Student Clubs

  • American Sign Language
    President: Jayant Gupta
    Sponsor: Ms. Jodi Hammond
    American Sign Language is the most popular sign language in the deaf communities of the United States and Canada. We want to the promote the learning of American Sign Language.


    Anime/ Fanart Club
    President: Yueh-Yun Chua
    Sponsor: Mr. Do
    The purpose of this club is to create and encourage the creation of any form of art based off of TV shows, anime, books, movies and games.


    Art Club
    President: Athena Behar
    Sponsor: Mr. Bilger Art Club Video
    To enrich the Chaparral community with art and to provide a space for passionate artists to work together


    Badminton Club
    President: Victoria Sanders
    Sponsor: Mrs. Davis
    Join our club to learn the basics of badminton, have fun, and to support Chaparral’s badminton team!


    Be The Change
    President: Gabrielle Roman and Caitlyn Wang
    Sponsor: Angela Pantilione
    Be The Change strives to help the less fortunate community in Arizona. Each month members focus on varying needs of local low-income schools as well as communities outside of education. We encourage everyone to realize they are the change.  


    Best Buddies
    President: Ally Raissen
    Sponsor: Megan Jarvie
    Creates opportunities for one to one friendships with people with IDD. We plan parties and activities and strive for inclusion.


    President: Brett Yanofsky 
    Sponsor: Micah Sandys
    Birdcage promotes school spirit on campus.


    Calculus Club
    President: Maurielle Noto
    Sponsor:Beatrice Hecht
    Provide tutoring to calculus students to better prepare them for their AP Exam, as well as fund raise and plan for such events.


    The Calligraphy Club
    PresidentLainey Kenly
    SponsorMrs. Mccown
    The Chaparral High School Calligraphy Club is used to shelter the creativity of all students while teaching writing techniques, literature, and providing the community around chances for custom art.


    President: Mackenzie Heidkamp
    Sponsor: Noel Rosenthal
    As a group, we strive to educate our community about the effects of climate change, and hopefully help with our local environment.


    Chaparral Band (Council)
    President: Andrew Meyers
    Sponsor:  Jennifer Mireau
    Support the Chaparral band program


    Chaparral Boys Lacrosse Club
    President: JJ Fahey
    Sponsor: Paula Sabato
    The purpose of the Chaparral Boys Lacrosse Club is to get the students at Chaparral High School interested in the sport of lacrosse, educate them on the game, and build relationships with kids that share a similar interest.


    Chaparral Cheerleading
    President: Kristen Driver
    Sponsor: Dorothy Brown
    Chaparral Cheerleading provides school spirit and support to our athletic teams on campus. We also volunteer throughout the year doing various community service events.


    Chaparral High School Swift Club
    President: Jenna Dubnow
    Sponsor: Mr. Leinwohl
    Chaparral High School Swift Club offers high school aged students the opportunity to support the learning and growth of economically disadvantaged youth at Title I schools in the Phoenix area, while extending their leadership abilities.


    Chaparral Mountain Biking Club
    President: Jacob Mandelbaum
    Sponsor: Noel Rosenthal
    The purpose of the Mountain Biking Club is to form a team so that Chaparral High School students can participate in AICL races.


    Chaparral Speech and Debate
    President: Ava Flansbaum
    Sponsor: Mrs. Weber
    To facilitate and support the growth of students in speech and debate related activities.

    Chaparral Thespians
    President: Sara Segneri
    Sponsor: Ed Como
    Chaparral Theater allows students to express themselves and make friends through the productions we put on throughout the year.


    Chaparral Tri M Music Honor Society
    President: Kerwin Wang
    Sponsor: Ms. Roberts
    The club aims to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspire other students and the community around them to excel at music and leadership.


    Club RIF
    President: Talia Frindell
    Sponsor: Mrs. Andrea Danis
    Our mission is to promote literacy by conducting book distributions at homeless shelters and reservations.


