• Secondary Novel Review Committee


  • To review, evaluate, and recommend any proposed novel to be added to the core curriculum or to review, evaluate, and recommend any book suggested for review by a parent/guardian of a student in SUSD schools.


  • 1. Read book that is brought to the committee

    2. Evaluate book based on a rubric that has been created by the committee for literary merit and potential sensitive issues

    3. Using the rubric, discuss the book’s value for literary merit, instruction of standards, and content

    4. By consensus, recommend the book for possible inclusion as a supplement to the core curriculum

Committee Members

  • Teaching and Learning Committee Members

    Kim Dodds Keran, Director of Teaching and Learning

    Shawn Crosier, Coordinator of State and Federal Programs 

    Diane Murphy, Elementary ELA Coach

    Gail Oper, Student Assessment Coordinator & Lead Teacher Librarian 

    Jill Scott , K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Coach 

    Jonna Wallis, Secondary ELA Coach


    Middle School Committee Members

    Traci Avalos, Teacher

    Michael Bengert, Grandparent

    Karina Bohn, Parent 

    Whitney Jennings, Administrator

    Barrie Pinto, Administrator

    Nick Noonan, Administrator

    Doreen Thomas, Teacher

    Harry Towner, Parent

    Michael Wierzbicki, Teacher 

    Theresa Byro, Teacher  (Alternate)


    High School Committee Members

    John Andrews, Administrator

    Becky Antioco, Parent

    Brandi Brumfield, Parent

    Amy Carney, Parent

    Tammy Holmberg, Teacher

    Chad Johnson, Administrator

    Sara Johnson, Administrator

    Dan Milligan, Administrator

    Stuart Rhoden, Parent

    Jordan Smith, Teacher

    Jessica Winget, Teacher

    Olivia (June) Woods, Teacher

  • Completed Meetings 2021 - 2022