• Coronado Clubs


    Coronado's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Don experience!


    Please contact Ms. Sara Cain at scain@susd.org with any questions you may have regarding clubs. 

  • BACH (Bands at Coronado High)

    Club Purpose: To further instrumental education by offering opportunities for performance and growth for students participating in the band program and classes at Coronado. . 

    Sponsor: Jalen Montgomery

    Buddy Club

    Club Purpose: To provide opportunities for all students to connect with other students, talk about interests and bring people together.

    Sponsor: Bethany Baumer, Kelsey Kinsey, Shannan McClure

    CASE (Coronado Ace Strings Ensemble)

    Club Purpose: To further instrumental education by offering opportunities for performance and growth for students by playing string instruments at Coronado. 

    Sponsor: Jalen Montgomery

    CHANT (Coronado High Alliance of Native Tribes)

    Club Purpose: CHANT is designed to provide Native American students and other interested students with a forum in which to explore and promote Native American cultural activities on and off campus and heighten awareness of the Native American presence at Coronado. CHANT also provides Native and non-Native students an opportunity to become acquainted with each other and become more connected with Coronado High School as a whole. CHANT also affords its members an opportunity to engage in fundraising and community service.

    Sponsor: Ashley Perea


    Club Purpose: To promote school spirit, school pride, and good sportsmanship within the community. Coronado Cheer also serves as representatives for the school at spirit events and other occasions. 

    Sponsor: Sara Cain


    Club Purpose: To establish clear and concise direction with leadership that will enable the Choir program to be organized. A committee will oversee and implement ideas and tasks that will benefit the Choir programs at Coronado. The committee will serve to promote, establish, and organize the business of Choir performances, fundraising events, team-building activities, tours, and festivals, representing the best in Coronado performing arts within the Coronado community.

    Sponsor: Sam Brasen

    CHSazz (Dance)

    Club Purpose: To make dance available to all students at Coronado, to fundraise for and promote the Dance Department, to run and support all dance concerts and to have a fun, creative outlet for students on campus. 

    Sponsor: Bethany Baumer

    Class OF 2023

    Club Purpose: To help plan fundraisers and hold events for the Class of 2023

    Sponsor: Albert Keller and Katie Morgan

    Class OF 2024

    Club Purpose: To raise money for the CHS community and the Class of 2024 to have a better high school experience. 

    Sponsor: Serenity Ruiz

    Class OF 2025

    Club Purpose: The Class of 2025 will help fundraise money for student government and clubs if necessary. We will make our years at Coronado great!

    Sponsor: Kevin Torres

    Class of 2026

    Club Purpose: To help plan events and fundraisers for the Class of 2026!

    Sponsor: Krista Demetrulias

    Crochet Club 

    Club Purpose: To teach students how to crochet, give people a place to crochet, talk about books, and have fundraisers for our club. 

    Sponsor: Jocelyn Simpson

    Cross Country

    Club Purpose: Our mission is to provide an athletic program where students can learn positive life lessons while competing and striving to win. Achieving personal growth goals while benefiting team goals will be our focus. 

    Sponsor: Michael Hughes

    DaVinci Dons (Art Club)

    Club Purpose: The mission of the Art Club is to provide a creative, safe space for students to express themselves artistically throughout the school. 

    Sponsor: Ileyna Witenstein and Siena Moreno

    Dons Hoops

    Club Purpose: To help Coronado student athletes improve in all aspects of their health through basketball. Dons Hoops provides a safe space for students to complete school assignments, exercise through basketball, and make new friends. 

    Sponsor: Pierre Rivera and Angelena Maneri

  • Don X (Hip Hop Dance Group)

    Club Purpose: To provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills in dance, leadership, teamwork, and to promote school spirit. 

    Sponsor: Bethany Baumer

    Drama Dons (Thespian Club)

    Club Purpose: The Thespian Club, in conjunction with the national thespian charter, is designed to promote and cultivate student talent within the field of theatre, whether it be acting, directing, technical work, or being a stagehand. 

    Sponsor: Chelsea Brasen and Brandi Brumfield

    eSports Club

    Club Purpose: To develop interest in eSports, video games, and STEM-related fields and to provide a safe environment for students to compete. They will also raise money for the club and eSports team.

    Sponsor: Robert Villa , John Rivera, Jason Corrales


    Club Purpose: To raise money for the Coronado Football Team and provide a sound, efficient, and dignified program representing the student body of Coronado. 

    Sponsor: Rick Benjamin

    Grad Club

    Club Purpose: To raise funds and plan various graduation events for the current graduating class.  

    Sponsor: Sara Cain


    Club Purpose: To establish clear and concise direction with leadership that will enable the guitar program to be organized. A committee will oversee and implement ideas and tasks that will benefit the guitar program. It will also serve to promote, establish, and organize the business of guitar performances, fundraising events, team-building activities, tours, and festivals, representing the best in Coronado performing arts within the community. 

    Sponsor: Sam Brasen 

    HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

    Club Purpose: To help students learn about different careers in the medical field and become leaders in global health. This club is especially important for the Coronado community as HOSA holds blood drives throughout the year to help with our high need for blood on a local level. 

