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  • September 2022

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 9/1/2022
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  • ADE Official Tours SUSD Schools

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 9/1/2022

    Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman Kathy Hoffman visits students Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman Kathy Hoffman visits students

    Hohokam Elementary School and Coronado High School hosted campus visits last week by state Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. The state schools chief was most impressed with how students at both schools engaged in their learning.  She also fielded questions from Coronado JAG (Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates) students about her job responsibilities.  Hoffman is a regular visitor to Arizona public schools.

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  • Arcadia HS Teacher Is Published Author

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 9/1/2022

    Richard Maxwell, who founded Arcadia High School’s CMAS (Creative Music and Arts Sciences) program, has co-authored a research paper with two Arizona State University engineering education professors.  Entitled Broadening the Pool of Precollege Engineering Teachers: The Path Experienced by a Music Teacher, the paper delves into Maxwell’s experience as a non-scientist taking on the challenge of teaching an elective, introductory engineering class to Arcadia students during the 2019-2020 school year.  While initially being skeptical of his abilities to successfully teach the content, Maxwell, a 22-year music educator, discovered that many parallels exist between music creation and engineering design and that many of his preconceptions about being able to lead a STEM classroom were unfounded.  He reports that the experience helped him grow as a teacher, and Arcadia students are the beneficiaries.

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  • August 2022

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 8/1/2022

    Thank you for choosing Scottsdale Unified for the education of your students!  We are committed to providing all of our students with the very best learning opportunities that prepare your children for the world that awaits them.  We are grateful for the many resources our community provides to make these endeavors possible.

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  • New and Returning Educators

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 8/1/2022

    New Teacher OrientationLast week, we were pleased to reunite with our returning educators and, the previous week, were equally pleased to welcome 61 others who are new to the teaching profession.  Working together with mentor teachers, our SUSD teaching team will continue to lay the foundation for the student academic success for which SUSD is renowned and uphold the tradition of offering what we refer to as the “Scottsdale Standard of Excellence.”

    New Teacher OrientationOur teachers will play an integral role in helping implement the district’s Strategic Plan.  Its very first goal is Academic Excellence, and calls on the district to “Challenge and inspire students to reach high levels of achievement so they thrive as confident, dynamic, future-ready learners equipped to pursue their passions and ambitions.

    The plan commits SUSD to:

    • Provide learning opportunities that ensure all students graduate prepared for relevant and viable postsecondary higher learning and careers.
    • Cultivate critical and creative thinking by integrating problem-based learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.
    • Utilize culturally responsive teaching to meet the diverse learning needs of students.
    • Provide timely and effective differentiated instructional practices that monitor progress, inform teaching practices, and ensure student growth, and
    • Provide high-quality District early childhood opportunities to anchor the Pre-K‒12 continuum of learning.

    In the coming year, SUSD educators will be deeply involved in helping create the strategic initiatives that will enable these commitments to be met.

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  • Coronado Grad Earns Dorrance Scholarship

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 8/1/2022

    ASU Dorrance scholars

    SUSD’s Class of 2022 may have graduated two months ago, but we were pleased to learn recently that one of our Coronado Dons, Anthony Jaimes Flores (1st row, second from left), is one of 20 incoming Arizona State University freshmen to receive a $100,000 Dorrance Scholarship.  The Dorrance makes a college education possible for Arizona first-generation students.  The program’s 32 other 2022 recipients will attend Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona.

    To learn more about ASU’s Dorrance Scholars, click here

    Read more at The SUSD Source

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  • July 2022

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 7/1/2022
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  • Please give a warm SUSD welcome to our nine, new school administrators!

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 7/1/2022

    9 New Principals

    • Janelle Danskey, Principal, Arcadia High School

    Dr. Danskey brings her 18 years of education experience in Oregon and Missouri to us from Clayton High School in suburban St. Louis, where she has served as assistant principal for the last five years, overseeing instructional staff and professional development.

