• Monthly Board Update

  • October 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 10/1/2023

    Greetings community members and supporters of our Scottsdale Unified School District. I am certainly thankful for the commitment you have made to support our local school district. The success of our local school district is not only important to the students who attend our schools PreK-12 or online through our Scottsdale Online Learning option, but it is also important to the economic success of our community and state. If you have not seen the details of the recent Economic Impact Study you might be interested in diving into some of the details. Our rich and extended history of student success is evident, and the contributions of our graduates surrounds us in our great city. Supporting our SUSD is supporting our future. 

    In a few weeks, mail-in only ballots will be sent out to registered voters who live within our district boundaries. Be certain to carefully respond with your vote and return it by dropping it in the mailbox or deliver it to a local polling place so it is received by election day, November 7th. Your CONTINUED support of approving the Maintenance and Operations Override will enable our community to continue to offer excellence in education at each of our neighborhood public schools and online. The continuation of the 2019 voter authorized override will help pay for may important attributes which impact our student success including: free all-day Kindergarten to our youngest learners (the state of Arizona does NOT fund all day K in spite of the research which points to the value add of early learning experiences), help providing funding for our excellent fine and performing arts, support our successful athletics and assorted extracurricular programs, maintain class-size ratios, provide world languages, and most importantly support our goal of attracting and retaining top-notch employees who work tirelessly for the benefit of our students each day by offering competitive compensation. The process is simple, and the choice is yours. 

    The governing board continues to move along supporting the decisions which will ultimately help to obtain our district strategic plan. No matter how we get there, we value your meaningful input, ideas to implement improved practices, and your valued treasures of time, talent, and resources cannot be overlooked. Action is what separates a belief from an opinion and the steady work of all governing board members is necessary for our decisions to have meaningful impact on our students. Identifying issues can seem easy from a distance but creating significant solutions to our challenges requires many leadership skills including upholding an open mind-set. 

    Speaking of leadership, did you know that our SUSD Superintendent, Dr. Scott Menzel recently received an accolade which warrants repeating? He was named Superintendent of the Year by the Save Our Schools Arizona organization! I recognize that he has faced many challenges in is short time here and he has encountered them head-on and while demonstrating dignity. I understand that the success of our school district is dependent on the support of each and every human being involved in our SUSD. Sometimes when we are striving for perfection, we lose track of the fact that our leaders are only as good as the support we provide to them. Congratulations, Dr. Menzel and our Scottsdale Unified School District! 

    I hope that you all enjoy the upcoming fall season. It will be nice to have the triple digit weather in our rearview mirror. Thank you again for supporting our SUSD where EVERY student and employee is treated with dignity and respect and nurtured to become their very best. 

    Yours truly, 

    Julie Cieniawski 

    Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President

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  • September 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 9/1/2023

    Greetings! As we kick this school year into high gear, we are consistently reminded of the importance of quality district governance.  To be effective, our actions must be coherently aligned with supporting the Strategic Plan of our district and supporting the thousands of employees we task with working on behalf of the best interest of EVERY single student enrolled in our district public schools. To be effective, we must understand and support the diverse needs of each scholar and see our children as more than mere data points. Their success is dependent on many factors, most importantly, from the necessary, supportive partnership which exists when parents work with their child and the teachers, together.  

    As Governing Board members, our decisions must be made and based on facts, and not evolve around personal interests, egos, political motivations, lies or conspiracy theories. Ultimately, no one else will bear the burden or legacy but the five elected officials who cast their votes for decisions. Individually, we own a voice, but collectively, we can move the needle on providing a future-focused education environment for our children and the employees tasked with the necessary wrap-around services to educate them. As required by law, many of our decisions must be made in public meetings. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Our school board meetings are open to the public for participation and though we are not mandated by law, we choose to allow public commentary at our meetings. I believe each one of our school board members value the constructive input of constituents from our SUSD community.  I define a constituent as anyone experiencing the impact of our work as school Governing Board members (students, their families, community members, businesses in our community, and our employees).   