    Sponsor: Spenser Biehler

    International Club

    Club Purpose: To promote world cultures and build bridges with students from other countries and regions. The club also collaborates with the Scottsdale Sister Cities association and participates in student exchanges. 

    Sponsor:  Yvonne Pasek  and Julia Lynam

    JAG (Jobs for Arizona Graduates)

    Club Purpose: To help young people stay in school and to acquire the academic, personal, leadership, and vocational skills they will need to be successful upon graduation. JAG provides college and career success programming for students who have a desire to better themselves. Our goal is to increase graduation rates, increase postsecondary and youth employment rates, and reduce social service costs associated with welfare, legal, and unemployment issues. JAG is committed to providing our students with the support they need to improve academic skills, self-efficacy and leadership skills, and preparedness in college and the workforce. 

    Sponsor: Wendy Paez Gonzales

    Lady Dons Hoops

    Club Purpose: Lady Dons Hoops exists to help Coronado female student athletes improve their mental and physical health through basketball. LDH provides Coronado students with a place to do school work, play basketball, and meet new friends.

    Sponsor: Kevin Torres  and Eric Holsey

    Lady Dons Volleyball

    Club Purpose: To help Coronado female student athletes improve their mental and physical health through volleyball.

    Sponsor: Robert Villa and Alexander Smothers

    Letterman's Club

    Club Purpose: To raise money and support all athletes and athletic programs at Coronado High School.

    Sponsor: Robert Villa 

  • Link Crew

    Club Purpose: Link Crew is a freshman transition program, leadership training program and school community building program. The mission of Link Crew is to empower juniors and seniors to act as role models for freshmen and teach students that, working together, they can be successful and create a positive school community. Periodic social events and academic check-ins with the freshmen will ease their transition into high school- both socially and academically. Our work with the freshmen class and junior and senior Link Leaders benefits the CHS community in many ways. We help develop leadership skills of students on campus and expose students to a variety of individuals in positive situations. We help students connect with the school, pass on positive traditions to younger students and create a positive atmosphere on campus.

    Sponsor: Brandi Brumfield, Krista Demetrulias, Albert Keller, Tatiana Martinez Rosinol, Dawnn Wojcik

    Nado Nation (Spirit Club)

    Club Purpose: To increase student attendance at all games, increase school spirit, and provide a positive space for students to support their peers, while also releasing excess energy. 

    Sponsor: Sara Cain

    NHS (National Honor Society)

    Club Purpose: To promote scholarly habits and engage in worthy service to promote the general welfare of the school. 

    Sponsor: Justin Slover

    PERC (Percussion Ensemble Rhapsody at Coronado)

    Club Purpose: To further instrumental discussion by offering opportunities for performance and growth for percussionists at Coronado. 

    Sponsor: Jalen Montgomery

    PRIDE Club

    Club Purpose: To create a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support, social action, and advocacy.

    Sponsor: Albert Keller and Providence Ryan

    RC (Remote Control) Car Club

    Club Purpose: To provide an opportunity for Coronado students to learn about and enjoy the hobby of radio-controlled car racing in a fun and safe environment. 

    1. To educate students about the hobby of R.C. car racing and the basic principles of auto racing and teamwork.

    2. To educate students on some principles of physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and to give them hands-on experience in these fields. This will be done through the activities of: A) Learning SAFETY principles for handling electrical equipment. B) Having students design their own tracks or racecourses. C) Having students learn how the R.C. cars work. D) Having students perform maintenance tasks on the R.C. cars.

    3. To give students an opportunity to learn about teamwork and supporting teammates, both on and off the track.

    4. To give students an opportunity to have some good clean fun.

    Sponsor: Dawnn Wojcik and Dennis Draper

    Skate Club

    Club Purpose: The Coronado High School Skateboarding Club is dedicated to empowering students in the areas of community development, creativity, personal resilience, and fitness. We combine social and emotional learning with skateboarding to build creativity. No prior experience is required.

    Sponsor: Charles Johnson

    Sports Medicine

    Club Purpose: To raise money for athletic training needs and assist the athletes of Coronado by promoting good hydration at sporting events. 

    Sponsor: Tessa Powell 

    Student Government (StuGo)

    Club Purpose: To encourage school spirit and involvement in extracurricular activities, maintain positive relationships with school and district administration, and provide support for the many clubs and organizations present on Coronado’s campus.

    Sponsor: Sara Cain


    Club Purpose: The purpose of this club is to provide a social resource for students on our tennis teams and those with a passion for tennis. We will talk about rules of the game, strategies and techniques, and allow our players to get to know other players. We will fundraise to provide additional resources for our players.

    Sponsor: Arielle Shinder and Mike Hughes


    Club Purpose: To support the wrestling team of Coronado High School with resources to help students develop physical, emotional, and academic skills, and to equip them with these skills and encourage morale for success during and after high school.

    Sponsor: Joseph Valenzuela


    Club Purpose: The Yearbook will work together throughout the year, in conjunction with other clubs, sports, and classes on campus, to create a yearbook for the school year. This yearbook will be sold as a keepsake to CHS students, staff, and community members.

    Sponsor: Chelsea Brasen

    Young Life

    Club Purpose: Young Life is a faith-based organization whose goal is for students to have fun, build relationships and community, and learn about Christianity.

    Sponsor: Katie Morgan