What is Pre-AP?

  • Chaparral is excited to offer Pre-AP courses!

    We currently offer: 

    • Pre-AP English I
    • Pre-AP English I Honors
    • Pre-AP Algebra I

    Pre-AP courses are designed to support all students across varying levels of abilities through engaging, meaningful, foundational coursework. Pre-AP courses are not more advanced courses, but rather at-level courses whose structure allows students and teachers the time for deep engagement with the content. Students in Pre-AP courses will benefit from strong foundational knowledge development and be prepared to continue on through multiple pathways, including the option of rigorous learning through Advanced Placement courses. The goals of Pre-AP include offering students access to a high quality education that prepares them for success in high school and beyond, as well as providing educators with engaging, targeted course materials that help them ensure the students successfully master grade-level materials.