Student Clubs

  • #icanhelp
    Carrie Sendlein
    The purpose of #icanhelp club is to create a positive and safe environment on social media for tweens, teens, and adults, raising awareness of the effects of negative and harmful uses of social media, and fostering an online environment in which each social media user can become a positive warrior.

    Adventure Club
    Catina Lewis
    Encourage physical activity and exploration within our environment.

    AIA Chess Club
    Jonathan Lofren
    Learn and play Chess and compete in tournaments

    American Sign Language
    Jodi Hammond
    To teach people how to sign and to learn more about the culture and community surrounding American Sign Language.

    APE - Animals, People, Earth
    Jen MacColl
    Volunteering at animal shelters, caring for people, cleaning up campus.

    Connie Davis
    Support the Chaparral Badminton team.

    Angela Velazquez
    Purpose of the club is to raise funds, supplies and awareness for the non-profit organization bak-pak, dedicated to helping the homeless.

    Band Council
    Jennifer Mireau
    This club's purpose is to provide an environment and an opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.

    Best Buddies
    Megan Jarvee
    Creating an accepting environment and form one-on-one friendships with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Boys Basketball
    Dan Peterson
    To help support Chaparral Boys Basketball.

    Boys Golf
    Dan Peterson
    To help support Chaparral Boys Golf.

    Calculus Club
    Bea Hecht
    To prepare and provide help for all calculus students in order to succeed in their classes and AP exams.

    Career Club
    Jennifer Lovelady
    The purpose of the Career Club is to show the members different jobs so they can figure out what they want to do when they graduate high school or college.

    Chaparral 4X4 Club
    Richard Krzyzanowski
    Promote fun and safety while exploring the great off-road trails that Arizona has to offer.

    Chaparral Art Club
    Marcy Warner / SueAnn Spar
    To create an inclusive art community within the Chaparral student body, with both art and non-art students.

    Chaparral Birdcage
    Heather Moore
    Promoting spirit at Chaparral sports games.

    Chaparral Cheer Club
    Katie Kunitzer
    To raise awareness and fundraise for special interests and charities. To also create and foster school unity and spirit through joint activities of our club and our school.

    Chaparral Choir Council
    Nathan Richard
    Choir council is a group of students elected by their peers to organize all choir events, fundraisers, concerts, and community service events.

    Chaparral Cross Country Club
    Terrence Tillet
    To get kids moving, spread running knowledge to all students, and help others learn the sport of running and the benefits.

    Chaparral D23
    Jennifer Mireau
    For students who want to share their love and respect for all things Disney.

    Chaparral Dance
    Sarah Owens
    Promote Dance at Chaparral HS.

    Chaparral Film Club
    William Endsley
    In the club, we will have weekly meetings, watching various short films, and creating reviews for short films. We also delve into the process of film making. Students will learn to operate various film equipment and utilize professional grade film-editing software.

    Chaparral Firebirds Robotics
    Steve Geislinger
    Educating and empowering students in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - through participating in the worldwide organization of FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

    Chaparral Girls LaCrosse
    Brad Dicus
    Promote women's LaCrosse at Chaparral HS.

    Chaparral HS Mountain Bike Team
    Alexandria Weber
    The purpose of Mountain Bike team is so that Chaparral HS students can participate in NICA, a high school MTB league.

    Chaparral Literature Club
    Jennifer Lovelady
    To gain a greater understanding of the human condition through the reading of prose, poetry, and drama.

    Chaparral TARS
    Rob Reniewicki
    TARS encourages political participation by members of the student body while providing the opportunity to attend political events.

    Chaparral Thespians
    Ed Como / Sandy Flayton
    To engage in and learn more about all aspects, areas, and subcategories of the performing arts. To serve as an official chapter of the International Thespian Society.

    Chaparral Water Club
    Alex Adrian
    To lead a major fundraiser for, reduce plastic waste, and encourage students to use reusable bottles to reduce waste and increase hydration.

    Cherry-T Board
    Carson Bilger
    Our club is a board of people volunteering to support various charities voted on by the club.

    Chinese Club
    Yuan Zhongyi
    Supports students enrolled in Chinese language course and to foster an interest in the Chinese culture.

