Return To Learn Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please find preliminary answers to frequently asked questions below. Since this information is evolving as our planning progresses, the information will be updated periodically as new information, guidance and protocols come available.

    PLEASE NOTE: If families did not choose a “Return to Learn model” by Friday, July 24, students will be automatically enrolled in Enhanced Distance Learning/Full Return at their school site.  If families want to enroll in Scottsdale Online and they did not fill out the “Return to Learn” form, they can complete an enrollment form online at  New requests to enroll in Scottsdale Online will be based on space availability.

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    Enhanced Distance Learning/Full Return Update

    After full return begins, students participating in EDL who are temporarily unable to return to in-person learning may continue learning virtually, accessing instruction from their home school through the use of technology.  This pertains to students who become ill during the school year and families that have health concerns related to returning when schools reopen.  

    Additionally, students who receive special education services in self-contained programs are encouraged to select EDL/Full Return as that provides the greatest opportunity to access the specialized services of the self-contained program.  There will be an ability for special education students to continue to access instruction from home if needed once schools resume in-person  learning. 

    Actualización sobre el Aprendizaje en Línea Aumentado y el regreso completo a clases

    Una vez que el regreso completo a clases comience, los estudiantes que participan en el Aprendizaje en Línea Aumentado (EDL, por sus siglas), quienes temporalmente no pueden regresar en persona al aprendizaje, pudiesen continuar aprendiendo virtualmente, accediendo la enseñanza desde sus casas por medio del uso de la tecnología. Esto concierne a los estudiantes que se hayan enfermado durante el año escolar y a las familias que tengan preocupaciones sobre la salud relacionadas con el regreso a clases cuando se reabran las escuelas. 

    También se motiva a los estudiantes, que reciben servicios de educación especial en programas independientes, que seleccionen EDL o regreso completo a clases, ya que les brinda la mayor de las oportunidades de acceder a los servicios especializados del programa independiente. Los estudiantes de educación especial tendrán la facilidad de continuar accediendo la enseñanza desde la casa si les fuese necesario una vez que se reanuden las clases con el aprendizaje en persona. 


    Operations and Logistics Update

    In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we know that chief among your many concerns regarding students’ and teachers’ return to school campuses is their health and safety. SUSD’s Operations and Logistics subcommittee has developed District protocols and procedures for personal protection, hygiene, enhanced facility cleaning and sanitation, recess, passing periods, campus visitors and more, when schools physically re-open. Read more here.

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