• Dual Enrollment

  • Overview

    The Dual Enrollment Program was designed to provide an opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in college courses at high school locations, and to earn high school and college credits, simultaneously, Scottsdale Community College has established agreements with local high schools to offer selected courses to students who have been identified as candidates for college-level work. Dual enrollment may be offered in a variety of courses, but offerings vary from year to year depending on SUSD staff qualifications and SCC certification requirements.


    Dual Enrollment at SCC

    Not all classes have a Dual Enrollment option but many do. The credit earned through Dual Enrollment at SCC is transferable to all public state universities and students can save money and time. Each credit is just $85 for in-state tuition, compared to over $750 at local universities. 

    To see what classes qualify, please look for your high school list here: https://www.scottsdalecc.edu/students/high-school/early-college/dual-enrollment/high-schools-classes

    Students must be admitted to Scottsdale Community College before they can submit enrollment. The deadline for enrollment was 2/11/22, and the deadline for payment was 2/25/22. Please allow 7-10 business days between submission of enrollment forms and payment. Your enrollment submission may be delayed and/or returned if information or documentation is incomplete.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our representative, staphany.ramirez@scottsdalecc.edu, or call (480) 423-6450.


    General Information

    Click Here to see a list of current, 2021-2022 dual enrollment course offerings.

    For more specific details on course offerings, please Click Here.

    Still confused about the process? You can Click Here for more information from Scottsdale Community College on how to get started!