• Cocopah Clubs

    Cocopah Middle School's clubs are a fantastic way for students to connect with classmates over common topics of interest or to pursue something new. Club participation enriches the Cocopah learning experience!

  • Band Club

    Band Club is a leadership organization dedicated to supporting all band activities. It is led by our Band Council, which consists of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Librarian and grade-level representatives. Band Club meets once a week, after school. Band Club is led by Cocopah Middle School’s Director of Bands.

    Sponsor: Charles Curry

    Drama Club

    Cocopah Drama Club is a student-run club that provides an after-school opportunity for students to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities. Students share in different aspects of theatre, including improvisational skits, games, script writing, and performing scenes. The Drama Club also supports school musicals and plays through fundraisers and other activities.

    Sponsor: Tristin Miller

    GSA Club

    GSA is a club for LGBTQ+ students and friends. GSA is a welcoming place where students work to create safe spaces, talk about various school issues, discuss current events, literature and other media, and develop support networks.  The club meets every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 p.m.; everyone is welcome, no commitment.

    Sponsor: Laynee Langner

    Homework Haven

    Students in need of a quiet place to complete assignments after school may join Homework Haven, from 2:20-3:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday in C201 and C202.  NJHS students are available for one-on-one assistance. Early release days are excluded.

    Sponsor: Cynthia Denham  and Fred Rabach

  • Jazz Choir

    Jazz Choir is an after-school, audition-based club for 7th and 8th grade choir students who want to further enrich their lives with music. The students have input on the style of music they learn and are the ambassadors of our school’s choir program. Jazz Choir performances include sporting events, private holiday parties, and community and school events.

    Sponsor: Mimi Borders 

    National Junior Honor Society

    National Junior Honor Society is an academic service organization. Students are invited to join at the end of 7th grade based on scholarship, leadership, citizenship, character, and service. Throughout the year, we undertake many service projects to help our campus, the community, and the world. 

    Sponsor: Matthew Dougall

    No Place For Hate

    Nationally recognized No Place For Hate is facilitated by Cocopah Middle School’s Student Council. The ADL-sponsored organization helps us form an inclusive, on-campus environment that celebrates the uniqueness of our entire student body and teaches us how to celebrate global diversity and acceptance of others.

    Sponsor: Sandra Flayton

  • Orchestra Club

    Orchestra Club supports orchestra classes and provides another opportunity, in addition to class, for students to play string instruments.

    Sponsor: Shana Roberts

    Percussion Club

    Percussion Club is a group of students that meets once a week, after school. The percussionists prepare arrangements specifically arranged for the club and perform concerts with the Cocopah bands throughout the year. The Percussion Club is led by a local professional musician and solo performer. Here is a link to the percussion club performance of Up.

    Sponsor: Paul McDermand

    Student Council

    Cocopah Middle School’s Student Council gives students the opportunity to represent our school on and off campus, engaging in social, educational and community service activities. Taking into consideration the pillars of character, the organization, in partnership with the administration, is involved in the overall goal of creating a safe and enjoyable campus for the entire student body.

    Sponsor: Sandra Flayton