    Computer Science Club
    President: Matthew Salaway
    Sponsor: Jonathan Lofgren
    Our mission is to teach students how to code, enable students to collaborate on projects, learn computer science, share ideas, get help, learn about the benefits of coding, volunteer, and more.


    PresidentJordyn Alfonso
    SponsorMr. Vogel
    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

  • Film/Videography Club
    President: Carolyn Robertson
    Sponsor: Mr. Como
    Club will encourage knowledge in topics such as film, movie moving, and videography. THis club is a sactuary for creativity and indivudality.


    Firebird Robotics
    PresidentAva Claire Lariego
    SponsorMr. Geislinger
    Providing a comfortable place for students to address issues of diversity and make plans to build awareness and make a positive change.


    From Hearts to Soles
    PresidentRyan Vakil
    SponsorMrs. Hecht
    From Hearts to Soles works hard to help impoverished children in developing areas have access to shoes.  Our work is dedicated to giving these young souls shoes in order to improve the lives of those children who need assistance.


    GSA- Gay Straight Alliance
    PresidentNina Miller
    Sponsor: Leah Stegman


    Girls Who Code
    PresidentYueh-Yun Chua
    Sponsor: Mr. Lofgren
    To teach girls how to program and get them involved in computer science (help close the gender gap in technology).


    Hands of Hope
    President: Caterina Teufel
    Sponsor: Leo Wang
    To spread the power of Christianity and transform the lives of less fortunate communities through good works.


    Healthy Lifestyles Club
    President: Anna Buskirk 
    Sponsor: Edith Langland
    The Healthy Lifestyle Club focuses on creating a safe space for students to come and work on their health goals as well as giving them a space to open up about personal health issues and receive help and support. This club will also focus on informing students of healthy routines and community outreach to give back to the community’s health needs.


    Helping Hands
    President: Ariel Feffer
    Sponsor: Mr. Bilger
    We are driven to help others within our community through service projects.


    PresidentJessica Yang
    SponsorKeri Board
    To help foster leadership, responsible citizenship and promote activism with our communities.


    International Club
    PresidentAva Claire Lariego
    This club is about


    Jewish Student Union
    PresidentAlly Raissen 
    SponsorMalcolm Leinwohl
    JSU is a club on campus that gets teens involved in Israel and Judaism. We meet every Thursday during both lunches.


    K2 Club
    President: Brierly Wren
    SponsorMs. Zyla
    Raising donations and awareness for children/families with medical disabilities and in need of financial support. 


    Make an Impact
    PresidentBerlin Smallwood
    SponsorMia Itri
    This club is about the development of human beings and society as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit
    -enriching human minds and spirit
    -improving lives
    -improving communities


    MAST (Math and Science Tutoring)
    PresidentSamantha Krew
    SponsorMs. Hecht
    MAST strives to provide free, easily accessible math and science tutoring for all students by other students and teachers.


    Math Team
    PresidentJayant Gupta 
    SponsorMs. Hecht
    Math Team is a group of ambitious students who strive promote, host and participate in math competitions in order to allow Chaparral High School to excel in Math.  


    Medical Doctors Club
    PresidentAnjali Gujrathi 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Langland
    Educating students on the various types of careers in the medical field.


    Mock Trial
    PresidentRiya Zaveri 
    SponsorSusan Speirs
    Mock Trial is an argument-based club where anyone who enjoys learning about law and the justice system, and wants a real courtroom experience is encouraged to join. Mock trial members get to study a court case, draft statements, practice questioning witnesses, and act out a real trial. Members get to participate in competitions that are held in front of real courthouses and take place in front of real judges and lawyers. Mock trial is a fun and engaging way to not only strengthen your public speaking and acting skills, but also to learn how to think on your feet.


    MTB Chap
    PresidentAdam Janicik
    SponsorClaren Gustkey
    As riders, MTB Chap strives to escape the daily stressors of life and resort to the wonderful freedoms offered by mountain trails.


    MusicLovers Club
    PresidentVivian Conte
    SponsorBrittany Panzera
    MusicLovers Club strives to create an environment where participants can share their love of music as well as their favorite song, artist, or personal piece they have created. It is a creative hub for students to showcase songs they have written or learned on any instrument.  






