• Transcripts

  • A high school transcript is a complete record of a student's academic achievements in high school. It starts with the first grading period of a student's first year of high school and is updated each term - Chaparral operates on semesters - until a student graduates. A transcript is not a diploma. 

    Click Here to see a sample Chaparral transcript.

    What is the difference between an unofficial transcript and an official transcript?

    Unofficial transcripts can be used for various things, such as Dual Enrollment, car insurance verification, proof of course completion, etc. 

    Official transcripts are required for the college admissions process – typically, an initial at the start of the application process and a final upon enrollment.  

    How can I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?

    Students can access their transcript in StudentVUE by going to “Course History” then “Unofficial Transcript.”  

    How can I send my official transcript to colleges/universities/etc.?

    To request a copy of your official transcript, visit https://www.parchment.com. You must create an account if you do not have one. Click Here to view Parchment's Quick Start Guide. 

    Important things to note: 

    • Use a personal email address! Your gapps email will be disabled after graduation.
    • Select "Hold for Grades" so your final transcript shows ALL grades.
    • Indicate where you would like your transcript sent. 
    • Pay the fee. 

    You will select "Chaparral" as your school. Once Chaparral approves and processes your order, Parchment will send your transcript. 

    Note: Once a student who is over 18 has graduated, transcripts cannot be released to a parent without the student's written permission. 

    If you have further questions, please contact the registrar – Jennifer Blank Matney.