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Dual Language Immersion

Learn to speak, read and write in two languages!

Scottsdale Unified School District is proud to provide students an opportunity to become multilingual through the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs. Dual Language Immersion capitalizes on the human brain’s natural development of language during critical periods, especially during early childhood. Children naturally acquire language through social interactions with meaningful environments.

The DLI program is designed to use the language strengths of two teachers to co-teach curriculum in their target languages.

Students spend half of their time in English learning reading, writing and content skills such as social studies.  The other half of their instructional time is spent learning content such as mathematics and science through target languages such as Spanish or Mandarin as taught by a native speaker.

The DLI program at Pueblo Elementary targets Spanish and Desert Canyon Elementary School’s DLI program targets Mandarin.  Each school has teacher teams that coordinate instruction so students master the grade level standards while integrating the language arts skills of the target languages.

SUSD - DLI Pathway | PDF

Mandarin DLI Path

Spanish DLI Path