Public Comment

  • The Governing Board invites public comment at its regular meetings (public comment is not taken at special meetings). At its public meeting on May 19, 2020, the Board voted to modify Board Policy BEDB to call for all public comment at one time, after Superintendent's Comments (instead of once after Superintendent's Comments, and again for Information/Discussion and Action items).

    Becasue Board meetings are currently virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic, public comment at regular meetings may be made by calling 480-484-7873. Public Comment recieved via the telephone number provided will be heard after Superintendent's Comments.

Meeting Documents & Archives

    • Meeting Agenda - the table of contents pages. 
    • Minutes - a full account of the Governing Board meetings and are not posted until after approval, which usually takes place at the following Board meeting
    • Spotlights - a report of agenda items presented and action taken at regular Governing Board meetings
    • Presentations - related to agenda items

    Note: Board Meeting Videos are uploaded the next day to our YouTube channel
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