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    Desert Mountain High School has been named the recipient of the

    2022-2023 H.A. Hendrickson Overall Excellence Award

    for the 5A Conference.  


    Interested in playing sports at a collegiate level?  Every sport is different, has different rules on recruiting and different ways they “go about things”.  Here’s a resource to get you started: Next College Student Athlete.  https://www.ncsasports.org/home.  There are a LOT of free resources on this site, but you can also sign up for consultation services for a fee.

    Check out this site and read all the tabs to get a clear picture of how your sport is handled.  In addition, talk to as many coaches, teachers, players and even your parent’s friends to find out their experiences with recruiting.  You can also reach out to the admissions departments of the college you are interested in for their perspective and suggestions. 

    **** Students who want to even be considered to compete in NCAA need to register with the NCAA eligibility center. Students as young as middle school can create an account. https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/


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