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  • During the 2020-2021 school year, Superintendent Menzel and the SUSD Governing Board initiated a broad, wide-ranging, future-focused strategic planning process that engaged the Scottsdale community at-large to articulate a vision for the District’s future that is both aspirational and inspirational.  

    SUSD’s strategic planning process included three initial phases:

    In Phase 1, a Design Team of stakeholders (i.e., parents, community members, administrators, teachers, and classified staff members) developed the SUSD vision, mission, and values to guide the District into our desired future.

    In Phase 2, Design Team members determined the strategic goals and commitments to align Districtwide actions.

    During Phase 3 of the SUSD Strategic Planning Process, District and school leaders and teachers identified key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward the realization of SUSD’s strategic goals and commitments -- and the following five district strategic initiatives to support implementation of the SUSD Strategic Plan:  

    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (Academic and Behavioral) Three Phases of Strategic Planning Process  
    • Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    • Talent Attraction and Retention
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Optimized Learning Resources

    The SUSD Governing Board approved the Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indicators in June of 2022.  



    View the SUSD Strategic Plan here

    Access the Key Performance Indicators here

    Access Priority KPIs and Targets here

  • Strategic Action Teams (StAT Teams)  

    To activate the next steps toward deep implementation of the Districtwide initiatives, five Strategic Action Teams (StAT Teams) comprised of district and school administrators, teachers, and classified staff members were established September of 2022.   The scope of the initiatives requires a multi-year implementation timeline and commitment on the part of StAT Teams.  Leaders of the StAT Teams will begin to report out on key learnings, progress, and outcomes of each of our StAT Teams at Governing Board meetings during the second semester of the 2022-23 SY.   

    MTSS A MTSS B Innovation T &  L Attracting & Retaining Community Partnerships Optimized Resources  

    Dr. Milissa Sackos
    Dr. Cindy Bochna
    Dr. Kim Dodds-Keran

    Dr. Milissa Sackos
    Shannon Cronn
    Matt Lins

    Dr. Michelle Watt
    Dr. Scott Menzel

    Alexis Wilson
    Amy Goff

    Kristine Harrington   
    Amy Downs  

    Shannon Crosier
    Dennis Roehler

    Ali Ellis
    Amber Green
    Tamara Jagodzinski
    Mickaela Leopold
    Dale Merrill
    Diane Murphy
    Josh Pantier
    Anne Plenkovich
    Sarah Torrilhon
    Jonna Wallis
    Jaime White  

    Jen Bailey
    Dorianne Brown
    Chad  Johnson
    Alisha Kellum
    Lauren Miles
    Kris Picard
    Lauren Piloto
    Chuck Rantala
    Alice Spingola
    Leah Stegman   

    Larissa Beckstead
    Janelle Danskey
    Johanna Kaiser
    Dave Priniski
    Providence Ryan
    Roni Scholz
    Annette Siemssen
    Kristen Tindall
    Nichole Viderman    

    Keri Blaker
    Chelsey Branham
    Kat Hughes
    Shelley Hummon
    Julie Leyva
    Junior Michael
    Stacey Pasquel
    Brooke Phillips
    Becky Williams  

    John Andrews
    Tammy Clow-kennedy
    Shawn Crosier
    Michelle Irvin
    Sara Johnson
    Katie Kunitzer
    Susan Lindberg
    Vern Nicholas
    Matt Patzlaff
    Kenneth Shuck
    Lisa Randall - Scottsdale Chamber
    Dennis Robbins - Scottsdale Charros
    Nan Strohmaier - SUSD Foundation


    Robert Akhabari  
    Yogi Chinnam  
    Francisca Garcia  
    Hannah Makolay  
    Margaret Serna  
    Brenda Spiesak  
    Roger Spivey  
    Lainie Triplett
    Marin Velarde  
    Nan Wilkinson  


    Through the ongoing commitment to the strategic planning process, SUSD continues on a path to operationalize our District’s vision and mission – in alignment with the values, strategic goals and commitments, initiatives, and KPIs established to ensure SUSD’s present and future success.