• Supplemental Materials Committee


  • To review, evaluate, and recommend any supplemental materials to be added to the supplemental materials list  or to review, evaluate, and recommend any material suggested for review by a parent/guardian of a student in SUSD schools.


  • 1. Review materials that are brought to the committee

    2. Evaluate material based on a rubric that has been created by the committee for academic merit and potential sensitive issues

    3. Using the rubric, discuss the material’s value for academic merit, instruction of standards, and content

    4. By consensus, recommend the addition or removal of material as a supplement to the core curriculum

Time Commitment

  • Time Commitment is on an as needed basis, especially when:

    • A teacher or the teaching and learning department suggests materials  to be added to the supplemental materials list.
    • A review is suggested by a parent of current supplemental material that is part of the supplemental materials list.

Committee Members



    Rachel Holsteen-Bruyere
    Arcadia Learning Community  
    Carrie Kerscmar  
    Desert Mountain Learning Community
    Patricia Pellett
    Desert Mountain Learning Community 
    Jan Voelkel
    Chaparral Learning Community  
    Carine Werner
    Saguaro Learning Community        


    SUSD Staff

    Dr. Karen Benson, Associate Superintendent
    Dr. Kim Dodds Keran, Director of Teaching and Learning  
    Dr. Janelle Danskey, Arcadia High School Principal    
    Andrea Blanchet, Teaching and Learning
    Doreen Thomas, Mohave Teacher/Librarian
    Jonna Wallis, Teaching and Learning