• Arcadia Clubs


    Arcadia's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Titian experience!

    To renew a club for the 2023/24 school year, click Club Authorization Form.

    To create a new club for the 2023/24 school year, complete a Club Constitution and Club Authorization Form.

    Once the club is approved, you will receive an email from Ms. Hochstatter.

    Please contact Ms. Hochstatter with any questions you may have in regards to clubs.

  • Advancement via Individual Determination Student Association

    The AVIDSA (Advancement via Individual Determination Student Association) is an organization for AHS AVID students. AVIDSA organizes leadership, service, and enrichment activities designed to prepare students for entrance to a university. Students must interview to join this student association.

    Sponsor: Ms. Winget

    AHS Environmental Club

    The purpose of the AHS Environmental Club is to create a more environmentally friendly school. To do this, we will fix the recycling program, educate people on recycling, create a plastic recycling program, and do anything else we can to make the school more eco-friendly.

    Sponsor: Ms. Berk

    Arcadia Ambassadors

    Allow students to become leaders and "ambassadors" of Arcadia High School. Show new students or transfer students tours of the school, as well as be a friendly face on campus for all.

    Sponsor: Mr. King 

    Arcadia Boys Volleyball Club

    The Arcadia Volleyball Club is for students who are interested in learning how to play the sport. No experience is necessary. It’s a great place for students to get involved, especially if they don’t have experience playing another sport.

    Sponsor: Ms. Kim

    Arcadia Climbing Club

    Students' mental and physical health through the sport of indoor rock climbing.

    Sponsor: Mr. Johanni

    Arcadia Community Garden Club

    Our mission is to foster a deep-rooted connection between our members and the environment. We will do this by planting, harvesting, and sharing vegetables from our garden with the Arcadia community.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk

    Arcadia Cross County Club

    To be an inclusive group for all students. To have the opportunity to fundraise for cross-country team attire and events. To promote the sport of cross country running.

    Sponsor: Ms. Boustila

    Arcadia eSports

    Promote and recruit for Arcadia's premier eSports team in order to practice and win at the state level. Also, to run D&D as well as Magic: the Gathering events for the campus.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta

    Arcadia Kindness Club

    To promote kindness and positivity around Arcadia’s campus

    Sponsor: Ms. Boustila

    Arcadia Model United Nations

    This club will give students the chance to practice diplomacy, public speaking, and critical thinking while debating and coming up with solutions to problems in the real world by participating in MUN conferences. Students will be encouraged to improve their knowledge of international relations, gain leadership abilities, and improve their ability for teamwork through the club.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Arcadia Movie Club

    Watch, discuss, and enjoy cinema.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta

    Arcadia Newspaper Club

    The student-led Arcadia Newspaper Club’s purpose is to inspire young writers to pursue their passions. We want to create a collaborative environment where students learn to write different pieces structured in newspaper format, how to edit, and how to work well with others.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins 

    Arcadia Pride Coalition

    We stand as a supportive and inclusive community committed to fostering a sense of pride, understanding, and unity among all students. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming space where every individual can embrace their authentic self, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk

    Arcadia Red Cross

    The purpose of the club is to create opportunities to make a difference by addressing the community's greatest needs and developing leadership skills. We will hold fundraisers and learn about what we can do to help our community. We will have a chance to learn life-saving skills like CPR.

    Sponsor: Ms. Assali

    Arcadia Robotics Club

    To teach the workings of robotics and allow students to expand their knowledge of STEM subjects.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins

    Arcadia Volleyball

    To form a better relationship between the girls in our program.

    Sponsor: Mr. Chang 

    Arcadia Younglife

    To encourage students to explore their beliefs, have fun, and connect with the world!

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot

    Asian American Pacific Islander

    To spread awareness about the AAPI culture and get people excited and involved within the club.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    Athletic Training Student Aid Club

    Students in sports medicine classes get the opportunity to work with an athletic trainer after school, providing care for athletes.

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

    Band Council

    Support the Arcadia H.S. Instrumental Music Program—Bands specifically.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fishcher

    Battered Suitecases Travel Club

    To learn through travel

    Sponsor: Ms. Mayorga 

    Black Student Union

    To create a safe space for black students and allies.

