• Major Clarity is an online portfolio system adopted by SUSD for students to complete their Educational Career Action Plan (ECAP). Major Clarity activities will be utilized to guide course selections, college advisement and applications, as well as planning for careers/majors beyond high school.

    Every year, counselors meet with all grade levels to complete at least one Major Clarity activity. Please see our specific grade level pages to learn more. 

    How Do Students Access Major Clarity?

    1. Go to susd.org/signon
    2. Under Student Application Portal, click Clever
    3. Click Clever Login
    4. Sing in (Username: SUSD ID @susd.org; Password: default is DOB or input chosen password)
    5. Under Additional Application Links click on the Major Clarity icon
    6. Click Continue with Google
    7. If prompted to choose an account, use student gapps email and password
    8. To logout of Major Clarity, click on Sign Out in the top right corner and close the tab/window

    How Do Students Sign Up for College Visits?

    To sign up for a college visit on Chaparral's campus, students should visit the front office. Students can sign up for visits in the College and Career binder (by the counselor appointment books).

    On the day of the visit, a pass will be delivered to the classroom. Students should still go to the class period they will be missing prior to the presentation for teacher approval. Teachers have the right to deny attendance to the college visit due to excessive absenteeism, tardiness, tests or critical lesson plans. After the student has received confirmation that they are able to attend, they should bring their pass and head to the presentation. The pass will be collected and given to attendance in order to excuse their absence. 

    If you have additional questions, please email or visit Mrs. Vaught in the College & Career Center.