• Class of 2024

  • 12th Grade ECAP Goals

    • Plan for post-secondary education/career goals 
    • If applicable, students will complete a list of "Colleges I'm Applying To" in Major Clarity
    • A "Senior Survey" will be completed by all seniors in Major Clarity prior to graduation; this helps provide data for our future Firebirds!

    Counselors met with all 12th graders on August 22nd, 2023 during their English class. We also held Coffee with the Counselors for parents/guardians on Friday, August 25th. If you were unable to attend or would like to review our presentation, Click Here. Our presentation includes information about transcripts, the college application process, letters of recommendation, etc. 

    Need a letter of recommendation? You will need to complete a College Admissions Portfolio (CAP). Pick up a hard copy in the College and Career Center or use your counselor's Google classroom, if applicable. 

    For all things "senior year", please visit CHAPTS senior information page. It is full of important and useful information for students and families. Thank you to CHAPTS for all you do!

    In-state University Representatives for CHS:

    Arizona State University-Olivia Dineen ASUoliviadineen@asu.edu

    Barrett, The Honors College-Michelle Hollin BarrettHonorsMichelle@asu.edu

    The University of Arizona-Erica Artiaga eartiaga@arizona.edu

    W.A. Franke Honors College-Allison McNally allisonmcnally@arizona.edu

    Northern Arizona University-Courtney Johnson Courtney.Johnson@nau.edu 

    NAU Honors College-Honors@nau.edu or 928-523-3334 

    College Testing

    Consider signing up to take an additional ACT or SAT test in early fall. A higher score on an additional test may allow you to be eligible for a higher scholarship award or help you gain admission to a more selective college. 

    Check on the ACT and SAT websites to make sure you have sent your test scores to all the colleges where you are applying, if applicable. You will send scores through these websites. This step is sometimes key for scholarship consideration. Please talk to your counselor if you are not sure if you should send a score or not. We can help!

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