• M&O

  • Salaries, Benefits, Utilities, Supplies and Services

    The Maintenance and Operation budget is set by a State Legislature Formula which looks at Average Daily Membership (ADM), Student Weighted Counts and set dollar amount per student weighted count.

    Average Daily Membership

    The average enrollment of fractional and full-time students, minus withdraws for the current fiscal year. Kindergarten is only funded at ½.

    Student Weighted Counted

    Takes into consideration the cost of educating certain classifications of students. The combination of Average Daily Member with the Group A and Group B weights determines the Total Weighted Student Count.

    Group A Weights – This applies to all students

    • Preschool with Disabilities = 1.450
    • K-8 Students = 1.158
    • 9-12 Students = 1.268

    Group B Weights – This weight is for special needs

    • K-3 Reading = 0.040
    • K-3 = 0.060
    • English Language Learners = 0.115
    • Hearing Impairment = 4.771
    • MD-R, A-R and DID-R = 6.024
    • MD-SC, A-SC and SID-SC = 5.988
    • Multiple Disabilities Sever Sensory Impairment = 7.947
    • Orthopedic Impairment (Resource) = 3.158
    • Orthopedic Impairment (Self Contained) = 6.773
    • Preschool-Sever Delayed = 3.595
    • DD, ED, MIID, SLD, SLI, and OHI = 0.093
    • Emotionally Disabled (Private) = 4.822
    • Moderate Intellectual Disability = 4.421
    • Visual Impairment = 4.806
    • Gifted = 0.007

    For Fiscal Year 2021-2022, school districts received a base level amount of $4,390.65 per student from the State of Arizona for Maintenance and Operation based on current year Average Daily Membership (ADM) The adjusted base level amount, which includes Adjustments for teacher compensation, is $4,445.53.

    Teacher Experience Index (TEI)

    School Districts may receive additional funding for Teacher Experience Index. This additional budget capacity is to account for school districts whose average year of experience for teachers exceeds the State of Arizona average.

    Transportation Funding

    Transportation funding is based on the average daily route miles per eligible student and the State Support Level per Route Mile.  If the Transportation Revenue Control Limit is greater than 120% of the budget year Transportation Support Limit, then the Transportation Revenue Control Limit is the same as the prior year.  For Scottsdale, this is set at $8,101,260.

    Budget Formula

    Total Weighted Student Count X Base Level X Teacher Experience Index = Base Support Level

    Base Support Level + Audit Adjustment + Transportation Funding = Revenue Control Limit.

    There are additional budget addons, which include M&O Override, Desegregation, Budget Balance Carryforward, Dropout Prevention and Prop 123.  There is also a budget reduction for Energy and Water Savings.  The Revenue Control Limit + Budget addons – Energy and Water Savings = General Budget Limit or your M&O Budget.


    What is Maintenance & Operation?

    M&O Override funds are used to supplement the state funding formula and cannot be used to build buildings or buy desks and computers. These dollars pay for people and help provide a comprehensive education program.


    • Staff
    • Smaller class size ratios
    • Competitive teacher compensation
    • All-day Kindergarten.
    • Professional Development
    • Athletics
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • World Languages
    • Fine Arts

    The District Revenue Control Limit is used to determine the possible amount for a Maintenance and Operation (M&O) Override and District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override.  The current M&O Override is 15% of the Revenue Control Limit.  This was approved in November of 2019 and the additional funds were provided in Fiscal Year 2020-2021.  M&O Overrides are valid for seven years; however, the funding begins to reduce in year five if the override is not renewed.  SUSD must renew their M&O Override in November of 2024 or the funding will be reduced by 1/3 in Fiscal Year 2025-2026.

    Funds raised through overrides go directly to the local school district, unlike state tax funds that are allocated to school districts throughout the state.  Overrides offer local control to the community.

M&O Recent History

  •   Election Date Projected First Year Amount YES % Pass or Fail Override Percent
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 3/11/2003 $7,059,000 72.6 P 10.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 5/17/2005 $3,430,192 68 P 5.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/6/2007 $12,900,000 62.8 P 10.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/3/2009 $3,480,826 57.1 P 5.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/6/2012 $19,485,592 46.4 F 15.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/5/2013 $18,725,934 49.8 F 15.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/4/2014 $18,846,218 53.6 P 15.00%
    Scottsdale USD No. 48 11/5/2019 $21,404,626 61 P 15.00%