    Let’s face it, school work can be difficult.  One size does not fit all, and no two human beings are exactly alike. Our mission of creating future-focused learning opportunities can be as challenging as fueling a plane while in the air (although I do not really know how challenging that task is, I can only imagine it is difficult). I entered this service as I was illusioned with the idea that we could be more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of our students. I recognize that ideas fostering creativity and imagination can lead to better outcomes. If you identify a specific element you think that we can improve on, please feel free to share that information at the campus level, with our district leadership, or through your elected Governing Board.  When we constructively address problems, we are more likely to have better outcomes. 

    In SUSD, we have proven ourselves as a worthwhile investment. The public can view evidence of the impact SUSD provides to our community and state by reviewing the results of the Economic Impact study presented at our last public meeting. Financial stewardship supports a great Return on Investment and although the term “transparency” is thrown around loosely, our decisions and the process we follow to make them is in full view. Your trust in our work and the outcomes of our commitments can be seen while driving through our school district. We will be asking the voters to support this community through the CONTINUATION of the Maintenance & Operations expenditure Override this fall. Community members can learn about this important upcoming Override and view dates for a related Q & A session Town Hall event near you. Our work is important to our community, and I hope you will continue to support, engage in, and promote the successes in our Scottsdale Unified School District.

    What makes us different from many businesses is that our mission is centered around the well-being of our children and their future. We are not profit-driven or greed-based. Personally, I did not respect the work of education institutions that do not honor, accept, and welcome ALL students regardless of ethnicity, race, physical or mental capacity, religion, medical needs, social class, economic stratum, or other personal concerns. In SUSD, we mean it when we say all means all.  We do this very important work for one reason … Because KIDS!

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board President

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  • August 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 8/1/2023

    Welcome to the 2023-24 school year in the Scottsdale UNIFIED School District.

    Everyone is valued and respected in our SUSD.

    Learning to see the world through diverse and assorted lenses will enhance the learning experiences and opportunities for our children.  Our actions will support the needs of all.

    Commitment is necessary to become the best.  Your message about our SUSD will enhance the success of our district and the economic interests of our community.  

    Outcomes of success will be based on many factors and standards-based instruction will guide our path.  Student achievement is multi-faceted and more than a test score.

    Motivating and inspiring all to collaborate, think critically, and respond creatively will better prepare our community for future challenges. This will require a mutual commitment from students, parents, employees, our governing board, and the community at-large.

    Engaging students in world-class, future-focused learning opportunities will continue to be our primary focus.

    Brain health requires adequate sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity, and stress management.  Develop and maintain healthy routines of self-care. You are worth it!

    Attendance is important.  Being present is the first step towards success.  

    Communication between home and school will be vital to student success. Be engaged!

    Kindness will guide our work districtwide. 

    Thank you for your continued support of our district public schools, where every child, family, culture, and aspiration is held with the utmost regard.  For 127 years, the future leaders of our community have been achieving in our SUSD classrooms. Why are we so committed to being better?  Because kids!

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board President

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  • June 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 6/1/2023

    The summer season is upon us, and as the temperatures rise, so does the work that takes place behind the scenes to improve the delivery of great educational opportunities for all of our students.  Some of our certified staff members choose to take the eight weeks of time in between school years to set out on travel adventures, some choose to take or teach classes, while others choose to chill and reconnect with hobbies or spend time with family and friends.   A substantial number of our employees continue to work, regardless of the temperature outside or absence of children on our campuses.  Many support staff members are working with site and district administration to clean and amend facilities in preparation for the next school year. 

    Our district governing board is also still at work, holding meetings and engaging in conversations to help us learn more about our district strengths and the opportunities for improvements.  We are expected to make decisions that support updates to curricular resources so that our certified staff has the materials required to meet the unique learning objectives of each and every student, PK-12.  Our board continues to acknowledge the necessity for smart business practices, balanced with the obligation to implement decisions that demonstrate care for thousands of employees and students.  We will continue to target our actions to support our students.  We will be expected to trust our paid professionals, support the recommendations they bring forward, and verify that our actions provide sustenance to our students’ needs in a manner which will help them actualize their dreams and support their endeavors with meaningful experiences.

