• Arts

Benjy Levinson

  • Landscape Design Consultant, Self-employed

    Industry: Landscape Design

    SUSD Schools Attended:

    Hopi Elementary School, Ingleside Middle School, Arcadia High School

    Graduated: 1988

    How did SUSD prepare you for success?

    “I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to have grown up with SUSD. I do believe the education I received and the friends I have made through SUSD has really shaped my life and prepared me for things to come. I also feel the architecture of the schools and thoughtful planning of the campuses at the time made a significant impact on me. I went on to pursue a degree in architecture, inspired by the center breezeway of Hopi Elementary, the windows at Ingleside and radial patterned design of Arcadia High. My degree was in Landscape Architecture and now I design mostly single-family exteriors, entry courtyards, pools, patios, walls, planting and lighting for private clients in the neighborhoods that feed SUSD schools. My kids both went through the SUSD system, as well. My son is finishing up his first year at ASU, studying architecture, and my daughter is finishing up at Arcadia High School this year.”

  • Founder Owner Jen Wilbur Photos, Self-employer

    Industry: Arts, Film & Digital Media

    SUSD Schools Attended:

    Cochise Elementary School, Cocopah Middle School, Chaparral High School

    Graduated: 1997

    How did SUSD prepare you for success?

    “Cochise - I remember the Art Masterpiece and Artist in Residence program which exposed us to professional and passionate artists. Chaparral had an amazing Honors Art program with Mrs. Warner where we learned how to produce an art show with our own work. Also, leadership and community service were a big part of the high school culture at the time, which strengthened our peer connections, making them an important part of our adult lives, as well.”