• Chaparral Clubs

    Chaparral's many clubs are a fantastic way to connect with your fellow classmates about topics you love! Or maybe try something new to see if it appeals to you. Either way, you will be enriching your Firebird experience.

    As the website is updated, please take a look at the attached list of clubs including the contact information.

    Please contact Mrs. Little at klittle@susd.org with any questions you may have in regards to clubs.

    23-24 Clubs will be updated after school begins on an on going as clubs will be added! Please note the current sponosors/presidents maybe incorrect.

    Thank you for your patience.




  • Academic Competition Club

    The club's initial goal is to support the team members in accepting materials in support of their eCybermission grant. In future years, it could help students particpate in academic competitions.

    Sponsor: Mr. Geslinger

    President:  William Ira Parsons  

    Advanced Science Club

    To help students study for AP and Honors tests.

    Sponsor: Mr.  Leinwhol

    President: Haley Beggs

    Alliance for Sustainability & Environmental Sciences (A.S.E.S)

    To provide students with experience & opportunities in the environmental field. To better educate the Chaparral community about issues relating to the environment. To establish techniques to make Chaparral a more sustainable living environment.

    Sponsor: Mr. Sandys

    President: Lauren Guldberg

    Ambassador Club

    To make new students feel welcomed while helping them integrate into Chaparral.

    Sponsor: Mr. Pawlowski

    President: Lea Fakih

    Animal Protection Group (APG)

    The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of animals in need and to help the animal shelters as much as they can. They will be making dog toys, collecting needed items from shelters, and maybe volunteering at shelters sometimes. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Itri

    President: Chelsyee Garcia

    Art Club

    To promote Visual Arts & create artwork for the Chaparral community.

    Sponsor: Mr. Bilger

    President: Chloe Greetis

    Be The Change

    As a club, we aim to utilize the individual skills & interests of our members in order to serve & better the lives of underprivileged teens & children.

    Sponsor: Ms. Kadavy

    Presidents: Hana Schmidt and Kiannah Hudson

    Best Buddies

    As a club, we aim to utilize the individual skills & interests of our members in order to serve & better the lives of underprivileged teens & children.

    Sponsor: Ms. Javie

    President: Faith Liao

    Biomedical Research Club

    To give more opportunities for high school students to be involved in a highly important field of science; biomedical research. We do this through educating about new bio-tech innovations, helping with biomed charities, informing of possible internships & program opportunities & delivering hands-on research.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Strittmatter

    President: Clara Colwell


    Our goal is to provide the best atmosphere possible during our sports games to show our pride to the teams. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Moore

    President: Jacob Snyder

    Calculus Club

    To study calculus and AP Exam preparation. 

    Sponsor: Mr. Anderson

    President: Raquel Lillie

    Caring Kids

    To help support kids with cancer.

    Sponsor: Mr. Ray

    President: Jade Secrest


    We will assist with the life skills at Chap. The main goal will be to connect mainstream students with our students in the life skills program to increase inclusion, compassion & just fun!

    Sponsor: Ms. Jarvie

    President: Kallie Osmussen

    Child Help Service Club 

    The Child Help Wings main purpose is to raise awareness of abused & neglected children.

    Sponsor: Ms.Welch

    President: Rian Henderson

    Chinese Club

    Club description TBD

    Sponsor: Mrs. Yuan

    President: Devin Walters 

    Club RIF (Reading is Fundamental) 

    Our purpose is to aid & support people who are unable to afford writing utensils or books.

    Sponsor: Ms. Danis

    President: Mya Zilveti

    Conversation Club 

    To converse about specific topics in a fun and lightheaded way, without the stress of writing essays or being graded. The goal is to get to know our community within Chaparral while learning and listening from other's opinions. Some examples of topics include dangers of social media, pros and cons or our generation, the greatest movie of all time, etc.

    Sponsor: Mr. Francois

    President: Danielle Baltman

    Crochet & Crafts

    A space for students to relax & make friends while learning a life skill.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Herring 

    President: Angela Sha

    Devotion for Design

    To fundraise & re-design autistic group homes.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Strittmatter

    President: Neda Aliakbar

    Dungeon and Dragons 

    More information to follow

    Sponsor: Mr. Hamblin

    President:  Arash Salehi

    Envision Arizona Tomorrow

    More information to follow

    Sponsor: Ms. Herring

    President: Jesmina Deguzman and Sasha Sokolov

    FBLA (formerlly DECA)

    We inspire & prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society.

