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Tutoring Support

Tutoring Services

To maximize remaining ESSER III dollars that must be allocated by September of 2024 – SUSD will be expanding opportunities for tutoring services during the second semester of the 23-24 SY.  

Prior to that, in addition to the intervention and tutoring services offered at SUSD schools, the following tutoring opportunities are free and available to students/families.

Tutoring Options

High Dosage Achievement Tutoring – Arizona Department of Education:
For students in grades 4-12, the Arizona Department of Education is offering high dosage “Achievement” tutoring services from a variety of 3rd party vendors.  This Achievement Tutoring Program is a new tutoring program designed to provide reading, writing, and mathematics tutoring for students in grades 4-12 who are testing below proficient in those areas on the statewide Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA).  

Math Tutoring Services – University of Arizona:
In affiliation with the University of Arizona, the AmeriCorps STEMM Program offers free online math tutoring and support to all AZ students in grades K-12.