• Arcadia Clubs


    Arcadia's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Titian experience!

    To renew your club for the 2022/23 school year, click here.

    To create a new club for the 2022/23 school year, complete the Sample Constitution and click here.

    Once the club is approved, you will receive an email from Ms. Hochstatter.

    Please contact Ms. Hochstatter with any questions you may have in regards to clubs.

  • AAPI Collective Club

    To educate and discuss the variety of culture in Asia as well as to promote Asian diversity on campus.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio


    The purpose is to provide help for people wanting to attend Arcadia and represent the school well.

    Sponsor: Ms. McClurg 

    Arcadia Animal Welfare Club

    To help animals in need. to fundraise supplies and materials to give to animal shelters. To educate the general public about adopting don't shop mentality and greater awareness for animals.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Patterson

    Arcadia Climbing Club

    The purpose of the Arcadia Climbing Club is to provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice the sport of indoor rock climbing. In addition, the club will emphasize and promote the mental and physical health benefits of this life sport. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Johanni

    Arcadia Cross Country

    To be able to raise funds for cross-country student athletes' needs.

    Sponsor: Ms. Boustila

    Arcadia Fly Fishing Club

    The purpose of our club is to teach and enrich the art of fly fishing to the students of Arcadia. 

    Sponsor: Ms. McClurg

    Arcadia HOSA Sports Medicine

    CTSO- requirement for CTE. Students will work to participate in community outreach projects. BloodDrived, Feed my Starving children.

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

    Arcadia Kindness Club

    The purpose of our club is to spread/promote love and kindness throughout Arcadia through organized acts of service.  

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins

    Arcadia Lacrosse Club

    Open to all students, no experience required! Arcadia Lacrosse endeavors to field a highly-competitive lacrosse team, while creating the most positive high school athletic experience for all of our players.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Kim 

    Arcadia Leadership Initiative (ALI)

    Arcadia Leadership Initiative (ALI) is a leadership organization devoted to the success of Arcadia High School ninth grade students. Club members design workshops, organize academic support services, schedule speakers and arrange social events to help ninth-grade students successfully navigate their freshman year in high school.

    Sponsor: Ms. Winget

    Arcadia Pride Coalition 

    To create a safe place on campus for our LGBTQ+ students and allies. This club also promotes acceptance.

    Sponsor: Ms. Hess and Mr. Mauk 

    Arcadia Sandra Day O'Connor Debate & Ambassador Club

    To have people learn about politics and how to help out in the local area.

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy and Mr. Peralta

    Arcadia Speech & Debate Team

    To have a speech and debate team.

    Sponsor: Mr. Guy

    Arcadia Student Equity and Inclusion

    Bring together Arcadia and celebrate diversity. We aim to educate our peers about different cultures and promote equality amongst different groups in the Arcadia community.

    Sponsor: Ms. Johnson

    Arcadia Titans Robotics Club

    The club gives students the ability and opportunity to design and build a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics League competitions. Students will put their knowledge of STEM and computer design to create a full size working robot.

    Sponsor: Mr. Hankins 

    Arcadia's Cookies For Kids' Cancer

    The purpose of our club is to hold bake sales and donate all of the profits to the organization Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    Athletic Training Student Aid Club

    Students volunteer after school in the Athletic Training room, get to learn additional hands on Sports Medicine and Shadowing hours working with in-season sports teams. Students will also raise money to purchase uniform polos.  

    Sponsor: Ms. Stevens

  • Band Council Club

    To support the daily and annual operations of the AHS band program.

    Sponsor: Mr. Gardner

    Banking Club

    Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the financial industry? In particular, banking? Our club will teach you the fundamentals of banking and how it works. Furthermore, we will inform you about more financial careers like hedge funds, asset management, etc.

    Sponsor: Mr. Otstot

    Battered Suitcases Travel Club

    Battered Suitcases is a travel club dedicated to the promotion of reading and the literary tradition through travel.

    Sponsor: Ms. Mayorga

    Beneficial Bag Club

    We will host meetings to create health care bags to pass out to people without homes. These bags include hygiene products and food. Our officers will also create events that our club can attend. For example, going to Saint Mary's food bank to help out.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson

    Black Student Union

    To bring change and diversity to Arcadia's campus. This club is open to all shapes, sizes, and colors!

    Sponsor: Ms. Hess and Ms. Darnell

    Bring Change 2 Mind

    BC2M Club is a club that promotes ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. BC2M also provides activities and tools to instill healthy habits to deal with the responsibilities of school/home/work, stress, and anxiety for any student or staff that wishes to participate. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Brodison

    Calculus Club

    The Calculus Club promotes general enthusiasm for Calculus and math. The main event of the club is the planning and holding of Calculus Camp each April to help students prepare for the AP Calculus exam.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Dukelow or Ms. Patterson

    Chaos Corner

    Build School Spirit.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson

    Chess Club

    To allow any/all students a safe place after school to learn/practice Chess with other Arcadia students. The chess club will serve all levels of play, i.e., it will allow new players to learn the rules and play games, as well as pair up advanced players to play each other and develop higher level skills. Sportsmanship and respect will be emphasized throughout the year.   

