• Welcome, Student Teachers, Interns, Student Nurses, and Practicum Students! 

    Scottsdale Unified School District is proud to offer many different opportunities to fulfill college requirements on your pursuit of becoming a certified teacher! Student teaching offers college students the best introduction to the education field. Under the supervision of one of our highly qualified certified teachers, Student Teachers will learn about the teaching skills and methods for the classroom, a lesson in classroom management, and knowledge of the community. SUSD is happy to aid you in this journey. Please see below for the application, requirements, and approval process. 

    Welcome Volunteers and Chaperones!

    Scottsdale Unified School District truly appreciates the volunteers that serve their schools and communities. Volunteering is rewarding for everyone whether they participate in the school office, classroom, playground, or on field trips. Volunteers enrich the educational experience for all SUSD students. Please see below for the application, requirements, and approval process. 

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