    As is routine for our work as a governing board, many consent and action items will be brought before us for consideration, including facilitating personnel changes, approving hiring decisions, helping put in place improved practices towards onboarding and mentoring new employees, and creating a sense of belonging for each and every employee ‒ hire to retire ‒ so that collectively, we may thrive as a community dedicated to our students, the future. 

    While some of us will be participating in summer leadership experiences, others will take time for family, friends, and traveling.  Regardless of your plans, know that our plans are to continue our work and prioritize our students.  Even in the summer months, we will continue to rely on our families to support student learning and success.  Please note all of the great opportunities SUSD provides to our students, year-round.  Take advantage of these exceptional learning experiences now or provide some great adventures on your own.  Encourage your child to read, explore, problem solve, and create over the summer. 

    We know that you have options and appreciate that you recognize the quality of education our district public schools provide is priceless and is definitely the best bang for your buck.  No hype, no sales gimmicks, and no for-profit concerns or political objectives.  Our primary shareholders are our students and employees, and their success is our collective gain.  For over 126 years, we have been providing great learning opportunities to children in our Scottsdale and surrounding communities.  Many of our most successful community members are part of our SUSD legacy.  Look around: our Most Livable City was created, in part, by our SUSD.  When we succeed, Scottsdale succeeds.  Thank you for your commitment to your children and support of our district public schools.  We are better together.

    My best to you and your family,

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board President

    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • May 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 5/1/2023

    It is hard to believe that we are near the end of another school year. The week of May 8-12, we will be recognizing National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Although anytime is an appropriate time to share your appreciation for our teachers, this week is a dedicated time to do so.  The Scottsdale Unified School District is very appreciative of the teachers, school administrators, building level and district support staff who work to provide each child with a great learning experience each day.  Thank you!  I will continue to work hard as the district’s Governing Board president to demonstrate that appreciation for you through my governance actions.  Personally, you know I appreciate you and will collectively work with the other Board members to advocate for increased compensation, workplace conditions, improved benefits, AND respect for you as professionals. 

    Our community is welcome to learn, first hand, about the great learning opportunities that exist through curriculum, co-curricular, and our many assorted extracurricular activities.  Volunteers are appreciated, and we still have assorted, unfilled workplace vacancies.  You, too, can become an SUSD employee and share in the pride of working within such a noble profession and an attentive school district.  We are not perfect and are continuously working to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of our systems.  Parents play a VITAL role in supporting the success of their children while in school.  Please make time to sit down and discuss what engages your child in learning while at school and encourage them to participate in all the opportunities afforded them to become their most exceptional self.  If what you hear from them does not sound quite right, seek clarifying consultation from your child’s teacher or school.  Also, our district website offers a wealth of factual information.  Communication with you is very important, and the district uses many assorted methods to convey meaningful and accurate information to you on a regular basis. 

    Our local school district is by far the best place for your child to learn, recognize their interests, and develop a path towards personal success.  As the school year ends, learning does not stop.  We will continue to provide engaging student enrichment and support intellectual exploration through our many enriching summer academic options.  Please learn more about all that we offer at your child’s school or from the district website.  I hope that your child has felt academically challenged and fulfilled this past school year.  The best appreciation you can convey to our SUSD is by sharing positive word-of-mouth communication within the community.  If your friend does not choose SUSD, encourage them to learn more about our quest for excellence, invite them to visit our schools, and please encourage them to join our vision and mission. 

    This year, we will continue to recognize the success of our students through many assorted celebrations.  Showcases, appreciation and recognition events, and graduation are many typical milestone celebrations for our students and employees.  I hope to run into you at one of these district occasions.  If your child is graduating from our SUSD, CONGRATULATIONS!  I wish your child success in their future life endeavors.  If you are continuing as an SUSD family, THANK YOU!  Enjoy the end of the year and create some great learning experiences over the summer.

    Warm regards, 

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board President

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  • April 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 4/1/2023

    Springtime greetings to our Scottsdale Unified School District community.  This is a spectacular time of the year.  Hope is in abundance as desert flowers are in bloom, temperatures allow us to enjoy our desert landscape, and our schools are heading down the home stretch with the start of the fourth quarter of our 2022-23 school year.  We have much to look forward to and celebrate this time of the year.

