• Aerospace

Mike Cummins

  • Senior Chief Engineer/ Director Product & Flight Safety, Honeywell

    Industry: Aerospace

    SUSD Schools Attended:

    Kaibab K-8, Scottsdale High School

    Graduated: 1967

    How did SUSD prepare you for success?

    "I would say a combination of things. I was taught to always be the best you can be, dream big, respect those that have gone before you, select a career path that is needed & work and study hard to get there. Have a good work ethic. After high school, I went to college, but after an AA degree, school was not where my head was at. Got a job as an apprentice machinist, and after several years decided to go back to school while working three jobs. Two years later, I graduated with a dual degree in engineering and education. Went to work in the aerospace industry and earned a Master's in Aviation Safety."

Melissa O’Toole

  • Production Coordinator/Planner, The Boeing Company

    Industry: Aerospace

    SUSD Schools Attended:

    Hohokam Elementary School, Pima Middle School, Coronado High School

    Graduated: 1990