Challenge Coin Recognition Program

  • The magnificent people working every day District-wide to deliver services to students make belonging to the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) workforce a familial experience. Having the opportunity to engage with our students and their families energizes us and provides a bounty of rewarding experiences. Our talented and professional workforce of approximately 3,000 people is devoted to delivering a consistently outstanding educational experience for every single SUSD student.

    Monthly Celebrations

    There is no doubt that outstanding achievements happen each day across SUSD. To publicly recognize these achievements, the Superintendent brings forward the most notable stories at the monthly Governing Board Regular meetings, during a portion of the agenda dubbed “Celebrations.” Any Principal may nominate students and employees from their campus to be considered for a Celebration. In addition to being lauded before the Governing Board, Celebration honorees are presented with a signed certificate from the Superintendent and a very special token of appreciation: an Excellence Recognition Coin.

    Recognizing Excellence

    This tradition began in 2019 as a special way for the Superintendent to offer appreciation to students and staff for exemplary contributions and achievements. The coin is intended to recognize students and staff who live our core values and going above and beyond expectations – striving for and achieving excellence.

    American Tradition

    Offering recognition through challenge coins is an America tradition. The first coins can be traced back to World War II where officers presented coins to soldiers to reward remarkable actions. It is said that these coins were used to authenticate the identity of U.S. servicemen from enemy imposters. Since then, coins have evolved to become prestigious tokens of recognition that are collected, carried and displayed with pride. We feel our SUSD recognition coins build morale and serve as a lasting, tangible reminder of recognition while conveying a sense of belonging to our supportive, appreciative and proud community. The coin design is done right here in the SUSD Office of Communications & Marketing. 

2020-2021 Coin

  • 2020-2021 Coin Front

    2020-2021 Coin Back

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2019-2020 Coin

  •  Coin-Front


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