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    Check out this incredible TED talk about the importance of supporting our children, especially in the first five years of life - How Every Child Can Thrive by 5



    NEW TODDLER CLASS FOR THE 23-24 SCHOOL YEAR - We are adding a Toddler class for children who turn 2 by 8/31/23. This class will be housed at Laguna Elementary school. Please cllick here for additional information about this program. 


    Please email earlylearning@susd.org if you have any questions.

Early Learning Registration for the 2023-24 School Year


    Early Learning Registration for 23-24 - General Information


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    Dec 5-15 - Families who currently attend pre-school at Cherokee, Desert Canyon, Echo Canyon, Laguna, Pueblo, or Navajo  and want to attend Pre-K at their same school next year will be able to enroll at our Oak office by appointment between Dec. 5-15. SUSD Pre-school families will receive an email the first week of November with all of the details.


    Jan 3-9 - A Google registration form will be available for parents here at 8:00 am January 3rd to express interest in all early learning programs for the 23-24 school year.  Parents will have the opportunity to select up to 3 schools for enrollment consideration.

    Here is the link to the registration form - EARLY LEARNING REGISTRATION FORM 23-24


    It doesn’t matter when the google form is completed between January 3rd-9th.  



    SUSD enrollment priority groups* will be used to determine priority enrollment through Jan 21. (Due to mandates of the Title 1 Federal grant, please note that families MUST live within the boundary of Hohokam, Tavan, or Yavapai in order to enroll at these schools. (For example, you must live in the Hohokam boundary to attend Hohokam)



    Jan 9 -  6:00 pm Google form will be closed 


    By Jan 16,  parents who completed the Google form will receive an email indicating that either 1) they have secured a spot for the 23-24 school year OR 2) they have been placed on a waitlist.


    If a family has secured a spot for next year, they will receive information with a link to make an appointment  to finalize enrollment at our appointment only enrollment event on Saturday Jan 21 at the Mohave District Annex.


    Jan 21 - Early Learning Enrollment Event at the MDA  - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for families who have secured a spot in a class. WALK INS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED


    Feb 1 - Open registration will be available for any remaining spots in early learning classes. Priority Enrollment Groups will no longer be utilized after this time. Information on enrolling after February, 2023 will be available on our website.


    After you have secured a spot - be sure to complete the OnLine Registration (OLR) Form SUSD ENROLLMENT

    When completing this form - When prompted to select a school - Select "PRE" - do not select a  specific school. When you finalize enrollment on Jan 21, your child will be placed at the school at which they secured a spot. 

    More information about the registration process will be available on our website https://www.susd.org/communityeducation


    Tuition for the 23-24 school year:

    Registration Fee of $75 is  required for all students regardless of the school attending ( This includes Title 1 schools)


    For the 23-24 school year, tuiton will be $730/ block for the following schools: ( A block is 18 schools days. There are 10 blocks in a school year)

    • Anasazi,
    • Cherokee
    • Cheyenne
    • Cochise
    • Copper Ridge
    • Desert Canyon Elementary
    • Echo Canyon
    • Kiva
    • Laguna
    • Pueblo
    • Redfield 


    For the 23-24 school year, tuition will be offered at a reduced rate of $200/block at the following schools:

    • Navajo
    • Pima

    *****Students MUST live in the boundary of  Navajo or Pima to attend***** Students who turn 5 before 9/1/23 are ineligible to attend Pre-K at a Title-1 school as mandated by the Title1 guidelines. 

    While the in-boundary enrollment priority group applies, priority enrollment groups related to SUSD employment and siblings do NOT apply for these 3 schools.


    For the 23-24 school year, Pre-K programs at these schools will be funded through the Title 1 federal grant and will be offered at no cost for families. Students who turn 5 before 9/1/23 are ineligible to enroll in Title-1 Pre-K. Students MUST live within the boundary of these schools in order to enroll.

    • Hohokam
    • Tavan
    • Yavapai

    Students seeking enrollment at Hohokam, Tavan and Yavpai MUST live in the boundary of the respective school. This is mandated requirement of the Title 1 grant. Priority enrollment groups related to SUSD employment and siblings do NOT apply for these 3 schools.



    Questions can be emailed to EarlyLearning@susd.org or Cbonow@susd.org


    *Enrollment Priority Categories:

    1. Students whose Parent / Legal guardian is employed as a permanent SUSD employee under contract for the 23-24 school year (Administrative, certified, classified) Temporary substitute teaching does not qualify for this category.  ( This priority group does NOT  pertain to enrollment for Hohokam, Tavan and Yavapai)
    1. Students wanting to attend their home school and  students who also have siblings currently attending their home school  and want to enroll in early learning at their home school /  same school as siblings fall into this category.  (For Hohokam, Tavan and Yavapao - Students MUST live within the boundary of the school).
    1. Students and/or siblings living outside their home school boundary who are currently enrolled in an SUSD school and want to enroll in early learning at the same school as siblings.
    2. Students living within SUSD but want to enroll in a school other than their home school ( and have no siblings enrolled at that school).
    3. Students living outside of SUSD boundaries and are not currently enrolled in an SUSD school (and have no siblings enrolled at that school).

    ***ENROLLMENT PRIORITY GROUPS WILL ONLY BE USED THROUGH JAN 2023. For enrollment after Feb 1, please call our office 480-484-7900 for details.

    FOR THE CURRENT 2022-2023 school year - If you would like information on our early learning programs, please email Laura Valenzuela LValenzuela@susd.org 

    student support coordinator. 

  • Want to learn more about our SUSD Early Learning programs for the 2023-2024 school year?

    We will be hosting two virtual informational meetings for families to learn about the Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten programs and registration process for the 2023-2024 school year.  

    These informational meetings will review our SUSD early learning philosophy, programs, curriculum, and registration process for the 2023-2024 school year.


Gifted Cluster Pre-K classes

  • *Kiva, Redfield and Tavan offer gifted cluster Pre-K classes. The program offers the best of both worlds - a developmental learning environment with typical peers and small group interactions with like-minded peers.

    For additional information on our Pre-K cluster gifted programs, please click here.

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