• SUSD Early Learning Programs and Locations 2023-2024


    Tuition Based
    Early Learning

    Tuition Free
    Low Income
    Early Learning**
    Kids Club PANDA***
    Anasazi Pre-K    
    Cherokee Pre-School, Pre-K    
    Cheyenne Pre-K   After school
    care only
    Cochise Pre-K    
    Copper Ridge Pre-K    
    Desert Canyon Pre-K    
    Echo Canyon Pre-School, Pre-K   Pre-school &
    Pre-K only
    Hohokam   Pre-K  
    Kiva Pre-K  
    Laguna Toddler, Pre-School, Pre-K  
    Navajo   Pre-school, Pre-K  
    Pima   Pre-K  
    Pueblo Pre-school, Pre-K    
    Redfield  Pre-K    
    Tavan   Pre-K
    Yavapai   Pre-K  

    Block Tuition Payment dates can be found here - Block Tuition Schedule 23-24
    Toddler class - children must be 2 by Aug 31
    Pre-School - 3 years old by Aug. 31
    Pre-K - 4 years old by Aug. 31

    Students must live in the boundary of either Hohokam, Navajo, Pima, Tavan, or  Yavapai
    Students may not be age eligible for kindergarten to attend Title-1 program.

    Half-day - specialized program for students who are eligible after an evaluation

  • Rates for SUSD Tuition Based Early Learning ProgramTuition for Toddler Program - $1000/Block ( a block is 18 school days)Preschool 3's / Pre-K 4's = $730/ Block

    A $75 non-refundable registration fee, along with the first block payment, is due at the time of initial registration.

    Block payments are due by the first of the month. A $25 late fee will be applied to all accounts with outstanding balances after the due date.  Students will be withdrawn from the program due to non-payment after 3 business days.

    Directions on how to make a payment:

    • Go to https://touchbase.susd.org
    • Enter Username and Password
      • The Username is your child’s student ID #
      • The Password is your child’s last name with the first letter capitalized
    • This will bring up your child’s name, grade, and school. Select your student
    • On the top of the page in Red it should state ATTENTION you have unpaid fees/fines.  Click on “View”
    • Select the appropriate fee and click on “Pay Selected Fines/Fees” to pay with a credit card.

    Rates for SUSD Tuition Based Early Learning Program
    There is no charge for Title l programs, but applicants must live within the attendance area of a SUSD Title l elementary school and may not be age eligible for kindergarten.

    Our Low Income and Title 1 Early Learning Programs are located at the following schools:

    • Hohokam
    • Navajo
    • Pima
    • Tavan
    • Yavapai


Payment Schedule for 23-24