Learning from Home Support

  • The SUSD Teaching and Learning Department has created a ‘one-stop shop’ to simplify and expedite academic support for students who are learning from home due to COVID, COVID-like illness or quarantine. The SUSD Learning from Home Support website gives parents and students immediate access to learning resources and keeps learners connected with their classes and schools while they are away from the classroom and after they return.

    Learning from Home Support Website


    Learning from Home Support - Elementary

    Choice 1: SUSD Learning Continuity

    Continue with SUSD for Asynchronous Learning, Paired with Tutoring

    Choice 2: ASU Supported
    Learning Continuity

    Join an ASU digital classroom for 5-10 days of synchronous and asynchronous instruction

    Step 1

    Students visit the teacher’s digital classroom (Google Classroom/Teams) to access what is being taught during the day or contact the teacher for student work.

    Step 2

    If a student needs additional support, the parent/guardian may check the SUSD tutoring page for tutoring availability at the student’s school site.

    Step 3

    Parents and families may also utilize Varsity Tutoring for one-on-one virtual tutoring as a learning resource. To sign up for Varsity Tutors, parents complete the Varsity Tutors Permission Slip and will be contacted within 48 hours to initiate tutoring. 

    Step 1

    The parent completes an ASU Digital Classroom Registration Form

    Step 2

    Within 48 hours, ASU will contact the family  with the student's schedule and online classroom link

    Step 3

    Student logs in for 5-10 days of synchronous/asynchronous instruction. Note: ASU Digital utilizes SUSD pacing guides in an effort to align instruction for a smooth transition back to the classroom.
    *Students are not required to make-up work from SUSD class for the time enrolled in ASU Continuity of Learning Program



    Learning from Home Support - Middle and High School

    Baseline Instruction: Google Classroom/Teams Learning Platform

    Students should check Google Classroom/Learning Platform for each class. If a student needs additional support outside of what the teachers are providing, three additional supports are listed below.

    Support 1: Synchronous SUSD Classroom Teacher

    Support 2: Synchronous SUSD Content Expert Drop-In Hours

    Support 3: Synchronous Varsity Tutors Learning Support

    If a student needs additional support, the parent/guardian may check the SUSD tutoring page for tutoring availability at the student’s school site.





    Students have access to an SUSD content expert through drop-in hours each week.







    Students have access to tutoring through Varsity Tutors and through the Varsity Tutors Learning Lab.

    To sign up for Varsity Tutors, parents/guardians complete the Varsity Tutors Permission Slip.

    To access the Varsity Tutors Learning Lab, students click on Varsity Tutors through Single Sign On and select the subject area(s) of interest. 


    Learn From Home PDF

    Learn From Home PDF - Spanish


Varsity Tutors

  • If your child is temporarily learning from home because of the pandemic or can just use a little extra learning support, we invite you to use Varsity Tutors. Scottsdale Unified School District has partnered with Varsity Tutors to provide 1:1, individualized, virtual tutoring in the subject area(s) your student needs, on your schedule. Please complete and submit the interest form below to access six hours of free tutoring. You will receive a response from Varsity Tutors within 48 hours to set up your student’s tutoring time. Students will access their tutoring hours by logging in to Single Sign-on, then Clever, then Varsity Tutors. Parents communicate directly with Varsity Tutors

    Varsity Tutor Permission Slip

    Varsity Tutor Permission Slip - Spanish