• Saguaro Clubs


    Saguaro's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Sabercat experience! 

    Please contact Marilyn Bergs at  mbergs@susd.org with any questions you may have about clubs

  • American Sign Language - ASL

    Learn Sign Language

    Sponsor: Krysta Nope

    Animal Advocacy

    Volunteering at animal shelters

    Sponsor: Scott Milne


    Get creative with animation

    Sponsor: Leslie O'Shea


    Enjoy Art

    Sponsor: Matt Mayo


    Play badminton

    Sponsor: Catherine Perez


    Play musical instruments

    Sponsor: Mandi Broderick


    Play baseball

    Sponsor: Joe Muecke

    Basketball – Boys

    Play Basketball

    Sponsor: Lucas Ramirez

    Basketball – Girls

    Play basketball

    Sponsor: Aria Ham

    Bring Change

    Spread Kindness

    Sponsor: Mindy Hickman

    Calculus Club

    Become better at calculus

    Sponsor: Kevin Walz

    Caring Club

    Caring and supporting Saguaro Community

    Sponsor: Ann Achtziger

    Computer Science

    Promote and expose students to computer science

    Sponsor: Ray Miller

    Creative Writing Club

    Practice writing

    Sponsor: Tammy Holmberg

    Criminal Study Club

    Study criminology

    Sponsor:Dave Mietzner


    Promote and teach online safety

    Sponsor: Susan Lindberg


    To Dance

    Sponsor: Rebecca Egyud


    Learning the game of darts

    Sponsor: Patrick Lamb


    Build debate skills

    Sponsor: Kacie Hyland

    Drama / Thespian

    Promote drama community

    Sponsor: Tim McCandless

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Play Video games

    Sponsor: Leslie O'Shea

  • ECO club

    How to be green

    Sponsor: Scott Milne


    Design and create clothing

    Sponsor: Leslie O'Shea

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Support athletes 

    Sponsor: Joe Muecke

    Fine Arts

    Promote and appreciate the Arts

    Sponsor: Tim McCandless

    Fishing/ Bass Pro Hat Club

    Improve fishing

    Sponsor: Tammy Holmberg

    Food and Fellowship

    Connect with students through food and fellowship

    Sponsor: Louie Ramirez


    Play football

    Sponsor: Jason Mohns / Frank Ruben

    Gay, Straight Alliance (GSA)

    Supporting the GSA community

    Sponsor: Debirag Senseney

    Golf – Boys

    Play golf

    Sponsor: Chris Brandt / Steve Dahlby

    Golf – Girls

    Play golf

    Sponsor: Michael Fernandes

    Graphic Design

    Learn about graphic design

    Sponsor: Matt Bohnert

    HOSA – Biotech


    Sponsor: Scott Milne

    HOSA – Healthcare

    Promote healthcare

    Sponsor: Marcy Cameron


    Sponsor:Scott Milne / Susan Lindberg

    Jewish Student Union

    Learn about Judaism

    Sponsor: Ashley Crose


    Sponsor: Matt Harris

    Marine Biology/ Oceanography

    Fun with biology and oceanography

    Sponsor: Scott Milne

    Math Club

    Interact while having fun with math

    Sponsor: Ray Miller

    Math & Science Academy

    Sponsor: Chris Brandt / Susan Lindberg

    Mentor/ Ambassadors

    To guide and support new students

    Sponsor: Leslie O'Shea


  • National Art Honor Society

    Socializing while promoting Art

    Sponsor: Matt Mayo

    National Honor Society

    National Honor Society / log volunteer hours 

    Sponsor: Tammy Holmberg


    Participate in orchestra

    Sponsor:Robert Reyes

    Ping Pong

    Play ping pong

    Sponsor: Andrew Hurley


    Support Physics

    Sponsor: Trish Bordonaro


    Build and compete in robotics competitions

    Sponsor: Chris Brandt

    Science Bowl 

    Particiapate in the Science Bowl

    Have fun with science

    Sponsor:  Anne Milligan

    Science Olympiad

    Participate in Science olympiad

    Sponsor: Robert and Danny Simonson

    Skills USA

    Improving skills

    Sponsor: Susan Lindberg

    Soccer - Boys

    Play Soccer

    Sponsor: Nagui Sabbagh

    Soccer - Girls

    Play Soccer

    Sponsor: Conor Spence


    Play Softball

    Sponsor: Annie Davis

    Sports Medicine

    Work with athletes and athletic trainer

    Sponsor: Nickie Edwards May


    Learn more about Math and Science

    Sponsor: Susan Lindberg / Chris Brandt


    Student leaders who plan student activities

    Sponsor: Lucas Ramirez

    Track and Field

    All about Track and Field

    Sponsor: Christian Bailey

    Vocal Music

    Choir / Singing

    Sponsor: Gaylin Tutnick


    Play volleyball

    Sponsor: Tim Church


    Help make the yearbook

    Sponsor: Matt Bohnert


    Students connecting with fun activities

    Sponsor: Katie Maloney