• Coronado Learning Community

    Strategic Planning    

    In keeping with the SUSD District Strategic Planning efforts, District and site leadership teams from the Coronado Learning Community embarked on an ambitious journey to engage the community and reconfigure the Prek-12 pathways within the complex.  This initial work set the stage for further strategic conversations specific to Coronado, including the creation of a bold, shared profile of a future-focused “learner and leader” to serve as a north star for the learning community – and a pursuit to establish purposeful programs and experiences unique to Coronado to carve out an identity in the District and greater Phoenix Valley.   

    The journey of planning, learning and designing to ensure we engage, prepare, and inspire all of our students in an ever-changing society continues.  We invite all stakeholders in the Coronado Learning Community to partner with us along the way.


    Coronado Learning Community – Profile of a Learner and Leader

    We believe that engaging, preparing, and inspiring all of our students to thrive in an ever-changing world should guide our every decision.

    The portrait of a future focused, Coronado Learning Community Learner and Leader reflects our collective vision of the knowledge, skills and dispositions our students will need to acquire to ensure post-secondary success in life and career.   

    These elements, Innovative, Resilient, Collaborative, Globally Aware, Ethical, and Empathetic, have been developed through iterative cycles of input and feedback at each of our campuses in the Coronado Learning Community. 

    CLC Profiles


  • The Roadmap: 

Phase I – Reconfiguration

  • Fall 2021

    • During the initial phase, elementary school principals in the Coronado Learning Community hosted evening town-hall events at Pima, Yavapai and the former Tonalea K-8 to invite  parents to share perspectives and provide feedback surrounding strengths and opportunities within our complex.  We designed surveys to extend the same opportunities to parents who could not attend.  Enrollment emerged as a common theme in the feedback. 
    • CLC principals met monthly with district leadership to discuss the reconfiguration and plan the recommendation to the board.
    • Recommendation was to return Tonalea K-8 to a middle school and move the elementary grades (K-5) to Yavapai.   Part of the objective here was to increase capacity in the middle school as part of a pipeline to Coronado.  
    • The SUSD Governing Board approved this recommendation, Spring 2022.

Phase 2 – Reboundary-ing and Marketing

  • Spring 2022

    • CHS principals and district leaders, including members of our transportation and SIMAR teams, redesigned boundaries for the elementary schools to reflect the new school configurations.
    • Key recommendations include that the majority of students attending Tonalea on 68th/Oak were grandfathered into Yavapai, Pima absorbed some of that boundary to balance enrollment among the schools, and more students would be added to Hohokam as their boundary would be expanded a few blocks west.
    • Recommendations were approved by the SUSD Governing board, Spring 2022
    • Communications team developed marketing postcards and social media campaigns to advertise our new configuration/feeder  pattern.

    Summer/Fall 2022

    • Schools opened in the “new” configurations.

Phase 3 – Targeted Strategic Planning

  • Fall 2022

    • Consultant Connie Kamm was brought on board to guide next steps in the complex.
    • District leadership team members, Coronado Learning Community principals, and site representation (either a teacher, classified or counselor rep) continue to meet as a team at least bi-monthly.