The Guidance and Intervention Team

  • The role of the Guidance and Intervention Team is to support students through their time in high school. They are available to help students with academic questions, social/emotional concerns, and postsecondary planning.


Picture of Arielle Shinder

Ms. Arielle Shinder

  • Counselor 

    Ms. Arielle completed a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advisement from Kansas State University in 2009, a Master of Education Degree in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Arizona State University in 2008 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2007. Ms. Shinder grew up on the East Coast at the Jersey Shore and worked for 10+ years in College Admissions and Academic Advising. She moved to Arizona (her 2nd stint here in the Valley of the Sun) from New York City in March 2020 and worked as a school counselor in Queen Creek, AZ before transitioning to Coronado this school year. She is thrilled to be here and is looking forward to meeting more of the student body and their families. In her spare time, she enjoys reading mystery novels and you can often find her playing tennis all over the valley.

Mr. James Brady

Mr. James Brady

  • Counselor 


    Mr. Brady is originally from upstate New York and relocated to Arizona about 10 years ago. He is a certified school counselor and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. He began his career as a crisis and inpatient clinician working in a variety of the valley’s inpatient behavioral health hospitals. His background in crisis and suicide prevention is what sparked his interest in the school setting. Albeit Mr. Brady is new to Coronado, this will be his 7th year as a school counselor in Arizona. Mr. Brady loves all sports and was a football coach at his previous school. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing golf, and going on adventures with his wife Beth, and his pets, Richard, Christine, and Sharon. Mr. Brady is excited to be a Don and looking forward to his new journey at Coronado!

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Ms. Anna Huerta

  • Counselor

    (Hablo Español)

    Ms. Huerta is entering her 38th year in education and is proud to be a counselor at Coronado. She earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from ASU with certification in Counseling, Special Education and P.E. She enjoys working out, swimming and doing DIY projects to her house.  She has a son, Nicholas and a daughter, Monique.  Her significant other’s name is Rey and their blood runs maroon and gold! Go Devils!!



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Joyce Sawyer -- Academic Intervention Specialist

Academic Specialist (by referral only)

Mrs. Sawyer works with the counseling department to ensure that all students reach their potential and ultimately reach their goal of graduation.  

Mrs. Sawyer began her career as a Special Education teacher, completing both her undergraduate and Master's degree from Nazareth College.  She later completed her graduate degree in Counseling from Ottawa University and a Master's degree from Grand Canyon University. 

She is here to assist all students and is excited to begin this school year.  Please feel free to reach out to her if you are interested in joining a support group, need academic resources or support of any kind.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nicole Tarter -- Social Worker

Ms. Nicole is wholeheartedly committed to the education community and believes every child can succeed. She holds a Master’s Degree from Towson University in Clinical Psychology with a focus in trauma, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from George Mason University. After obtaining her Master’s Degree, Ms. Nicole spent two years working for a non-profit organization-conducting individual and group therapy for youth and adults. She then transitioned into the education system and worked as a Special Education Teacher. Ms. Nicole is a mother of two boys and a yellow Labrador Retriever. She loves any activities that can be done outside with her family and baking in her spare time.


Wondering what a school social worker does? Simply put, helps remove barriers to educational success. Check the list below to see a few of the things she does at Coronado!

  • Provide Emotional Support
  • Provide Family Support
  • Classroom presentations when appropriate
  • Participate in 504 meetings at students request
  • Referrals To Community Resources
  • Financial Assistance (school lunches, school supplies, transportation assistance)
  • Student Support Groups
  • Crisis Response
  • Clothing Closet

Concerned teachers, family members, or peers may refer students to the school's Social Worker for a variety of reasons. Administrators may refer students for violation of school policy. Any student may request to be in a support group and receive emotional support at any time during the school year. The services and supports provided by the school social worker are free. Since we are in a school setting, NO CLINICAL THERAPY WILL BE PROVIDED. However, every effort will be made to collaborate with the student and their families to refer students to outside agencies that are appropriate for the students' needs. Ms. Nicole takes student confidentiality very seriously and will protect it at all costs unless the student has disclosed the desire to hurt themselves or someone else or that they are a victim of abuse or neglect.

The social worker plays an important role in helping to increase communication among home, school, and community.


The Guidance Team

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