    Circle the City Club
    Malcolm Leinwohl / Gary Achtziger
    Circle the City Club will work to provide healthcare to the homeless of the community utilizing fundraising techniques, spreading awareness, and other methods.

    Club RIF
    Andrea Danis
    We will be conducting book distribution on reservations and homeless shelters.

    Cortney's Place
    Leslie Rold
    We plan various events at the Cortney's Place facility and spend time with special needs adults through different activities.

    Country Club
    Sandy Flayton
    To educate about global issues and to provide aid to low income countries in any way possible.

    Diverse Student Union
    Sharon Patterson
    Providing a comfortable place for students to address issues of diversity and make plans to build awareness and make a positive change.

    Dungeons & Dragons Club
    Justin Daignault
    D&D club is a weekly venue for students to participate in the table top roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

    E.C.O. (Earth.Clouds.Oceans)
    Erika Mills
    To spread awareness of environmental issues and involve the community.

    Environmental  Adventure Club
    Micah Sandys
    To excite and inform students at Chaparral the importance of saving our environment and to join in fun activities.

    Joseph Olney
    To provide an environment for people who enjoy games to meet and have fun.

    Fan Art Club
    Van Do
    The purpose of this club is to create and encourage the creation of any form of art based off of TV shows, books, movies and games.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    Daniel Peterson and Richard Krzyzanowski
    To influence and build a community within the school that learns messages of Christ while participating in leadership activities.

    FIDM Fashion club
    Savi Tavassoli
    To give students the opportunity to learn more about the process of making clothes, as well as about the business side of the fashion industry.

    Firebird Word Club
    Debra Roumas
    To provide and improve the morning student news show Firebird Word.

    Flames Literary Magazine
    Sharon Akin
    This club reviews submitted poems, short stories and artwork in order to publish the pieces and recognize talent within the student body.

    Food & Fellowship
    Debra Roumas
    To connect students with God and each other through free food and spiritual discussion.

    French Honors Society
    Jennifer Germanaud
    To go beyond the classroom-level education of the French language and culture with socials, fundraisers and events.

    Ted Anderson
    Giving Opportunities to All who Love Soccer.  GOALS allows special needs children to play with vounteers in a friendly personable environment while creating bonds with the volunteers.

    Good Vibes Only Club
    Cort Alcott and Janine Welch
    To spread positive vibes around the school, bring suicide awareness and do volunteer work

    Girls Who Code
    Anthony Vogel
    To teach girls how to program and getting them involved in computer science (help close gender gap in technology.)

    Global Children's Outreach Club
    Angela Velasquez
    To Support and create relationships with children in poverty stricken areas across the globe. Especially in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica through mission trips, donations, sponsorships and fundraisers.

    Global Family Philanthropy
    Janine Welch
    The purpose of Global Family Philanthropy is to raise awareness through fundraising to support the poor Haitian infants and elderly.

    Golden Embers (Yearbook)
    Micah Sandys
    Creates the school yearbook.

    Grey's Anatomy
    Jen MacColl
    To educate fellow students of the medical world in a interesting yet informative way.

    Interact Club
    Katie Kunitzer and Keri Board
    Community service - partner with Rotary.

    International Club
    Susan Manning-Peretz
    To provide opportunities for students to travel and learn more about different cultures through food and music. We also provide a welcoming environment and host parties for exchange students.

    Jewish Student Union
    Malcolm Leinwohl and Joseph Schlegal
    To preseve, educate and spread the Jewish culture and religion.

    Junior State of America
    Jerry Troutman
    To cultivate democratic leadership skills, challenge one another to think critically, advocate their own opinions, develop respect for opposing views and learn to rise above self interest to promote the public good.

    Lumos Club
    Angela Velasquez
    The goal of Lumos Club is to raise awareness and money for the causes that the Lumos organization defends.

    Lunch Club
    Richard Krzyzanowski
    To create a club for people to know that they aren't alone and there are people like them and to have somewhere to sit at lunch.

    Magic the Gathering Club
    Justin Daignault
    We will be teaching newcommers how to play the game and giving a place for students to play with others in a safe environment.

    Math & Science Tutoring
    Bea Hecht
    Providing free, easily accessible math and science tutoring for all students by other students and teachers.

