• DCMS Clubs


    Desert Canyon Middle School's clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Mountian Lion experience!

  • Band Club

    The Band Club supports the Band's school community involvement.

    Sponsor: Molly May

    Chess Club

    Chess enthusiasts will meet to play games and share their love of chess.

    Sponsor: Katherine Merritt

    Choir Club

    The purpose of the Choir Club is to fundraise, host and help organize choir trips and concerts.

    Sponsor: Molly May

    Christian Club

    Students meet to read Bible passages and discuss the meaning. Meets Mondays and Thursdays during 6th grade lunch. 


    Sponsor: Paul Beringhaus

    CGP Club

    The purpose of the Comprehensive Gifted Program Club is to improve the experience for gifted students at DCMS and raise money for projects.

    Sponsor: Kelly O'Rourke


  • Drama Club

    To offer acting, directing and technical theatre opportunites to students. To perform plays for public audiences.  

    Sponsor: Kelly O'Rourke

    Manga Club

    Students meet to share and discuss their love for the Japanese literary genre Manga. Different series will be discussed.

    Sponsor: Katherine Stelmach

    NJHS Club

    The National Junior Honors Society is for role models of school that commit to community service.

    Sponsor: Kelsea Noone

    No Place For Hate Club

    To promote a vision of an America where those who seem different are not targets of discrimination and threats, but are equals worthy of shared opportunity and a place in the American Dream. 

    Sponsor: Nicholas Pasco


  • Orchestra Club

    The purpose of the Orchestra Club is to fundraise, host and orgnize events for string orchestra.

    Sponsor: Molly May

    Robotics Club

    The purpose of the Robotics Club is to plan, fundraise and pay for robotics tournaments, training and other enrichment opportunities for robotics students.

    Sponsor: Larry Bloom

    Tek Dek Club

    The Tek Dek Club is where students come together and play with finger skateboards. We build our own Tek Decks with spare parts/new parts, and make modifications and/or repairs using jewelry kits. We build ramps for the skateboards and decorate the cardboard skateparks to be fun and school-appropriate. We discuss topics ranging from physics to engineering so we can optimize our fingerboarding and skatepark building skills.

    Sponsor: Brett Migliore

    Yearbook Club

    The purpose of the Yearbook Club is to produce, market and sell the DCMS 2021-2022 yearbook. 

    Sponsor: Jeffrey Egol