    Sponsor: Ms. Maslowski

    Bring Change 2 Mind

    The purpose of Bring Change to Mind is to destigmatize mental health and create a safe space for students to learn how to identify and cope with any mental issues or stressors they may be experiencing.

    Sponsor: Ms. Brodison 

    Calculus Club

    To promote the study and enjoyment of math and to plan and fund Calculus Camp.

    Sponsor: Ms. Dukelow and Ms. Patterson 

    Cards for Kids

    The purpose of our club is to create cute, sweet, and empowering cards for any patient in the Child Life Department Center at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to hopefully boost their mental health and put a smile on their faces.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk

  • Chaos Corner

    Promote school spirit at school sporting events and activities.

    Sponsor: Mr. Actil

    Chess Club

    The Arcadia Chess Club has benefited students in different ways. Some students have become more outgoing and have made new friends. Others have really improved their chess skills and have been inspired to play more online chess.

    Sponsor: Mr. Gabriele


    Support CMAS classes.

    Sponsor: Mr. Maxwell

    Dance Club

    To entertain the community and bring the arts, love, and joy to Arcadia.

    Sponsor: Ms. Puddy

    Disability Awareness Club

    To inform others about the history of a disability every month and to push them to share that information with others to raise awareness.

    Sponsor: Ms. Nord


    We will be teaching students about the process of recycling and going through the steps of our own unique recycling process in creating ecobricks. Ecobricks are eco-friendly plastic bottles filled with unrecyclable plastic that we will then decide where to donate.

    Sponsor: Ms. Nord

    Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Bring Arcadia together and highlight diversity; we aim to start conversations and promote equity, as well as be a safe club on campus to have open dialogue about important topics.

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy

    Fashion Club

    To have an open discussion about fashion with people who care about fashion. We will also educate people in a more ethical fashion.

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot 

    Fellowship Christian Athletes

    To target athletes, coaches, and students who are looking for a community to share their experiences.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hudnutt and Mr. Lammpa

    First Generation Club

    Our purpose as a first-generation club is to help those who are first-generation navigate college and life after high school.

    Sponsor: Ms. Leiphart

    Fishing Club

    Teach students how to fish, bring students together, and make their high school experience better.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson

    For A Cause

    To give back at the local children’s hospital through patient support.

    Sponsor: Ms. Patterson

    French Club

    To dive deeper into the study of French language and culture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Fenn

    HOSA Sports Medicine Club

    Apart of CTE CTSO requirement, we work to provide blood drives on campus as a community service.

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens 

    International Club

    To appreciate and learn about different countries and cultures.

    Sponsor: Ms. Darnell

    Investment Club

    To educate students on methods of investing to prepare them to become financially independent members of society

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot 

    Japan Club

    Learning Japanese culture and language.

    Sponsor: Ms. Gerstberger


    To include all. Other service clubs have requirements, whether academic, service hour requirements, or paying to get in. This is open to everyone. We will reach out to athletic teams as well to work to create team activities to serve people in our community. It also places a big emphasis on teenage mental health within our student body. Going out to serve without pressure from anyone, without requirements, is a great way to uplift your own life and see the needs of the community around you.

    Sponsor: Ms. Vitale

    Key Club

    Lead and participate in community service projects around the school and community.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Lacrosse Club

    Lacrosse club is for students who are interested in learning how to play the sport. No experience is necessary. The students have a fall ball season where they practice, and then, in the spring, the season starts when they play at other schools. It’s a great place for students to get involved, especially if they don’t have experience playing another sport. There are no cuts, and the program supports the whole student: physically, emotionally, and academically.

    Sponsor: Ms. Kim 

    Medical Professions Club

    The purpose of the club is to encourage and enrich students who have the potential to pursue a career in the medical field.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nafrada

    Mu Alpha Theta

    Mu Alpha Theta will promote an appreciation for and application of mathematics. It will be open to all students, not just those in honors and AP math courses, who are interested in completing mathematical investigations, math activities, and other STEM-related activities that go beyond the classroom.