    This can also be a very stressful time of the year.  Some refer to this time of the year as “testing season” as many of our students are already participating in mandatory statewide assessments, despite still having a quarter of the school year remaining.  These tests are deemed important for many reasons, but they also have their shortfalls.  The legislature and state Department of Education use the reports to measure the success of our student learning, which ultimately can lead to the assignment of school “letter grades” and impacts the reputation of a school district and community.  Parents and educators alike know that these tests are simply indicators of a student’s success.  Did you know that while all of our SUSD schools are required to test all students, the legislature does not mandate these tests for students enrolled in private schools?  Were you aware that not all grade levels are administered the mandatory exams and the subjects tested are not comprehensive or indicative of all the meaningful learning opportunities our SUSD students encounter?  The skills, knowledge, and proficiencies gained through student learning experiences can often best be measured through an application, demonstration, or other meaningful outcomes, including the skills of talented educators who continually monitor the success of each student enrolled in a class.

    Though standardized tests are important indicators of learning, they are not the only indicators.  Recently, many of our SUSD students had the privilege of demonstrating their success through the display of their artistic masterpieces and participation in performances at the Scottsdale Family ArtsFest, hosted at the ASU SkySong facility.  Real success of learning can be measured in many assorted ways and is often best measured over time, beyond a typical school year. Help your children feel successful at school by engaging them in meaningful conversations about their school subjects, interests, and concerns.  Help them show up prepared to be the best student every day and take advantage of the many extended learning opportunities we provide to support our students throughout the school year and during the summer months. 

    Demonstrating respect for our school district employees is an ongoing quest.  Recognizing that respect can be conveyed through many assorted means: financial compensation, creating healthy work conditions, supporting professional autonomy, offering kind words.  Though we are often limited in the respect we can convey through financial compensation (our budget is determined through annual legislative action), we can demonstrate respect for our professionals in many other ways.  Trusting them as the trained experts is an excellent place to begin the necessary partnership between home and school.   As parents and care providers, your input and support are vital to the success of each student.  This is often the time of the year when our school professionals consider their future options.  Contracts for the next school year have been distributed, and one of our goals is to attract and RETAIN our highly qualified and skilled employees.  We appreciate that many employees will choose to stay with us in SUSD, and we recognize that some will choose to venture into other career options or are set to enjoy their well-deserved retirement plans.  Regardless, the appreciation we show towards others today can provide a brighter future for our children tomorrow.  Our future as a community and school district is dependent on your support.  We are better together.

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board President


    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • March 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 3/1/2023

    In reflecting back over the past 30 years as a Scottsdale resident and reviewing the history of our Scottsdale Unified School District, I can attest that many changes have taken place over time.  Some of these changes have been embraced by the community and some have been challenged.  Ultimately, what pulls us past the bumps in the road has been great leadership.  I’ve seen change spearheaded by our students, employees, the community, and our Superintendents.  Our Scottsdale history is deeply rooted in the success of our district public schools.  It’s what makes our city noted as “most livable,” and for over 125 years, we have placed our district public schools at the center of our community.  Our buildings house our schools, but the people who work, learn, and discover in them are the real success of our history in SUSD.  

    In the fast-paced world we live in, it is often hard to know whether information we receive is fact or fiction. Sometimes relying on the quick sound bite is easiest, and many media hubs are focused on the value of “clicks,” whether they have a sponsored interest in the information they distribute or are looking for a quick hit of attention.  When it comes to our Scottsdale Unified School District, the best way to judge our success lies in the experiences that occur in our classrooms, on our campuses, and are displayed by the success of the multitude of individuals leading in our community who have a legacy connection with our SUSD.  

    Thank you to all the families who trust our schools to provide your child with relevant, enticing, and a meaningful, standards-based education. Thank you to the care providers who read with their children, drill them on math facts until they memorize these essential skills, ask their children engaging questions about their school experience and recognize the vital role parents play and have always played in the success of their child’s education.   Thank you to the families who demonstrate to their children the importance of honoring difference, the art of respectful conversation, and those who model considerate behavior.   

