• Coronado Learning Community  

    Profile of a Learner & Leader


  • Innovative Icon
    • Creates and inspires original ideas through curiosity and imagination.
    • Thinks and acts with the future in mind.
    • Engages in inquiry and designs unique solutions to continuously improve social, academic, and interpersonal outcomes.
    • Demonstrates a willingness to try new and different approaches.
    • Develops, refines, and strengthens ideas through questioning, clarifying, and exploring. 


  • Resilient icon
    • Embraces a growth mindset and perseveres through adversity to overcome academic and personal barriers.
    • Demonstrates openness and a willingness to take risks, face challenges, and solve problems.
    • Practices a can-do attitude in the pursuit of goals.
    • Seeks and uses feedback for continuous reflection to build self- awareness and self-confidence.
    • Views failure and mistakes as learning opportunities for future success.


  • Collaborative icon  
    • Works interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve common goals.
    • Demonstrates open-mindedness and is receptive to input.
    • Communicates positively and honestly.
    • Demonstrates initiative by asking questions, identifying what needs to be done, and performing the necessary actions for completion.

Globally Aware

  • Globally Aware icon   
    • Acknowledges, understands, and values diverse perspectives and cultures beyond self.
    • Embraces opportunities to engage within and outside one’s own community.
    • Contributes to solutions to build and benefit a broader community.


  • Ethical icon   
    • Acts with integrity, demonstrating honesty, respect, and trustworthy behavior.
    • Contemplates the impact of decisions and actions on others.
    • Takes responsibility for one’s own words and actions.


  • Empathetic icon   
    • Responds intentionally with compassion and understanding towards others.
    • Listens attentively to others without judgment.
    • Demonstrates an understanding of others' emotions and perspectives.