    Sponsor: Ms. Dukelow and Ms. Patterson

    Music Discussion Club

    The purpose is to allow students to share all genres and styles of music as well as host in-depth discussions for students to present their own individual taste in music.

    Sponsor: Ms. Gillis 

    National Art Honor Society

    The purpose of the Arcadia Chapter of the National Art Honor Society is to support the arts through community service. There are many art-related community service projects that NAHS has been involved with over the last few years. We have created gingerbread houses with the children at Echo Canyon, held art-making workshops to sell items for Arcadia Agora, whose proceeds benefit Free Arts of AZ, painted murals and face-painted for Elementary school events, volunteered with local artists for Shemer Gallery, and attended the annual Scottsdale Arts Festival.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    National Honors Society

    To continue the tradition of the NHS and uphold its values.

    Sponsor: Dr. Danskey

    Native American Students of Arcadia 

    Promote equality and fairness through cultural sharing. Create awareness among Native Americans and other nonnative students, so they may engage together in fundraising, community service, and visitations from community colleges or universities.

    Sponsor: Ms. Woolstenhulme

  • Orchestra Council 

    Support the Arcadia H.S. Instrumental Music Program, specifically the orchestras.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fishcher

    PBIS Club

    To promote PBIS and RKDA on campus.

    Sponsor: Ms. Blystone

    Peer Fundraiser Student Activities Club

    The purpose of the club is to help fundraisers raise money to grant students for school-related activities (ex. prom, sports games, etc.).

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot

    Pickle Ball Club

    To get students more active and have a fun time with peers. No experience is necessary.

    Sponsor: Ms. Kim

    RKDA Doll Club

    To bring the love of dolls of all kinds to Arcadia students.

    Sponsor: Mr. Anctil

    RKDA Wellness

    This club is dedicated to becoming the best version of yourself. We practice mindfulness, learning how to build good habits to replace bad ones, building goals and finding ways to achieve them, building confidence, changing a limiting mindset, and developing leadership skills. Ideal for goal-oriented, success-driven, and ambitious people and inclusive to all.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins 

    Rock and Roll Club

    The Rock and Roll Club exists to educate Arcadia students who are interested in all forms of music, mainly rock.

    Sponsor: Mr. Maxwell 

    Speech and Debate

    The purpose of Speech and Debate is to open people's minds to real-world problems and get perspectives from both sides. This is a good way to be competitive against other people as well as become a better public speaker.

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy

    Science and Math Olympiad

    The Arcadia H. S. Science and Math Olympiad Student Activities Club is organized exclusively for supplemental educational purposes pertaining to math and science. It emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and collaboration through task-oriented activities. It strives to increase school-wide engagement related to STEM subjects and provide a welcoming environment for all. It sets challenges and high expectations for its participants that can be met through practice and determination. Students of all identities are encouraged to participate, and all can succeed in solving problems if they put their minds to it. This club fosters grit in participants through its difficulty and the inevitability of many failed attempts on the path to success. It aims to spark joy in each team member by allowing them to grow curious and interested in STEM subjects while also maintaining a strong team spirit. As pertaining to the olympiad aspect of the club, participation in widely recognized math and science competitions is intended.

    Sponsor: Ms. Berk

    Student Government

    Plan school events and promote school spirit.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson


    Promote excellence in theater at Arcadia.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild

    T-Swifty Club

    To make a community and have fun while meeting new people.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins

    Titans Feeding Students

    We are going to be working with Feeding Students USA, which helps kids and families access healthy food during times of temporary financial strain. We will specifically be focusing on the Thanksgiving Drive in the months leading up to it. During the rest of the year, we will be working on food drives and collecting donations.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Darnell

    TPUSA / Freedom Club

    To identify, empower in a kind way, and organize events for students with common interests!

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot  


    Promote social change and kindness at Arcadia.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild  

    Votech TV

    Manage and fundraise for the Arcadia TV and Film program.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta

    Young Democrats of Arcadia

    To advocate for democratic values and empower students to be civically engaged in their community.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta 

    Zoology Club

    To beautify our campus through landscaping.

    Sponsor: Ms. Christensen