Fine Arts


    The purpose of this course is to extend the middle school Humanities program into the high school with particular emphasis on developing greater scope and depth in the area of music. The student will develop greater understanding of the critical, historical and aesthetic contexts of music, as well as listening skills. This course is for the student who desires a higher appreciation of music, who desires to fulfill half of the Fine Arts credit requirement through a non-performance course, or for the music student who desires to enrich his/her performance skills with a greater understanding of musical styles, musicians and composers, and the civilizations that created great musical works – from Gregorian Chants to modern and contemporary music.


    Art speaks to our emotions and imaginations. It allows us to see the world in different ways and fulfill the need to create. In this course students will learn the history of art around the world. They will explore basic principles and elements of art and how art critiques can help us better understand artworks and identify pieces of art that illustrate superior skills.


    Prerequisite: Art History 1a.  In this course, students will continue to discover some traditional art forms from various regions of the world including the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. Students will be introduced to some of the greatest artworks produced (Renaissance, Art in Americas, Modern, etc.) and will learn more about how the artists were influenced by the social world around them.