    Sponsor: Mr. Gabriele 


    Support the CMAS program.  

    Sponsor: Mr. Maxwell 

    Community Impact and Awareness Club

    To make improvements to the Arcadia community and beyond.   

    Sponsor: Mr. Mauk

    Corporate Law

    To educate students about corporate legality and law cases. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Nafrada 


    Supports theater at Arcadia by giving all students a place to meet and support mainstage productions.    

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild

    Fashion Club

    To bring students together to learn about and create fashion.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta

    French Club

    To experience and understand French and Francophone culture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Slagle

    Garfield Fan Club

    To discuss Garfield literature and provide a fun and educational space for students during lunch.  

    Sponsor: Mr. Walsh

    Health Professions Club

    The purpose of the health professions is to provide students with an inside look at the health profession life through guess speakers (nurses, med students, doctors) and tours of college health science programs. The club is aimed at getting those who have a passion in the field of health care to use this club to make those connections and gain knowledge.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nafrada

    International Club

    To learn about other countries, their cultures, and their foods.

    Sponsor: Ms. Darnell

    International Thespians Society

    Promotes and recognizes excellence in theater and provides advanced theater students with a play to practice their skills and support mainstage plays.

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild 

    Investment Club

    We discuss stocks and crypto. Giving our perspective and tips to ensure you make a profit.

    Sponsor: Mr. Huffman

  • Japan Club

    Learning Japanese culture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Gerstberger

    Key Club

    To provide Arcadia High School students with volunteer opportunities in their community.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Latinx Club

    The purpose of our club is to teach all about Latin and Hispanic cultures as well as giving students a place to hang out and meet new people!

    Sponsor: Ms. Zubia

    Movie Club

    To look back on films from the past and watch and dissect them. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta

    National Art Honors Society

    Give back to the community through the arts.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    National Honors Society

    To help people that need help and promote respect, kindness, and achievement through students who use their free time to help others.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Dukelow and Ms. McClurg

    Native American Club of Arcadia High School

    Promote equality and fairness through culture sharing. Create awareness of Native Americans and other nonnative students so they may engage together in fundraising, community service and visitations from community colleges or universities.

    Sponsor: Ms. Woolstenhulme

    RKDA Doll Club

    We would talk about recent doll releases, doll history, bring dolls to show each other, share tips and meet others who love dolls and doll leaks.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hess

    Rock n Roll Club

    The purpose of the Rock N’ Roll club is to provide a space where students can share their opinions, likes, dislikes, and overall view of music. Whether that is through discussions about bands and genres as a whole, viewings of recorded concerts, or more.

    Sponsor: Mr. Maxwell

    Save the Children

    To help raise money to donate to children in need all around the world.

    Sponsor: Mr. King

    Smash Bros and Esports

    Trying to play video games and hanging out while also trying to get people into esports and competing and improving.

    Sponsor: Mr. Peralta 

    Student Government

    To plan events, and show school spirit.

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson

    Swim & Dive Club

    The purpose of the club is to fundraise for the swim & dive team to purchase equipment and things.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Moran

    Teen Titanz

    To use Urban Movement as a form of self-expression and as an outlet for teens. Many students go through high school without a physical or creative outlet. We want teens to be able to emote and release through dance and entertain our student body at assemblies and other campus activities.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Puddy

    The Fun Fiascos

    Make snow cones every Friday to enjoy, while planning charity activities to do once a month.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Dukelow

    TSW Club

    The purpose of our club is to provide meaningful real-world experiences, both vocational and social, for our young adults.

    Sponsor: Ms. Walsh

    Turning Point USA

    Turning Point USA Arcadia strives to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

    Sponsor: Ms. Allen 


    Promote positive changes on and off campus using learning and ideals from Unitown.  

    Sponsor: Mr. Fairchild 

    Weightlifting Club

    To learn about discipline and bonding through weights.

    Sponsor: Mr. Martens 

    Young Life Arcadia

    The purpose of young life is to build relationships with students, make friends, meet weekly for a "club", have fun and go to Camp! We also talk about real world things that are going on. We are also a Christian group, but we invite everyone into this community and want people who are not Christians to feel welcome.

    Sponsor: Ms. Riccio

    Zoology Club

    Campus beautification and animal/plant awareness.

    Sponsor: Ms. Christensen