• Gifted Task Force


  • Creating a unified understanding of gifted education:

    • with consistent processes and procedures,
    • dissemination of pertinent information and
    • ongoing professional development.

    This will be exemplified by our unified commitment to our SUSD stakeholders of providing rigorous instruction and differentiation while addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted learners.


  • Meeting the needs of gifted learners continues to evolve within SUSD.  At this juncture the task force will guide the trajectory of programming and develop and communicate opportunities for gifted learners to the SUSD families.  We will parallel the Strategic Planning process in design, creation, implementation, and evaluation of dynamic gifted programming to meet the diverse and unique academic and social emotional needs of the gifted learners K-12.


    1. Review the current Gifted identification process, reaching agreement on current strengths and challenges, needed enhancements or revisions, and a plan to move forward.
    2. Review current challenges associated with current programming options with the goal of enhancing collaborative efforts between stakeholders to support students.
    3. Creation of a K-12 gifted learning trajectory for SUSD students.
    4. Increase understanding of processes and procedures, establishing agreed-upon expectations and norms throughout the organization.
    5. Examine strategies and practices within each of the programming models (Cluster, Content Replacement, Comprehensive Gifted, and Honors) making recommendations to provide students increased access to advanced learning opportunities and content.
    6. Enhance and develop training and support for all staff members.