• Arcadia Clubs


    Arcadia's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Titian experience!

    Please contact Ms. Hochstatter at khochstatter@susd.org with any questions you may have in regards to clubs.

  • Animal Welfare Club

    The purpose of the club is to promote the education of animals in our state as well as animals in need of our assistance. The club will regularly help volunteer to help different kinds of animals.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Patterson

    Arcadia Climb Club

    Mental and Physical Health.

    Sponsor: Mr. Johanni

    Arcadia College Club

    The purpose of Arcadia College Club is to inform seniors at Arcadia of what a typical day would be like at various colleges. I think this is beneficial to today's society because many people are not able to visit campuses in person. Basically, former Arcadia graduates in college would "take over" the college club Instagram and show what a typical day would be like there, and what they like about whatever college they go to. This informs future college freshman of where they might want to look/apply.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Dukelow

    Arcadia Cycling Club

    To practice cycling.

    Sponsor: Mr. MartensMs. McClurg

    Arcadia Fashion Club

    The purpose of Fashion Club is to bring together students to discuss and expand their knowledge of fashion, get involved in school and collaborate with other clubs/classes, volunteer, participate in clothing drives, etc.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Puddy

    Arcadia High School Young Life Activities Club

    This club is organized exclusively for supplemental educational purposes. The purpose of it is to introduce students to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. It does this by hosting fun and safe events where students can feel known, cared for, and included in a loving community. Each event will include a short message or discussion question to help students explore their faith.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    Arcadia HOSA Sports Medicine

    Student run organization for future healthcare professionals. Apart of CTE requirement.

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

    Arcadia Kindness Club

    To spread kindness and positivity across the Arcadia campus.

    Sponsor: Ms. McClurg

    Arcadia Robotics Club

    To give students a safe environment to develop engineering skills and explore the world of STEM through competition.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins

    Arcadia Skate

    To provide a forum for the skaters of Arcadia High School to meet each other and skate with each other outside of school.

    Sponsor: Mr. Kelley

    Arcadia Student Ambassadors

    The Arcadia Student Ambassadors show people the best parts of Arcadia and answer any questions prospective families may have about their student attending Arcadia.

    Sponsor: Ms. McClurg

    Arcadia's Cookies For Kids' Cancer

    The purpose of our club is to bake and sell cookies to Arcadia staff and students and donate all profits to the organization, Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    Athletic Training Student Aid Club

    Sports Medicine Students that show an interest to complete clinical hours with the Athletic Training Staff afterschool. Account is used to fundraise for Polo Uniforms

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

    Beneficial Bag Club

    The mission of this club is to give Arcadia students the opportunity to help serve the community through donations and volunteer hours.

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

    Bible Studies Club

    To educate and spread the word of God

    Sponsor: Ms. Leiphart

    Black Student Union

    To create a safe space for students on campus, as well as, spread knowledge of black culture and history.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Darnel, lMs. Hess

    Boys Golf

    Boys Varsity Golf.

    Sponsor: Mr. Danford

    Bring Change to Mind

    End the stigma surrounding mental illness.

    Sponsor: Ms. Brodison

    Calculus Club

    The purpose of Calculus Club is to promote the calculus classes available on campus and organize our highly anticipated Calculus Camp!

    Sponsor: Mrs. Dukelow

    Chaos Corner

    To valley the students to games and provide themes for the student selection.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Chess Club

    The Chess Club provides a safe environment after school where students of all grades and chess abilities can gather to learn, practice, and play matches with their peers. Everyone is welcome to come and meet new people and have fun while learning to play chess.  Participants will learn and practice kindness and respect during their games and during the entire chess club meetings. They will also earn a sense of achievement by playing students of different levels and hopefully increasing their skill level throughout the year.

    Sponsor: Mr. Gabriele

  • CMAS

    Support the CMAS Program.

    Sponsor: Mr. Maxwell

    Community and Social Awareness Club

    The Arcadia H.S. Community and Social Awareness Club is organized exclusively for supplemental educational purposes...With such activities as-Raising awareness and informing the community and student body of small tasks with large impact such as proper recycling technique, management of school lunch food waste (independent by student homeless donation, bringing food home, composting it, and much more). We plan to create designated compost areas on campus with informative fliers on proper composting as well as various other educational fliers and methods of raising awareness for issues with significant communal effects yet easy (and non-time consuming to individuals) mass-scale solutions.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk

    Community Care Club

    Our purpose of the club is to give to the community. We would collect money/donations each weekend to give to a certain foundation/organization each month. Collections would be taken place outside of school and in front of businesses that will be willing to let us have us set outside their business. Each month will be dedicated to a different theme. For example, this month is Native American Heritage month so we would donate the money we get to an organization that aims to help Native Americans in some way. We could also use that money to buy supplies instead for a drive that is nearby and fits our theme for the month. All organizations will be ones that are in our community or locally. We would also take cash and venmo for donations.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson


    To entertain audiences with two yearly shows and to boost morale and school spirit.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Puddy

    Drama Club

    To promote theater on Arcadia campus.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild

    Entrepreneur Club

    To promote the understanding of business with real entrepreneurs talking about it. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot

    Fantasy Sports Club

    Student bonding through sports through sports fandom.

    Sponsor: Mr. Topczewski

    French Club

    Learn about different francophone cultures.

    Sponsors: Ms. Garcia Villalobos, Mrs. Slagle

    Freshman STUGO

    To raise funds to host events to raise school spirit.