    Sponsor:  Mr. Vogel 

     President: Iulia Musat

    FIDM (Fashion Club)

    FIDM Fashion Club Chaparral provides every student a safe & creative space to design & create clothing that allows them to express themselves. The main focuses of the club are inclusivity & learning to shop & create ethically & sustainably. The club is partnered with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), providing members with a head start in the fashion industry.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Akin

    President: Morgan Tefft

    Filmaking Club

    The purpose of Chaparral‘s Filmmaking Club is to focus on short film production; including screenwriting, planning, filming, editing, & watching our films. We will also be analyzing existing works to find out what we can learn from past cinema.

    Sponsor: Mr. Foree

    President: Cara Robertson

  • Firebird Word

    We broadcast announcements to the school during 2nd period.

    Sponsor: Ms. Roumas

    President: Adam Frazier

    Food & Fellowship

    Offer pizza at lunch time to any student that chooses to join us. We will talk about questions about the Christian faith & how it can apply to their lives.

    Sponsor: Ms. Roumas

    President: Ana-Isabella Dragomir

    French Honors Society

    Our mission is to teach our high school community about the wonders of the French language & culture by offering fun & exciting activities.

    Sponsor: Ms. Moore & Ms. Ding

    President: Natalie Franson & Esha Kale 

    Girls Who Code

    The Girls who Code club strives to close the gender gap in technology by educating, equipping, & inspiring teenage girls with essential coding & programming skills.

    Sponsor: Mr. Lofgren 

    President: Renee Hsu

    Gold Dust Avenue

    To provide an extension & smaller group ensemble to rehearse & perform at a variety of events, on & off campus.

    Sponsor: Dr. Brauer

    President: Michael Reust

    Golden Embers/ Yearbook 

    Create the best yearbook this school has ever seen.

    Sponsor: Mr. Sandys 

    President: Maya Lane

    (CHAP) Greens

    Grow gardens inside & outside. Expand into the school & the community in gardening & food related projects

    Sponsor: Ms. Roumas

    President: Rhys Lenick

    Helping Hands

    More information to follow

    Hiking Club

    Our purpose is to explore the outdoors while having fun & being healthy.

    Sponsor: Mr. Pawlowski

    President: Lily Crum

     # I Can Help

    This club educates & empowers students to promote positivity online.



    Interact Club

    The purpose of this school club is to further international understanding & goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local & overseas clubs & learn the importance of developing leadership skills & personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness & respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility & hard work, advancing international understanding & goodwill.

    Sponsor: Ms. Carlson

    President: Adam Essom and Reeve Whitten

    International Club

    International Club is built on a foundation of open-mindedness, a curiosity regarding other cultures, & an interest in global affairs. Through regular meetings & interaction with the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, we help students become more knowledgeable & globally aware.

    Sponsor: Ms. Kadavy

    President: Hana Butler

    Japanese Bilingual Society

    More information to follow


    Jewish Student Union (JSU)

    To learn about Judaism along with having a Jewish union.

    Sponsor: Mr. Leinwohl

    President: Raquel Lille & Drew Bibb 

    Journalism/Newspaper Design Club

    This club is designed to provide students with a club to learn about journalist writing & online newspaper design. Would like to bring back school newspaper in digital form.

    Sponsor: Mr. Adrian

    President: Chloe Wendling  

    Key Club

    To perform acts of service in order to build individual character & leadership.

    Sponsor: Ms. Eve

    President: Lilly Tolerico & Yoomi Willis 

    Lacrosse; Boys and Girls

    Sponsor for Boys: Mr. Dicus

    Sponsor for Girls:

    President for Boys:

    President for Girls: Hope Cutter  


    Literary Club

    To enrich the minds of Chaparral students through literary analysis, or discussions related to a variety of works; including poems, novels, & short stories.

    Sponsor: Ms. Herring

    President: Vivian Saavedra & Emas Johnson 

    Magic: The Gathering Club

    The clubs purpose is to bring together (gather) players of a trading card game. There are different formats, discuss related issues & strategies.

    Sponsor: Mr. Arehart

    President: Brantley Carden    

    Mandarian Clun

    More information to follow

    Mario Cart Racing Club

    A club where fans of Mario Kart get to play some of their favorite games & participate in tournaments.

    Sponsor: Ms. Eve

    President: Alex Primorac

    MAST (Math and Science Tutoring) Club

    MAST vows to support & provide math & science tutoring for all students at Chaparral.  