    • Joshua Pantier, Interim Principal, Chaparral High School

    A 22-year veteran of SUSD, 17 years of which were spent teaching math at Desert Mountain High School, Mr. Pantier has been an assistant principal at Chaparral for the past five years, in charge of Student Services and, most recently, Ed Services.

    • Joseph Olney, Principal, Cocopah Middle School

    National Board Certified in Mathematics, Mr. Olney taught math at Chaparral High School for 13 years and has been the Assistant Principal for Student Services at Coronado High School for the past four years, where his duties have included helping each year’s freshman class adapt to high school.

    • Anne Plenkovich, Principal, Hopi Elementary School

    Mrs. Plenkovich has guided Twin Lakes Elementary School in suburban Tacoma, Washington, for the past four years, during which it received awards for student academic achievement and growth, and brings with her administrative experience from international schools.

    • Gena Aikman, Principal, Laguna Elementary School

    A veteran SUSD administrator, Dr. Aikman arrives at Laguna with 17 years of experience as Cochise Elementary’s Assistant Principal and more than 30 years in education and a recent doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Instruction.

    • Scott Mohn, Principal, Mohave Middle School

    Mr. Mohn has held leadership roles at three Valley high schools over the last 12 years, most recently as the Mesa Dobson High assistant principal in charge of school safety and security, social studies and athletics, and previously was a stand-out social studies educator in Florida.

    • Nick Noonan, Principal, Scottsdale Online

    Mr. Noonan takes his 27 years in public education from Cocopah Middle School, where he has been Principal for the past five years, to heading up SUSD’s outstanding K-12 online learning school. 

    • Tamara Jagodzinski, Principal, Tonalea Middle School

    Dr. Jagodzinski returns to her middle school roots with her post at the ‘new’ Tonalea Middle School.  She has been Hopi Elementary’s principal for the past six years, served as assistant principal at Hohokam and Pima Elementary schools, and began her 17 years with SUSD as a teacher at Mountainside Middle School.

    • David Priniski, Principal, Yavapai Elementary School

    A graduate of SUSD’s Saguaro High School, Dr. Priniski takes his experience from the past six years as Tonalea K-8’s Principal to lead and re-open Yavapai Elementary School, where he previously served as Assistant Principal.

    Families at those schools can expect to hear from their new leaders before school starts on August 3.


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  • Learning Continues into Summer for Students and Staff

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 7/1/2022

    Students learningIt may be summer, but that doesn’t mean SUSD students or educators stop learning!  Roughly 2,200 students and nearly 100 teachers have or are taking part this summer in a variety of extended learning opportunities being offered by the district and, later this month, by the state.

    These summer programs serve a variety of students, including those heading to middle school and high school for the first time next month, those working to improve their English, math and reading skills, International Baccalaureate students at Desert Mountain High School, middle school students in the Coronado Learning Community working on their musicianship at a Title I ESTEAM Music Camp and gifted students.Music Students

    SUSD’s in-person and online high school summer school program just wrapped up its second session.  More than 1,700 high school students were hard at work last month, improving previous grades, getting ahead for next school year and taking interesting electives they don’t have time for during their busy, regular-school-year schedules.

    Add in Kids Club Summer Camp and middle school and high school athletic camps, and you can see that there’s no such thing as summer vacation in SUSD!

    Professional DevelopmentLikewise, district educators are honing their skills for their students.  Just this week, nearly 40 K-3 teachers, reading specialists, school psychologists and principals ended a two-week session on dyslexic learners.  In all, more than 500 of our educators have been taking part this summer in a variety of professional development institutes that have included such subjects as teaching AP (Advanced Placement) and Pre-AP classes, World Language technology integration, makerspace training and building thinking classrooms.  These voluntary investments of time being made this summer by our teachers are investments in every SUSD student.

    We hope you are having a happy, restful summer, and we look forward to seeing your students on the first day of the 2022-2023 school year, Wednesday, August 3rd!


    Read more at The SUSD Source


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  • June 2022

    Posted by SUSD Communications on 6/1/2022
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