• Academic Resources

Student Grade Access

  • Student's grades are accessed thru a online system, called  StudentVue. There is a link to StudentVue on the Saguaro homepage. For detailed instructions, see the "Saguaro Grades" document included in the resource links below.

    Student login information is as follows:
    User Name: Student ID Number
    Password: Student 8-Digit Birthdate (mmddyyyy)

District Policy on Dropping Classes

  • Important changes have been made to the district policies on dropping classes! Please review this important information and the changes to the district policy and how it impacts student’s transcripts.
    Classes that are dropped during the first four weeks of the first quarter (or third quarter for second semester classes) will not be shown on student's high school transcript. Classes dropped during the remainder of the first quarter (or third quarter for second semester classes) will have a WP (Withdraw Passing) or WF (Withdraw Failing) on their transcript, depending on the student’s current grade. If a student drops a class any time in the second quarter (or fourth quarter for second semester classes), they will receive an “F” on their transcript, no matter what their current grade is in that class. Students will remain in the class they dropped on an audit basis for the remainder of the semester.

State Civics Test

  • The state of Arizona has implemented a high school graduation requirement in which students will be required to pass a state civics exam. This exam will be given when students are taking a social studies class at Saguaro. Follow this link for online practice tests.

Online Learning (eLearning)

  • All online academic credits (Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, World Language) must be taken through SUSD eLearning for academic credit to be given automatically. Online courses from non-SUSD accredited high schools are accepted by SUSD as elective credit only, unless a request is made for consideration as academic credit.

    The elearning login link is https://susd.geniussis.com

    To login:
    Login: Student ID Number
    Password: Student 8-Digit Birthdate (mmddyyyy)

    Instructions on how to create a parent/guardian account in Genius: