• Chaparral Clubs


    Chaparral's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates over topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Firebird experience!

  • AIUSA Human Rights Club

    President: Nadia Kazi
    Sponsor: Alexandria Weber 

    Amnesty International USA Youth & Student Group acts as an charter to promote advocacy, lobbying, & activism for human rights indiscriminate of race, gender, ethnicity, political ideology, sexual orientation, national origin, & religious affiliation to unify human rights defenders across all spectrums.

    Art Club

    To promote Visual Arts and create artwork for the Chaparral community

    President: Andrea Piedra Contreras
    Sponsor: Mr. Bilger 


    Entertain Chaparral during games and event.

    President: Priya Ritzberg
    Sponsor:  Jennifer Mireau


    Introduce Chaparral to the great sport of Badminton

    President: vsanders50@susdgapps.org
    Sponsor:  Sharon Akin

    Be The Change

    As a club we aim to utilize the individual skills and interests of our members in order to serve and better the lives of underprivileged teens and children.  

    President: Natalie BaldwinMackenzie McDermott
    Sponsor: Claren Gustkey

    Best Buddies

    Best Buddies creates opportunities for one to one friendships for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. We plan parties and activities together and strive to spread inclusion.

    President: Faith Liao
    Sponsor: Megan Jarvie

    CCAC ( Climate Change Awareness Club)

    CCAC is a student led environmental club with the purpose of raising awarness of climate change

    President: Mackenzie Heidkamp
    Sponsor: Noel Rosenthal

    Chap Boys Basketball Club

    The Chaparral Boys Basketball Club is designed to help support and grow the student-athletes associated with the boys basketball program.

    President: Joseph Greer
    Sponsor: Daniel Peterson

    Chap Boys Golf

    The Chaparral Boys Golf to represent Chaparral during golf matches

    President: Austin Plunkett
    Sponsor: Bob DeFeyter

    Chap Greens/ Gardening Club

    Grow gardens inside and outside. Expand into the school and the community in gardening and food related projects

    President: Shelby WhiteShea Permoda
    Sponsor: Debra Roumas

    Chap Students of Color

    Chap Students of Color is a safe space organized to empower BIPOC students to navigate the challenges they face, prompt institutional change in the SUSD, and participate in racial justice related activities.

    President: William Zhou
    Sponsor: Alex Anderson

    Chaparral Anime& Fighting Game Club

    Offers a place for fans of anime to discus their favorite things and fighting game players a place to compete. This cub gives members the opportunity to work and develop skills at a greater level in Fighting games alongside discussions about the best things Anime can offer.

    President: Ayden Schupbach
    Sponsor: Megan Mayer

    Chaparral Birdcage

    Our goal is to provide the best atmosphere possible during our sports games to show our pride to the teams.

    President: Justin Jorgensen
    Sponsor: Ashley Zyla

    Chaparral Chapter National Honor Society

    The mission of NHS is to honor students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

    President: Zachary Astrowsky
    Sponsor: Angela Pantilione

    Website: NHS

    Chaparral Cross Country Club

    The mission of Cross- Country Club is to provide an academic and athletic experience for student- athletes intersted in becomin competitive distance runners by develping skills, knowledge, attitudes, and work ethic necessary to reach individual goals. This will foster a foundation for life long fitness and develop positive character traits that will allow them to meet challenges outside the athletic realm.

    President: Ava Martin
    Sponsor: Terrence Tillett

    Chaparral FBLA (DECA)

    We inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society

    President: Michelle Rama 
    Sponsor: Mr. Vogel

    Chaparral Firebirds Lacrosse (Boys)

    The purpose of this Club is to establish, promote, organize, and field a high school boys lacrosse club team(s).

    President: Zachary Astrowsky
    Sponsor: Paula Sabato

    Chaparral Girls Lacrosse

    Our goal is to provide chaparral players a competitive lacrosse club experience that focuses on mastering not only lacrosse skills but overall physical fitness, recruiting opportunities and personal character!

    President: Natalie Pulido
    Sponsor: Gary Achtziger


    Chaparral High School Swift Club

    Chaparral High School Swift Club offers high school aged students the opportunity to support the learning and growth of economically disadvantaged youth at Title I schools in the Phoenix area, while extending their leadership abilities.

    President: Jenna Dubnow
    Sponsor: Mr. Leinwohl

    Chaparral Mountain Biking Club

    To influence, teach, and strengthen mountain bike riders.

