Coronado High School Attendance Policies

  • "Miss 10, Do it Again!"

    It is the LAW that a student cannot miss 10 or more days of school and receive credit for their courses.  Subsequent violations of the Scottsdale Unified School District Code of Conduct or Arizona law including but not limited to A.R. S. 15-802, A.R.S. 15-803, A.R.S. 15-804, will result in further disciplinary procedures, which will include placement on audit status and loss of credit.

    Excused and Unexcused Absences
    The law pertains to both excused and unexcused absences. This means that between the first day of the semester and the last day of the semester, a student may be absent up to 10 times without school penalty; however, missing class information can impact the student’s grade. 

    ** The only exception is for a chronic medical condition or other admin approved extenuating circumstances with documentation**

    Tardy Policy

    • Students will be marked tardy when they arrive after the tardy bell and within the first 10 minutes of class.
    • Students will be marked absent when they arrive after the first 10 minutes of class.
    • The only exception will be a hand-written pass from another teacher or staff member.

    Tardy Consequences -  Miss 10 do it again!”  Excessive tardies can also result as No Credit (“NC”) in a class.

    Tardy discipline policy

    • 1st-3rd Tardy: Warnings and teacher consequences
    • 4th Tardy: Power Hour (after school)
    • After 5 tardies, administrative consequences will become more severe (i.e. Saturday School, parent meetings, tardy contract, and NC status)

    For further information, please see the Uniform Code of Student Conduct – Attendance Regulations.


  • 480-484-6860
    For all day absences, leave your student’s name, student id# and the reason for the absence. Do not leave emergency messages on this line!

    For late arrivals and early releases, please provide advance notice before arriving to school. Do not leave all day absences on this line. If you are dropping off your student after the final bell has rung at 8:15 a.m., you must accompany your student to the Attendance Office to sign-in and receive and excused pass to class.

    Spanish Attendance Line