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    From the Desk of Dr. Menzel


    A Strong and Promising Start to 2023-24

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve nearly completed the first month of the new school year. Amid the record-breaking summer heat, the start has been strong and our focus on the future is unwavering. 

    In line with our commitment to progress, our Governing Board has approved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the district. These markers stand as a testament to our dedication to measuring what truly matters. Guided by our five overarching goals, these KPIs are not mere numbers, but are reflections of our aspirations and intricately tied to our commitments, ensuring that our actions are both purposeful and impactful.


  • Academics

    • Students aren’t the only ones learning during the school year! 
    • New Teacher Orientation
    • Summer Professional Development

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  • Arts

    • Arts - September 2023 Events
    • Arts - September 2023 Source
    • Summer Music Camps

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  • Athletics

    • Athletics – September 2023
    • MS & HS Fall Sports
    • Register My Athlete
    • No Bags

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  • SUSD Governing Board

    • September 2023 Update
    • August 2023 Update
    • June 2023 Update



  • Community Education

    • Community Ed – September 2023
    • Early Learning, Enrichment Zone, Kids Club

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  • Bond Update

    • Bond - September 2023
    • Pueblo ready to go
    • Tavan renovations complete

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  • CTE

    • CTE Internship Program & College & Career Fair
    • SUSD students crushing
      state counterparts
    • '23-'24 Internship program

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  • Celebrations

    • DMHS design team takes 1st place
    • Coronado JAG named Program of the Year
    • Scholarships galore!

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  • In the News

    • Student meets Scottsdale firefighters who helped save his life
    • AZ high school athletes promote suicide awareness message to their peers
    • Scottsdale athletes join suicide prevention effort

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  • Nutritional Services

    • Away for the Day
    • No price increases in student meals!
    • Time to fill out this school year's free and reduced application

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  • Support Services

    • Signs of Suicide - Tips for Parents & Caregivers
    • Let’s Celebrate the Pack
    • Back-to-School: Tips for Parents

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  • Partnerships

    • Hohokam Elementary School Supplies
    • Staples: Back-to-School Drive
    • Partnership Spotlight:  SCORE-ing Big

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  • Technology

    • Accessing Digital Learning Resources from Home
    • Optional Device Protection Plan
    • SUSD-Branded Mobile Devices

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  • School Safety

    • School Safety - September 2023
    • DIG IT - Year 2
    • New cameras, ID badges, radios

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  • Join Our Team

    • Explore Jobs and Career Opportunities

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