    Sponsors: Mrs. Moran

    Girls Lady Titans Basetball

    To bring some attention to our basketball team and grow our program.

    Sponsors: Ms. Darnell

    Health Professions

    Promoting and exploring health professions.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nafrada

    Hispanx Club

    The purpose of our club is to teach the students of Arcadia about the culture, traditions, and history of Hispanic and Latin countries. Every time we meet, we will talk about a certain country and hopefully try traditions and food from there.

    Sponsor: Ms. Zubia

    International Club

    To explore and discuss different cultures, languages, and perspectives.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Darnell

    Japan Club

    To learn and enjoy Japanese language and culture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Gerstberger

    Juniors On Business

    The purpose of our club is to connect Arcadia students with local businesses so they can get jobs, and teach them how to prepare for an interview (i.e. how to dress appropriately and how to answer difficult questions).

    Sponsor: Ms. Assali

    Junior Student Government

    Get involved planning events for the school.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Key Club

    Serve the community of Arcadia, and the surrounding communities, through fundraisers and events.

    Sponsor: Mr. King


    The purpose of the Lacrosse Club is to teach and promote the sport and to build a community at Arcadia High School. All students are welcome to join - no experience necessary.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kim

    National Arts Honor Society

    Join us as we support the Arts through community service.

    Sponsor: Ms. Garcia Villalobos

    National Honor Society

    Students who excel in the four pillars of NHS work to give back to the school and greater community in a variety of ways.

    Sponsors: Mrs. DukelowMs. McClurg

    Native American Heritage Club

    The Native American Heritage Club brings students of diverse backgrounds together to learn about the valuable contributions, cultures, and heritage of tribal nations.

    Sponsors: Ms. KreutzbergMrs. Otero-Hanley

    O'Connor Ambassadors Civics & Debate Club

    Teaching Civics to any Arcadia High school student.

    Sponsors: Mr. Guy

  • Olympian Yearbook Club

    To create the Arcadia Yearbook. 

    Sponsors: Mr. Otstot

    PBIS-ALI, Campcadia, Freshman Mentors

    Supports student activities / mentorship.

    Sponsor: Ms. Johnson

    Philosophy Club

    To promote and host philosophical discussion Arcadia high school.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Pride Coalition

    Promote inclusivity and kindness on campus and provide a safe space for anyone that identifies at LGBTQA+ and any ally on campus!

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk, Ms. Hess

    RKDA Investment Club

    The purpose of the club is to create a community where students can learn how to manage their personal finance, introducing financial careers and asset markets. The goal of the club is for their members to have the knowledge to be able to invest in the markets and feel confident on choosing where to invest their money.

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot

    Save the Children Arcadia

    This club is intended to help raise money for the Save the Children organization which helps to gather money to send to underprivileged children around the world struggling with health issues, lack of food and education, natural disasters, and those who are in protection programs. It donates the money to children across America as well as Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Senior Student Government

    Represent the Senior Class.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Soccer Club

    To inform and help the soccer team.

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy

    Sophomore Student Government

    To plan school events and liaison between the student body and staff/faculty.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Speech and Debate

    Teach participants how to do different public speaking in a competitive environment. Also gives participants the opportunity to debate and learn skills that can later be used for persuasive reasoning.  

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy

    Student Equity & Inclusion Committee

    Our club's purpose is to bring together Arcadia and celebrate diversity, we aim to educate our peers about different cultures, and promote equity amongst different groups in the Arcadia community. As well as being safe space in which we talk about a variety of impactful topics.

    Sponsor: Ms. Johnson

    Student Government (STUGO)

    To plan school events and liaison between the student body and staff/faculty.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Swim and Dive Team

    To raise funds for the swim and dive team.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    The Super Smash Brothers & Magic Club

    To promote feelings of positivity and respect amongst peers via friendly competition and conversation, in addition to expanding attendees' social skills.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta


    To create a community for theater.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild

    TSW Club

    Provide meaningful real-world work experiences for our young adults through our on-campus SCORE Cart service to AHS staff.

    Sponsor: Ms. Walsh

    Turning Point USA

    Turning Point USA’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

    Sponsor: Ms. Allen


    Teach students leadership skills and bring change to campus.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild

    Weight Club

    We will use the weight room, build muscle, and gain strength.

    Sponsor: Mr. Martens

    Women Empowerment Club

    Woman Empowerment Club's purpose is to encourage fellow young women to break gender barriers that are still present today whether we like it or not. As president, I want my club to take an initiative on a topic that is no longer really spoken about. There are still girl bosses like CEO'S and entrepreneurs who are still considered fragile or unfit for such roles. Girls need to support each other and push each other to excel in whatever they truly desire; we need to reach our full potential even if it means breaking cultural stereotypes as well as society's.

    Sponsor: Ms. Garcia Villalobos


    The purpose of the yoga club is to help the students stretch, release tension, and help guide them into a healthy mindset. Learning yoga can change people's lives and a lot of people do not know how to start. This club will help students that have been considering starting yoga a chance to start, which will hopefully inspire them to pursue yoga outside of the club. This club would be a safe place welcoming anyone. Yoga is also a fantastic alternative to other substances that students use to cope with stress.

    Sponsor: Ms. Zubia

    Zoology Club

    Campus beautification & zoology education.

    Sponsor: Ms. Christensen