    Math Club
    Bea Hecht
    To enrich the minds of students with challenging arithmatic.

    Medical Doctor
    Edith Langland
    To educate all students on various careers in the medical field.

    Mock Trial
    Mock Trial
    Competitive group which educates students in law/court procedures.

    National Honor Society
    Jonathan Lofgren
    To provide the school and community with leadership, service and fundraising.

    Negative Nancy Anonymous
    Scott Hammond
    The purpose of this club is to employ positivity and a safe talking environment in the student body of Chaparral and the community of Arizona.

    Newspaper ASHES
    Alex Adrian
    To provide Chaparral Students and stakeholders with reliable news through the production of the news magazine ASHES.

    Philosophy Club
    Jerry Troutman
    The purpose of our club is to have engaging conversations about the studies and matters of philosophy and psychology. We will read books and talk about personal experience to deepen our study.

    Pokeman Club
    Joseph Olney
    To bring together fans of Pokemon, old or new, and to work together to improve our skills in a safe and fun environment.

    Kelsey Tomlinson
    Support school athletics and  increase school spirit.

    Project Unity
    Catina Lewis
    Project Unity is organized for the purpose of raising local human resources for the expansion of the programs of the Bahi Institute, thereby bringing about constructive social change from the neighborhood level and up.

    Re "LAX" Club
    Angela Velazquez
    To spread the knowledge of LaCrosse to Chaparral.

    Represent Arizona
    Carolyn Herring
    We are a chapter of the Representation Project, a national non-profit that works to challenge to overcome limiting stereotypes so that everyone, regardless of gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation or circumstance can fulfill their human potential, using film as a catalyst.

    Russian Club
    Joseph Schlegel
    To provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the culture and language of Russia.

    Science Olympiad
    Sadie Puerner
    Science Olympiad is a national competition that allows students to apply their love for STEM in a professional competition.

    She's the First
    Leslie Rold
    Raise funds to educate and empower young girls in developing countries.

    Spanish Honor Society
    Sharon Patterson
    Honor Society for Spanish students that promotes service, cultural awareness and interconnectedness between Spanish students. Provides peer tutoring.

    John Francois
    To provide a safe space for people questioning their sexuality and for those who would like to become an ally.

    Speech & Debate
    Kristin Cervantez
    Teaches students effective public speaking skills and makes students more informed about global issues and develop leadership


    Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research
    Margaret Warner
    SSBTR is about creating leaders and team players among high school students and stimulating their interest in philanthropy and selfless giving.

    Swift Club
    Malcolm Leinwohl
    To facilitate positive mentorship relationships between economically disadvantaged youth and college bound teens.

    The Animal Welfare Club
    Andrea Watson
    To involve students in community outreach, teach them about animal related careers and help as many animals as possible.

    The Barton House Club
    Jennifer Germanaud
    The purpose of this organization is to help senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer's and their families. This is achieved by playing music, helping with crafts and socializing with residents.

    The Breakfast Club
    Marcy Warner
    Spread hope, happiness and health to children in our local and global communities.

    The Junior Purple Society
    SueAnn Spahr
    The Jr. Purple society helps raise money and awareness for children and their families fighting pediatric cancer.

    The Young Democrats' Society
    Carolyn Herring
    To discuss and to debate political issues through the lens of a Democratic viewpoint, volunteering, supporting and campaigning for Democratic values and candidates.

    Tri-M Music Honor Society
    Shana Roberts
    Promote music participation, scholarship, leadership and community service through the fellowship of chamber music.

    Richard Krzyzanowski and Angela Velazquez
    To promote leadership, diversity and understanding between students through discussion, dialogue and activities.

    Varsity Science Olympiad
    Paula Sabato
    To bring together students with a passion for science, provide STEM opportunities to hard working individuals and represent Chaparral in vigorous statewide tournaments.

    Veteran's Heritage Project
    Steve Millam
    To document the stories of Veterans to be published in a book in the Library of Congress.

    Young Life
    Karilee Jeantet
    Young Life is a club created for students to learn about Jesus in a welcoming and fun environment.

    Zoology & Animal Conversation Club
    Casey Boerner
    The purpose is to inform the student body of the problems facing wildlife and how we can help.