• DMHS Clubs


    Desert Mountain's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Wolf experience!

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  • Active Minds Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Trusler

    APSA Club 

    Advanced Placement Student Association is a club for students who have taken or are currently taking AP courses. Members of the club can be a tutor or get tutored by other club members. We help students prepare for AP exams and exams in their AP courses.

    Sponsor: Mr. Becker

    Aerospace and Rocketry Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Bogardus

    After Pack Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Dorsch

    Ambassadors Club

    Ambassadors Club is all about helping students at the school feel welcome and well orientated at our school so they can be prepared for anything that may come their way during their time here. We offer tours around Desert Mountain, tips to succeed, zoom meetings, and question and answer sections for students to feel more prepared for the challenges they may face here. It is also a great opportunity for our members to learn new leadership skills and apply them to our school. Ambassadors are here for any students, especially new students that need help.

    Sponsor: Ms. Okun

    American History Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Ranweiler

    Apps and Hacks Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Kettelwell

    Art Club 


    Sponsor: Mr. Novak

    Badmitton Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Dyer

    Baller Club

     In Baller Club, we will unite as a community to enjoy the rich culture and history of the game that is basketball.

    Sponsor: Ms. Dorsch

    Book Club

    The purpose of DMHS Book Club is to share our interests in what we read, casually discuss the monthly book choice, as well as create a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable in sharing their book opinions and possible fundraisers.

    Sponsor: Ms. Okun

    Chess Club

    The DMHS Chess Club is a place for new and experienced chess players to discuss, play and learn the age old game of chess with other like-minded students.

    Sponsor: Mr. Bogardus

    Choir Club

    Choir Club serves to support the choir program in all of its endeavors, and help to foster a community of excellence in music making at Desert Mountain.

    Sponsor: Ms. Moore

    Climbing Club

    DMHS Climbing Club is a club to learn about the wonders of rock climbing, and how to climb yourself! You may watch cool videos of climbing, learn the fascinations of this new Olympic sport, and may get to climb at one of our local gyms! For more info, please contact asehra05@susdgapps.org.

    Sponsor: Mr. Bogardus

    Club Swift


    Sponsor: Mr. Knox


  • DECA 

    DECA is a business club helping students learn networking skills, helping to build their corporate soft skills, and helping them cultivate their communication skills. We take great pride in representing ourselves as a professional club, but we make sure that our club has a fun and positive effect on the local community while encouraging our members to enjoy the process.We compete in the DECA Competitive Events Program, and organize and participate in school events and fundraisers. As a business club we take pride in collabrating with local business and generate sponsorships for Desert Mountain High School. DECA Website 

    Sponsor: Mr. Norris

    DM Gradesavers Club 

    DMGradeSavers provides in person and virtual tutoring to all students. All tutoring can be scheduled with club tutors through the club tutoring website.

    Sponsor: Ms. North

    DM Pickleball Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Bogardus

    DMHS Dance Council 


    Sponsor: Ms. Noriega

    Doctor Talk Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Kupershmidt

    Drama Club

    The DMHS Drama Club, officially known as the DMHS Players, is the proud, award-winning theatre department of Desert Mountain, and home of the gold status Arizona Thespian Troupe 5580. The department yearly participates in mainstage productions, class performances, improv, competitions and festivals, as well as our annual touring children's performance. Our goal is to create, support, and inspire a love of theatre arts on campus, and to provide a supportive network for all students. There are monthly meetings, lots of club events and workshops to participate in, and all levels of theatre experience and involvement are welcome. No matter if you’re a performer, technician, theatre supporter, or just want to be part of a fun and all-inclusive group on campus, Drama Club has a place for you.

    Sponsor: Mr. Willingham

    Dungeons and Dragons Club

    The Dungeons & Dragons Club is a space for experienced and new D&D players to form groups and play the role-playing phenomenon! We are not the Dunkin' & Donuts Club.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Schulke

    Fashion Club

     Fashion club is a place where students that are interested in fashion and wanting to learn more about it, get together and explore the world of fashion through projects, fun activities, and more.

    Sponsor: Ms. Wilkins

    Film Club

    Film Club members understand a new film making technique every week before watching a small short film to end every meeting. We spend the year making a script and creating a short film for our Film Festival at the end of the year.

    Sponsor: Mr. Johnson

    Future Engineers Club 


    Sponsor: Ms. Johnson

    Future Innovators of America Club


    Sponsor: Ms. North

    Graphic Design Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Achtzehn


    GSA (Genders & Sexualities Alliance) is an all-inclusive club for anybody looking to learn more about LGBTQ topics, to participate in a variety of discussions, and to be a part of a community that provides support for all students at DM.

    Sponsor: Ms. Schulke


  • Health Occupations Students of America


    Sponsor: Ms. Powless

    Hospitality and Food Review Club 


    Sponsor: Mr. Telep



    Sponsor: Mr. Sheh

    Ink Blot


    Sponsor: Mr. MartinezMs. North

     International Robotics Honor Society


    Sponsor: Ms. Okun

    Investment Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Telep

    Jewish Student Union


    Sponsor: Mr. Shoemaker

    Mock Trial Club


    Sponsor: Ms. North

    Peer Leadership Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Gonnerman

    Philosophy Club


    Sponsor: Ms. North

    Physics Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Vining

    Robotics Club


    Sponsor: Ms. Okun

    Science NHS


    Sponsor: Dr. Wells

    Software Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Norris

    Spanish National Honors Scociety 


    Sponsor: Ms. Andarcia

    Speech & Debate Club

    Speech and Debate improves student's public speaking skills in a fun team environment. The DM team competes bimonthly on contemporary topics.

    Sponsor: Ms. Dyers

    Sports Medicine Club

    For those interested in sports medicine as a future profession.

    Sponsor: Mr. Knox

    Technological Entrepreneurship Society


    Sponsor: Ms. North

    Tri-M Music Honor Society


    Sponsor: Ms. Moore

    Wolf's Print

    The Wolf’s Print is a student-produced newspaper published regularly by Desert Mountain High School students.

    Sponsor: Mr. Sheh



    Sponsor: Mr. Trapp

    Young Democrats


    Sponsor: Ms. Murray