Canyon employs individualized learning approaches to address the diverse needs and learning styles of our students. Differentiated instruction ensures that each child receives the support and challenges they need to succeed.

    High Expectations for Future Leaders:

    • Desert Canyon instills a sense of responsibility, integrity, and leadership in every student. Our high expectations for academic achievement and character development prepare students to become leaders who make a positive impact on their communities and the world.