    President: Jonah Feldman
    Sponsor: Jennifer Mireau

    Chaparral Photograghy Club

    In Photography Club, our mission is to teach and learn digital and analogue photography. We spread knowledge and love of photography, while learning from each other and completing individual and collaborative projects, as well as helping beautify and intrigue the community here at Chaparral.

    President: Isabella Bernstein
    Sponsor: Desiree Devirgilio

    Chaparral Science Olympiad

    Our mission is to inspire students to reach outside of their comfort zones to learn more about the STEM field, and to compete as part of a tight-knit team. Science Olympiad builds collaborative skills, studying skills, and gives students an opportunity to meet like-minded peers.

    President: Dashram Pai
    Sponsor: Sharon PattersonPaula Sabato

    Chaparral Speech and Debate

    To facilitate and support the growth of students in speech and debate related activities.

    President: Arin Khanna
    Sponsor: Mrs. Weber

    Chaparral Star Wars Club

    For fans to discuss and share opinions about Star Wars. For first timers, we are eclined to teach them what we know and to allow them social oppritunties

    President: Matthew Manock
    Sponsor: Shana Roberts

    Chaparral Stock Market Club

    The Chaparral Stock Market is dedicated to teaching Chaparral students about the stock market, current economic news, and personal finance. The club also hosts a trading simulation game where students learn to trade stocks using the real time stock market.

    President: Josh Fink
    Sponsor: Randall Bragg

    Chaparral Thespians

    Chaparral Thespians encourages all to come help create a supportive, exciting environment in which students can grow as performance artists and as human beings. We strive to be an inclusive community that anyone can call a family. We have every aspect of theatre you could imagine! We've got acting and singing and dancing and improv. We have every technical aspect such as stage, sound, lights, costumes, hair, makeup, props, managing, tickets, scene art, and much more! Come join for the most fulfilling experience in high school!

    President: Kyler Glazier
    Sponsor: Ed Como


    Choir Club

    To create and promote our Vocal Music Program through the planning and facilitating of fundraisers, planning trips and performances, and supporting the success and well-being of all our choir members.

    President: Sarah Heinzen
    Sponsor: Emmyrae Cross

    Computer Hardware Club

    Our mission is to advance knowledge of computer hardware and programming and synthesize that knowledge in the form of projects and competitions

    President: Jeremy Lee
    Sponsor: Steve Geislinger

    Culinary Club

    Inspire creativity in those with a love for the culinary arts

    President: Shayna Gavartin
    Sponsor: Jack Trier


    To support and provide opportunities for the students enrolled in a dance class

    President: Yulia LI
    Sponsor: Rebecca Egyud

    D&D Club

    Provide a group for people interested in TTRPGs

    President: Douglas Driggs
    Sponsor: Claren Gustkey

    Economic and Finance Club

    This club was created to compete in various competitions such as the National Economics  Competition, National Personal Finance Challenge, Global Stock Pitch Competition and many more, and teaches students about the financial markets.

    President: Mehul Singh
    Sponsor: Zachary Hochhalter

    Executive Leadership

    The club's objective is to teach students leadership skills for use on and off the campus and provide a sense of community to our members.

    President: Nate Leahy
    Sponsor: Christopher Haak

    FIDM Fashion Club Chaparral

    FIDM Fashion Club Chaparral provides every student a safe and creative space to design and create clothing that allows them to express themselves. The main focuses of the club are inclusivity and learning to shop and create ethically and sustainably. The club is partnered with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), providing members with a head start in the fashion industry.

    President: Marco Cornejo
    Sponsor: Laura Carr

    Filmaking Club

    The purpose of Chaparral‘s Filmmaking Club is to focus on short film production; including screen writing, planning, filming, editing, and watching our films. We will also be analyzing existing works to find out what we can learn from past cinema.

    President: Carolyn Robertson
    Sponsor: Ed Como

    Firebird Robotics

    We are Firebird Robotics, a robotics team at Chaparral High School that participates in the For Inspiration & Recognition in Science & Technology (FIRST) Competitions. FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in the early 1990s dedicated to bringing value of STEM, cooperation, and gracious professionalism.

    President: Harrison LaBell
    Sponsor: Mr. Geislinger

    Food and Fellowship

    Offer pizza at lunch time to any student that chooses to join us. We will talk about questions of the Christian Faith and how it can apply to their lives

    President: Ana- Isabella Dragomir
    Sponsor: Debra Roumas

    French Honors Society

    Our mission is to teach our high school community about the wonders of the French language and culture by offering fun and exciting activities.

    President: Natalie FransonVivian Conte
    Sponsor: Heather Moore

    GSA- Gay Straight Alliance

    The mission of Chaparral High School's Gay Straight Alliance is to provide a safe and friendly environment for all students, regardless of orientation or gender identity, and to promote hate-free speech in our school and community.

    President: Tate Leventhal
    Sponsor: Leah Stegman

    Girls Golf Glub

    President: Maritess Helgeson
    Sponsor: Jason Speirs 

    Girls who Code

    The Girls who Code club strives to close the gender gap in technology by educating, equipping, and inspiring teenage girls with essential coding and prgrammong skills.

    President: Akshaya Venkatesh
    Sponsor: Jonathan Lofgren

    Golden Embers

    Create the best yearbook this school has ever seen.

    President: Maya Lane
    Sponsor: Micah Sandys

    Helping Paws

    Helping One Furry Friend At A Time

    President: Hilary Tucker
    Sponsor: Gary Achtziger


    The purpose of this school club is to further international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work, advancing international understanding and goodwill.

    President: Jessica Yang
    Sponsor: Keri Board

    International Club

    International Club is built on a foundation of open-mindedness, a curiosity regarding other cultures, and an interest in global affairs. Through regular meetings and interaction with the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, we help students become more knowledgeable and globally aware.

    President: Dashram Pai
    Sponsor: Jennifer Germanaud

    Japanese Bilingual Society

    Chaparral Japanese Bilingual Society seeks to promote Japanese throughout the community by providing a place where students studying a foreign language can practice speech

    President: Lukas Domer
    Sponsor: Casey Kadavy


    Jewish Student Union (JSU) Club

    To learn about Judaism along with with having a Jewish union

    President: Celine Blumenthal
    Sponsor: Malcolm Leinwohl Greg McMullin

    Literary Club

    To enrich the minds of Chaparral students through literary analysis, or discussions related to a variety of works; including poems, novels, and short stories.

    President: Vivian Saavedra
    Sponsor: John Francois

    Magic: The Gathering Club

    This club is about the development of human beings and society as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit
    -enriching human minds and spirit
    -improving lives
    -improving communities

    President: Kaysen Peterson
    Sponsor: Daniel Arehart

    MAST (Math and Science Tutoring)

    MAST vows to support and provide math and science tutoring for all students at Chaparral.

    President: Asha Bansal
    Sponsor: Ms. Hecht

    Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is an argument-based club where anyone who enjoys learning about law and the justice system, and wants a real courtroom experience, is encouraged to join. Mock trial members get to study a court case, draft statements, practice questioning witnesses and act out a real trial. Members get to participate in competitions that are held in front of real courthouses and take place in front of real judges and lawyers. Mock trial is a fun and engaging way to not only strengthen your public speaking and acting skills, but also to learn how to think on your feet.

    President: Riya Zaveri 
    Sponsor: Susan Speirs

    Model United Nations

    Foster awareness and understanding of current global issues by engaging students in debate

    President: Will Posorske
    Sponsor: Jessica Litsheim


    Orchestra Club

    To support and promte orchestra. Plan events and raise money for trips.

    President: Matthew ManockJennifer Hankerson
    Sponsor: Shana Roberts


  • Petangue Club

    Our mission is to connect students to French culture through fun and competitive activity. Petangue

    President: Roy Wexsler
    Sponsor: Heather Moore


    Ping Pong Club

    To get students and loners to get out of their comfort zone and hang out with other people.

    President: Yasna Rezvani
    Sponsor: Debra Roumas


    To raise school spirit and support fall and winter sports.

    President: Kate Bornstein
    Sponsor: Kelsey Tomlinson

    Pre-Med Club

    President: Anjali Gujrathi
    Sponsor: Edith Langland

    Reading is Fundamental

    Our purpose is to aid and support people who are unable to afford writing utensils or books.

    President: Zachary Astrowsky
    Sponsor: Andrea Danis

    Rescue Relief AZ

    Rescue Relief Club's goal is to collect and direct monetary donations, so those who want to support their local animal shelters and are unaware as to how they can contribute are now presented with an easy way to accomplish this. While using our platform to help the community better understand the unfortunate circumstances present concerning vulnerable shelter animals, Rescue Relief will institute multiple fundraisers and gratefully accept donations through gofundme. Each of us as co-founders are extremely dedicated to this project and have demonstrated this through intensive research. We plan on documenting this journey to unite our community through a shared goal and to find a solution to this problem.

    President: Jenna DubnowKyle HoffmasterSophia KossAnnibelle Washburn
    Sponsor: Sharon Akin

    Ski Club

    We are the Chaparral Skiclub, our club represents all the fellow skiers and snowboarders that attend Chaparral High School. We like to have trips with other students and share our love with skiing and just want to hangout and have fun up on some snowy mountains.

    President: Justin Jorgensen 
    Sponsor: Ms. Zyla

    Smash Bros Club

    The Smash Bros club exclusively offers Chaparral students and faculty to play, learn, and compete in the Smash Bros Games.

    President: James Carnahan
    Sponsor: Jennifer Mireau


    Spanish Honors Society

    The mission of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize the high achievement of high school students in the Spanish language and to foment a continuing interest in Hispanic culture and studies.

    President: Isabella Barone
    Sponsor: Susan Speirs

    Song Writing Club

    To inspire our school and community with creativity and music

    President: Joshua Zeiontz
    Sponsor: Zachary Hochhalter 

    Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research

    As an organization, Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research’s (SSBTR) mission is to provide education and leadership development to our youth, furnish a platform for them to play a principal role in effecting positive changes in their communities, promote awareness of how common brain tumors are as the leading cause of cancer deaths among their peers and act as outreach to support affected individuals and their families. The centerpiece of this student run non-profit is its annual cure-a-thon in Scottsdale, AZ, which serves as a vehicle towards raising support for brain tumor research through soliciting donations and enhancing community and corporate involvement.

    President: Alanna Goodman
    Sponsor:Edith Langland


    President: Jacob Mandelbaum
    Sponsor: Amazing Amy Bishop

    Team Teen

    Team Teen aims to give back to teens in low income areas to help make positive impact on teens life

    President: Blair Warner
    Sponsor: Van Do

    The Healthy Lifestyles Club

    The Healthy Lifestyle Club focuses on creating a safe space for students to come and work on their health goals as well as giving them a space to open up about personal goals, so we can provide them with help and support. This club will also focus on informing students of healthy routines and community outreach to give back to the community’s health needs.

    President: Anna Buskirk
    Sponsor: Edith Langland

    Tri-M Music Honors Society

    This is a club to appreciate and expand our knowledge on playing music, and to share music with others.

    President: Alexis Romney
    Sponsor: Shana Roberts

    Turning Point USA

    Turning Point USA’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. TPUSA activists are the community organizers of the right.

    President: Dylan Marks
    Sponsor:Gary Achtziger


    To promote leadership, diversity, and understanding between students through discussion, dialogue and activities.

    President: Faith Secrest
    Sponsor: Jordan Ray

    Veterans Heritage Project

    The purpose of Veterans Heritage Project is to preserve the stories of veterans in order to honor their service to this great nation, as well as to develop a special curiosity and gratitude towards all those who serve.

    President: Drew Miller
    Sponsor: Steve Millam

    Well Being Club

    President: Ana Schramm
    Sponsor: Jordan Ray

    Yearbook/ Golden Embers

    Our goal is to get everyone in yearbook at least 3 times. We want everyone to be apart of capturing these special moments during the school year

    President: Maya Lane
    Sponsor: Micah Sandys

    Young Democrats Club

    The goal of Chaparral’s Young Democrats’ Society is to educate and inform students about current events and the American political system. Members will participate in thoughtful discussions and debate controversial issues. Through this, they will seek to understand differing views while acquiring the knowledge necessary to further develop their own opinions. The club also provides students with opportunities to volunteer for the community. During election cycles, the club presents information about the candidates and holds meetings with local candidates. Members also volunteer to distribute information about state candidates to neighborhoods near the school. At the end of each school year, members of the club register seniors to vote in preparation for the closest election cycle.

    President: Sophia Winney
    Sponsor: Ms. Herring

    Young Leaders in Medicine

    YLM strives to educate students about the different careers in the medical field and the paths one needs to take in order to reach those careers

    President: Mackenzie Heidkamp
    Sponsor: Edith Langland