    Students, teachers, administrators, governing board members all come and go, but it is our promise to uphold our strong traditions and our values, while demonstrating care for one another, that will maintain the long-standing history of our district far into the future.  Characters and commercial interests may attempt to lure and even dissuade some from maintaining the value of our district public schools.  But these attempts to divert our focus will be met with challenge.  Why?  Because our community cares about our future, and generations of lived experience supports both the legacy and future of SUSD.  In a world of choice, parents can choose whether our history and visions match their interests.  We have lots of choices even within our own district.  Families who choose SUSD, do this for a reason.  Our vision, mission, and values may not be for everyone, but they will continue to be the focus of our work because our children deserve the best.

    All the BEST to you and your family,

    Julie Cieniawski
    Your SUSD Governing Board President

    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • February 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 2/1/2023


    I hope this SOURCE message finds you all doing well and navigating each day with joy.  Though February is a short calendar month, it is filled with many opportunities for the public to experience the authentic accomplishments of our students and staff.  From the assorted academic contests of robotics to the Spelling Bee, from performing arts to athletics events, every child can engage in learning beyond the confines of the classroom.  Many such community events can be viewed on the Scottsdale Unified School District calendar

    The SUSD Governing Board members are encouraged to attend these student-focused, community events. Additionally, regular examples of student success are evident by the work students produce while in the classrooms.  Have you seen the artwork produced by our students?  Board Member Dr. Hart-Wells asked if a sampling of these exceptional masterpieces could be displayed in our Board meeting space at the Mohave District Annex. Now, the display of student artwork is common practice there, and selections for recognition are shared between the students from the assorted learning community complexes.  Personally, I not only enjoy seeing the student artwork, but these displays help me stay focused on the objective of our governance work at hand ‒ our students.  To engage all students in world-class, future- focused learning.  As fiduciaries of our SUSD, it is important that we all experience firsthand the many district accomplishments, while similarly also being cognizant of areas which we can improve and the importance of seeking ideas to overcome the challenges.  Facts drive our work, and our mission is to provide EVERY child with the support they need to recognize their dreams and the skills to actualize their future.  For this to happen, our employees must feel supported and valued in their day-to-day tasks. 

    Data shows parents are the key ingredient to a child’s success at school and in life.  This includes routinely reading to your children and practicing math facts, creating routines for balance of obligations, and encouraging them to find relevance in their school lessons.  Parenting can be a very difficult task and at times, sometimes daunting.  Our schools are designed to support parents and their children, both academically and personally.  Please communicate with your schools and ask for support if you need it.  As community members, I implore you to get involved.  Go to your closest neighborhood school and ask how you can help. Attend the school events and see firsthand the many student accomplishments.  Our success is just as dependent on your support as the daily accomplishments of our students and the dedication of our employees.  The Scottsdale Parent Council also exists to support parents and our district public schools.  Together, we can approach our challenges with the students as our priority, make decisions that are factually substantiated, and put in place initiatives that further the progress of our community.

    In closure, I note that February is Black History Month.  It is important to recognize the struggles which have divided our nation collectively and as individuals if we are truly to become “one nation” united with liberty and justice for all.  Our students deserve to learn factual information about the past, to be inspired to work towards a more collaborative, growth-minded culture with high expectations of authenticity, honesty, and distinction applied towards themselves and others.  In our SUSD community, every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect each and every day.

    Thank you for supporting our UNIFIED school district.  Together we can accomplish much.

    Julie Cieniawski

    SUSD Governing Board President


    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • January 2023 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 1/10/2023

    Happy New Year! With the start of each new calendar year, many people often create resolutions to make improvements in their lives, to learn something new, and challenge themselves. Well, it’s what we collectively do in our Scottsdale Unified School District every day.  We work towards producing individual and collective growth on a daily basis.

    As we change the calendar to a new year, we will also see a transformation in the composition of our district’s governing board.  The public will note the change through the addition of Carine Werner and Amy Carney at the dais.  Rest assured, the focus of our work will remain centered on caring for and serving the unique academic needs of every SUSD child, PK-12.  We all have taken our oath of office and declared to uphold the Constitution of the United States and laws of the state of Arizona.  Our work will protect the rights of every student and all employees alike.  We will continue to focus our work that supports our district Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indicators. We will rely on the teachers, as the education experts, to assess their students’ present level of academic performance and determine which, if any, remediations and enrichments are needed to help them discover their talents, interests, and personal career endeavors.  We will continue to count on parents as pertinent partners in their child’s success.