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hecht

    President: Kaitlyn Baughman

  • Math Club

    To compete in weekly tournaments online, learn about methodologies of mathematics & problem solving  

    Sponsor: Ms. Hecht

    President: Nico Corbo and Vivian Saavedra 

    Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is an argument-based club where anyone who enjoys learning about law & the justice system, & wants a real courtroom experience, is encouraged to join. Mock trial members get to study a court case, draft statements, practice questioning witnesses & act out a real trial. Members get to participate in competitions that are held in front of real courthouses & take place in front of real judges & lawyers. Mock trial is a fun & engaging way to not only strengthen your public speaking & acting skills, but also to learn how to think on your feet.

    Sponsor:  Ms. Tilson

    President: Leya Pema 

    Model United Nations

    Foster awareness & understanding of current global issues by engaging students in debate.

    Sponsor: Ms. Litsheim

    President: Will Posorske   and 

    Mountain Biking Club

    To influence, teach, & strengthen mountain bike riders.

    Sponsor: Mr. Harris

    President: Avery Wortendyke    

    Music In Medicine


    Sponsor: Dr. Brauer


    National Honor Society

    The mission of NHS is to honor students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service, & character.


    Sponsor: Ms. Akin

    President: Rian Henderson

    Origami Club


    Sponsor: Mr. Bilger

    President: Natalie Golden 

    Outdoors Clun

    More information to follow


    Photography Club

    In Photography Club, our mission is to teach & learn digital & analogue photography. We spread knowledge & love of photography, while learning from each other & completing individual & collaborative projects, as well as helping beautify & intrigue the community here at Chaparral.

    Sponsor: Ms. Devirgilio

    President: Hudson Palethorpe 

    Pre-Med Club

    Curate interest in the medical field & provide insight to healthcare.

    Sponsor: Ms. Strittmatter

    President: Esha Kale  

    Red Cross

    The Chap Red Cross Club will learn, practice & exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects under the American Red Cross.

    Sponsor: Ms. Strittmatter

    President: Hana Schmidt


    We are Firebird Robotics, a robotics team at Chaparral High School that participates in the For Inspiration & Recognition in Science & Technology (FIRST) Competitions. FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen & Woodie Flowers in the early 1990s dedicated to bringing value of STEM, cooperation, & gracious professionalism.


    President: Layla Falcon

    Science Olympiad

    Our mission is to inspire students to reach outside of their comfort zones to learn more about the STEM field, & to compete as part of a tight-knit team. Science Olympiad builds collaborative skills, studying skills, & gives students an opportunity to meet like-minded peers.

    Sponsor: Ms. Puerner & Ms. Sabato  

    President: Renee Hsu

    Ski and Snowboarding Club

    Our mission is to ski!


    President: Nolan Hayzlett

    Smash Bros Club

    The Smash Bros club exclusively offers Chaparral students & faculty to play, learn, & compete in the Smash Bros Games.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Mireau

    President: James Carnahan  

    Spanish Honors Society

    The mission of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize the high achievement of high school students in the Spanish language & to foment a continuing interest in Hispanic culture & studies.


    President: Nico Schmid    

    Speech & Debate

    To facilitate & support the growth of students in speech & debate related activities.

    Sponsor: Mr. Haak & Ms. Panzera

    President: Jessica Yang & Chloe Kisner 


    Student government on campus

    Sponsor: Mr. Dicus

    President: Daniella Vogel    




    Chaparral Thespians encourages all to come help create a supportive, exciting environment in which students can grow as performance artists & as human beings. We strive to be an inclusive community that anyone can call a family. We have every aspect of theatre you could imagine! We've got acting & singing & dancing & improv. We have every technical aspect such as stage, sound, lights, costumes, hair, makeup, props, managing, tickets, scene art, & much more! Come join for the most fulfilling experience in high school!

    Sponsor: Mr. Foree

    President: Allie Irwin

    Tri-M Music Honors Society

    This is a club to appreciate & expand our knowledge on playing music & to share music with others.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts

    President: Maddix Leonhardt-Perry

    Turning Point USA

    To discuss American values, fairness of opinion on campus, freedoms & conservative values.

    Sponsor: Mr. Bragg

    President: Jacob Snyder

    Unified Cheer




    To promote leadership, diversity, & understanding between students through discussion, dialogue & activities.

    Sponsor: Mr. Ray

    President: Faith Secrest

    Veterans Heritage Project

    The purpose of Veterans Heritage Project is to preserve the stories of veterans in order to honor their service to this great nation, as well as to develop a special curiosity & gratitude towards all those who serve.

    Sponsor: Mr. Millam

    President: Alex&er Evans

    Visons Baseball Drive

    Sponsor: Mr. Gerlach



    Writing Club




    A Christian organization that expands all over the world to actively engage kids in the best times of their lives.

    Sponsor: Mr. Millam

    President: Maci Cribbins