  • Project: Hamanity
    PresidentMarco Marchese
    Sponsor: Megan Mayer
    Our mission is to raise money, supplies, and awareness for various medical foundations, charities, and research organizations in order to improve our local, regional, and national community.nd understanding between students through discussion, dialogue and activities.


    Rescue ReliefClub
    President: Kyle Hoffmaster
    Sponsor: Miss Itri
    Rescue Relief Club's goal is to collect and direct monetary donations, so those who want to support their local animal shelters and are unaware as to how they can contribute are now presented with an easy way to accomplish this. While using our platform to help the community better understand the unfortunate circumstances present concerning vulnerable shelter animals, Rescue Relief will institute multiple fundraisers and gratefully accept donations through gofundme. Each of us as co-founders are extremely dedicated to this project and have demonstrated this through intensive research. We plan on documenting this journey to unite our community through a shared goal and to find a solution to this problem.


    Science Olympiad
    PresidentAidan Briggs
    Sponsor: Sadie Puerner
    Science Olympiad is dedicated to improving the quality of science education, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers.


    Ski Club
    PresidentJustin Jorgensen 
    SponsorMs. Zyla
    Our goal is to provide an extra outreach to all who ski at Chaparral High School. We want others to connect and make friends while all sharing a common interest, skiing. Snowboarders welcome also.


    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
    PresidentGabrielle Roman
    SponsorSusan Speirs
    SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.


    Spanish Honors Society
    PresidentMonty Gibson, Riley Courtney, Darby Bebbington
    SponsorSharon Patterson
    The mission of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies. Any secondary school student who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish or Portuguese for a minimum of three semesters and is in the 10th grade or higher is eligible to be a member of the SHH


    Space Club
    PresidentGeorgina Davis
    SponsorJessica Keenan
    2Here to lend an ear! We offer a safe space to increase friendship among students and mental health.


    Students Helping Students
    PresidentMaclane Maasen
    Sponsor:Mia Itri
    Students Helping Students goal is to provide a stress free and safe place for students at Chaparral and more. we are working to provide a place to come to help with the stress high school provides whether it be by volunteering, talking about mental health, and more.


    PresidentRyan Taylor
    SponsorAmazing Amy Bishop
    Student government aims to represent the student body by planning activities, promoting school spirit, and support clubs/athletics. Representatives are elected by the student body for the entire school year to enhance the student experience on campus.


    PresidentKerwin Wang
    SponsorMs. Weber
    Our mission is to raise awareness for needy children all over the world by raising money.


    Unified Cheer
    PresidentAlly Raissen
    Sponsor:Laura Carr
    Allows special needs girls to get involved in school sports by allowing them to become cheerleaders and support/cheer on their school teams. Chaparral students help teach and cheer them on!


    PresidentRyan Vakil
    SponsorJordan Ray/ Claren Gustkey
    To promote leadership, diversity, and understanding between students through discussion, dialogue and activities.


    Veterans Heritage Project
    President: Sandy Vietor
    Sponsor: Steve Millam
    The purpose of Veterans Heritage Project is to preserve the stories of veterans in order to honor their service to this great nation as well as to develop a special curiosity and gratitude towards all those who serve.


    President:Gabriella Matney
    SponsorMicah Sandys
    Our goal is to get everyone in yearbook at least 3 times. We want everyone to be apart of capturing these special moments during the school year


    Young Democrats Club
    PresidentDana Carbo
    SponsorMs. Herring
    Political activism inside and outside the classroom! Join us for weekly meetings with Jackbox games, phone banks, discussion, pizza (sometimes), and much more! Text @chapyds to 81010 to join our reminders and stay updated.


    Young Republicans Club
    PresidentSam Kreitzman
    SponsorRob Reniewicki
    The goal of the club is to create an environment where kids can talk freely about politics and their beliefs with like-minded people and share stories and interesting facts with each other. We want to open a space where students are able to express themselves, find common ground and leave room for debate.