• On Tuesday, May 11, 2021 your SUSD community celebrated virtually the Scottsdale Charros’ 2021 Outstanding Students and Educators, SUSD school nurses and high school athletes of the year! Each SUSD school selected a teacher honoree and each high school chose two amazing members of the Class of 2021 for this special, annual recognition of SUSD excellence by our Charros community partners.

    Find the virtual celebration at https://vimeo.com/event/932897/181b0c9d91


Arcadia Learning Community


    Arcadia High School

    Richard Fairchild, Theatre, Technical Theatre

    Gabrielle Pohlad, Student

    Maximillian Lunifeld, Student


    Ingleside Middle School

    Eric Dimmery, Math/Physical Education


    Echo Canyon K8

    Jean Spaulding (Gain), Echo Canyon K – 5, Speech

    Dr. Paula Vaughn, Echo Canyon 6 – 8, 7th/8th grade Science


    Hopi Elementary School

    Justin Blacksher, 5th grade


    Tavan Elementary School

    Angela Ishak, Learning Resource


Desert Mountain Learning Community

  • Desert Mountain High School

    Janet Emond, Criminology, MYP IB Program Coordinator

    Sowmya Viswanathan, Student

    Joongho Auh, Student


    Desert Canyon Middle School

    Molly May, Band


    Mountainside Middle School

    Kate Hillman, Gifted Specialist


    Cheyenne Traditional K8

    Stacey York, Cheyenne K-5, 1st grade

    Kent Bostrom, Cheyenne 6-8, 7th grade


    Anasazi Elementary School

    Angie Griffith, 4th grade


    Desert Canyon Elementary School

    Jamie Kar, Kindergarten


    Laguna Elementary School

    Taylor Ruyffeleare, General Music


    Redfield Elementary School

    Cathy Skinner, 4th grade

Athletes of the Year

  • Lauren Sayre, Arcadia

    Montgomery Gibson, Chaparral

    Dylan Pendleton, Coronado

    Rachael Grapevine, Coronado

    Mia Pettigrew, Desert Mountain

    Jacob Pickett, Saguaro

Chaparral Learning Community


    Chaparral High School

    Malcolm Leinwohl, Biology

    Gabrielle Roman, Student

    Ryan Vakil, Student


    Cocopah Middle School

    Mimi Borders, Choir


    Copper Ridge K8

    Rachel Dineff, Copper Ridge K-5, 4th grade

    Jamie Patrick, Copper Ridge 6-8, Special Education


    Cherokee Elementary School

    Nicole Hamilton, 4th grade


    Cochise Elementary School

    Juli Maryhew, Physical Education


    Sequoya Elementary School

    Suzanne Cahill, Gifted Specialist

Saguaro Learning Community

  • Saguaro High School

    Timothy McCandless, Theatre, Film/TV, Photography/Digital Media

    Sandra Ranger, Student

    Ben Nearing, Student


    Mohave Middle School

    Doreen Thomas, Teacher Librarian


    Kiva Elementary School

    Alyson Ambler, 2nd grade


    Navajo Elementary School

    Jacqueline Tancos, 1st grade


    Pueblo Elementary School

    Adriana Mendez-Mattei, 4th grade DLI Spanish

Scottsdale Online

  • Megan Ballatore, 6th/8th Grade Science,6th/8th Grade Science HonorsScience, 8th Grade Math

Enhanced Distance Learning

  • Richelle Malysa, Kindergarten

Future Teacher Scholarship

  • Samantha Curiel Figueroa, Saguaro

SCC Scholarship

  • Anthony Ciavola, Coronado

Coronado Learning Community


    Coronado High School

    Shannan McClure, Special Education, Life Skills

    Aylin Garcia Lugo, Student

    Anthony Menjivar Calixto, Student


    Tonalea K8

    Eva Plouin, Tonalea K-5, Pre-Kindergarten

    Rochelle Robson, Tonalea 6-8, English Language Development


    Hohokam Elementary School

    Tina Albrecht, Learning Resource


    Pima Traditional School

    Haley Deere, 1st grade


    Yavapai Elementary School

    Natassia Redden, 3rd grade

School Nurses

  • Anasazi Elementary School
    Renee Tosto

    Arcadia High School 
    Amy Skaalen
    Dorcas Guest Nelson

    Chaparral High School 
    Patrice Phillips
    Maggie Neal, 1:1 Shine 
    Stacey Krenning, Shine 

    Cherokee Elementary School
    Victoria Pacheco

    Cheyenne Traditional K-8
    Brittany Somers

    Cochise Elementary School
    Carrie Woldeab

    Cocopah Middle School 
    Paula Rutt
    Brittany Davault, Shine 

    Copper Ridge K-8
    Samantha Williams

    Coronado High School
    Kristine Jaedike

    Cecilia Hoffman
    Janet Olmstead

    Desert Mountain High School
    Louize Evans (Helen)

    Echo Canyon K-8 
    Denise Nelson

    Hopi Elementary School
    Allison Kasulaitis

    Ingleside Middle School 
    Becky Franson

    Kiva Elementary School
    Kelley Eckhauser

    Laguna Elementary School
    Patty Smith

    Mohave Middle School 
    Leslie Sharp

    Mountainside Middle School
    Lynn Hanson
    Kassie Lewis

    Navajo Elementary School
    Sarah Heath

    Pima Elementary School
    Gloria Cain

    Pueblo Elementary School
    Rosa Mariscal

    Saguaro High School 
    Nancy Tillinghast

    Sequoya Elementary School
    Mary Endsley

    Tonalea K-8
    Adrienne Abajian

    Tavan Elementary School
    Jackie Arthur

    Yavapai/Hohokam Elementary Schools
    Haley McMackin