• The link below is to Mr. A's Infomercial on How Mohave will Operation with COVID Protocols
    Please click on the link below to see how the traffic will flow in the building at Mohave when we return to school.
    The link below is for Mr. A's first Infomercial on Grades and how to calculate your GPA.
    The link below is for Mr. A's infomercial on Mohave's new Return to In-Person and Distance Learning Plans.
    Please click on this link to gain a better understanding of how EDL will be implemented at Mohave.
    In the first week of school, all teachers will be reviewing with their students behavior expectations in the classroom setting.  At Mohave, we ask students to practice their PAWS.  Practice respect, Accept responsibility, Work together, Safety matters.  In the virtual classroom, we expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that allows everyone to learn and participate.  We follow Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports or a PBIS approach to setting expectations.  

    Below is a quick video with tips for accessing the Morning Announcements from home.


Meet Your Teacher - Virtually