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    Posted by Amy Bolton on 3/25/2019


    What are they and why are they useful?

    You may hear Office of Communications & Marketing refer to a “vanity URL” and wonder what are they and why we use them. What does URL even mean? URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, which is just a really technical term for an address where a resource is located on the internet. The resource can be a document, a web page or even a database.

    A vanity URL is a way we are able to shorten really long website addresses into a descriptive, memorable quick link. Think of a vanity URL much in the same way as a vanity license plate. Rather than type out the whole, long website address, such as, we drop the https:// and the long string of information at the back, and simplify it to

    These shortened quick links, or vanity URLs, give us a cleaner look, a lower character count for social media promotion and an easy-to-remember phrase. That long, 54-character web page address shown above is a mouthful. How would you even say that to someone? Even if you could get through the whole thing, someone may type one letter wrong and be sent who knows where online. In comes the easy-to-use vanity URL that gets us to the intended online destination with a clean and simple path. When we use vanity URLs, you can easily see how each vanity URL now also doubles as an advertisement for our main website – Vanity URLs are not automatic. We have to create them, but it is well worth the effort to have these descriptive shortcuts for promotional purposes. We have over 100 other SUSD vanity URLs including:

    Now you can see the value of being able to market aspects of the district with these phrases. We memorize most of them so we can promote the District - anywhere and everywhere!

    You might not know it, but every SUSD school also has its own vanity URL! A complete list can be found on the back of the newly re-designed 2019-2020 calendar available at, you guessed it, as well as at Don’t forget to connect with us on social media. For a complete listing of our handles and accounts, visit

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