• Welcome Freshman! Please print the forms below, or pick them up from the MSA room 312. Return completed forms to the MSA Program Coordinator in room 312.

Freshman Cohort Application

  • Students are grouped in Math, Science, and English. They have the opportunity to work with peers that have the same interests and motivations. Cohort classes offer opportunities for enhanced instruction, such as more speakers and additional field trips. Enhanced instruction includes:

    • Extensive laboratory experience using the latest technologies and current computer-based software and hardware
    • Emphasis on critical thinking skills in advanced math and science courses
    • Focus on technical writing skill development
    This form is used if you are new to the academy and applying for the first time.

    Initial SMSA Application

Math or Science Competition Documentation

  • This form should be filled out and signed by your event coach. This form will help you keep a log of all your hours. (30 min hours per competition) Turn in all completed forms to the MSA Coordinator in room 312.
    Each MSA students is required to compete in two Math and/or Science competitions.

    Math or Science Competition Documentation Form