    We are in the midst of improving our course offerings for our middle school and high school students.  The members of our Student Advisory Board, our teachers, school counselors, and industry leaders all provide input in guiding our course offerings. We are driven to create academic options which will provide every student with a meaningful school exit plan.

    With the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., upon us this month, many celebrations of diversity will surround us.  I hope you all take a moment to reflect on the meaning this holds for us, our children, and our future. We can choose a future where we recognize and respect difference and see each person as unique and valuable.  We can choose to lead by example and support others, regardless of race, religion, income, gender, or age.  Difference is the great glory of our public schools.  We don’t learn through sameness: we learn through difference.  A great learning environment will ensure that every student and employee experiences a sense of belonging and feels the necessary support to be challenged and aspire to be their best self.  

    My best to you.  PEACE.

    Julie Cieniawski

    SUSD Governing Board President


    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • December 2022 Board Update

    Posted by Julie Cieniawski on 12/1/2022

    Greetings, Scottsdale Unified School District Community,

    As we roll into the month of December, we often get very busy preparing for the holiday season and the many related festivities and celebrations which correlate.  It seems we seldom take the time to reflect on our accomplishments as individuals or collectively as a community.  I believe we have much to be grateful for and that we continue to move forward in a better direction for the Scottsdale Unified School District.  I appreciate living in a community where voters consistently choose to support our district public schools. Thank you for supporting our recent District Additional Assistance Override and thanks to the community members who volunteer to work and accomplish such actions on behalf of our children and the community.

    Our adopted Strategic Plan has been approved and continues to guide our work.  I recognize that as we delve into our systems and practices of doing business, we see many opportunities for improvement.  High standards and meaningful expectations raise the bar for everyone, including students, employees, parents, community partners, and Governing Board members.  When action items are brought before our board, many voices have influenced those recommendations.  When the Governing Board members ask questions during our public meetings, they are bringing forward input, ideas, and concerns they have received from members of our community.  Sometimes, we are not all on the same page with our opinions, information, or perceived solutions, but ultimately, we get to the point of moving decisions forward, based on what is best for ALL of our students, employees, and community partners. 

    I hope you all will take the time to participate in festivities which bring you joy.  As the semester wraps up, many of our schools will offer examples of our student and staff excellence through various musical performances, and they would love to share these experiences with you in the audience.

    As this month comes to a close, so does the tenure of two current Governing Board members.  Both Patty Beckman and Jann-Michael Greenburg have served our district for four years. They have weathered their leadership roles in challenging times and have many transitions.  I have great respect and appreciation for both of them.  Board member and past president Beckman has been a very public advocate of our SUSD in her role as a dedicated parent, community advocate, and respected Governing Board member.  I believe that she will continue to be a force supporting public education.  Board member and past president Greenburg has provided a perspective which our Governing Board has not had before.  As a young adult, he provided a lens which is rare, yet beneficial, to our district.  Although neither of them may receive the credit they deserve for their many contributions to our Scottsdale community, it is with great appreciation that I am able to follow in their footsteps. 

    Patty and Jann-Michael, thank you for the many, many sacrifices you have made.  Time on the board often means many hours away from family, friends, and other opportunities.  Thank you for the guidance and support you have provided to employees in trying to improve learning and work conditions.  Thank you for asking the tough questions of your Board colleagues, district employees, and parents to help create better decisions.  Thank you for being bold enough to share your perspectives on issues, even when others didn’t agree.  Thank you both for your perseverance and staying focused on creating a better school district than when you first took your oath of office. When the gavel drops at our December meeting, know that you both had a lasting impact on thousands of lives and that you did make a positive difference. THANK YOU!

    Wishing all of you peace, health, and joy throughout this holiday season.

    Julie Cieniawski
    SUSD Governing Board

    * Click here to read the farewell letter of outgoing Governing Board Member Patty Beckman.

    * Click here to read the farewell letter of outgoing Governing Board Member Jann-Michael Greenburg.

    Read more at The SUSD Source

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