• Early Learning

    SUSD offers tuition-based programs for Preschool and Pre-K. Throughout our preschool and Pre-K programs, certified and licensed teachers provide developmentally appropriate curriculum tailored to each child, ultimately preparing them for Kindergarten.

    New Opportunity for students: Virtual Pre-K

    Beginning January 4, 2021, Community Education will be offering a full day of Virtual Pre-K taught by a certified teacher.  For more information call 480-484-7900

How To Register

    • Review the requirements on our website (susd.org/SummerCamp) and have the necessary documentation ready. 
    • Sign into SUSD's Touchbase website.
      - Enter your child’s Student ID as the User Name and the password will be your last name (first letter capitalized).
      - If you do not know your child’s ID number, please contact your school. You must use your child’s ID to pull the proper classes.
    • When signed in, click on your student's name.
    • Click the button titled, "Items at All Schools" 
    • In the School Type section, click on either “COMMUNITY EDUCATION”, then “Oak Campus – Community Education” OR School Type “ELEMENTARY”, then “Desert Canyon Elementary School”
    • Under Categories, click on “Kids Club Summer Camp”
    • Click on “Kids Club Summer Camp Reg Fee”.
    • Click the "Buy" button.
    • Click on the button titled, "Checkout Step 1: Additional Info."
    • Important: Parents must complete the DHS Emergency Cardand provide it to the Kids Club department. Email the completed DHS card to KidsClub@susd.org**NOTE: Please put your student's school name in the space provided at the top right CDC#
    • When you have sent the email with the attached DHS card, check the box accordingly below the link for the DHS card. 
    • Click the "Checkout Step 2: Payment" to complete your purchase of the registration fee. This must be completed before registering for either Kids Club Summer camp.
    • Go back to Touchbase, click on your child's name, and click on “Kids Club Summer Camp”. 
    • Add the daily or monthly options that you want your child to attend. You can add choices to your cart before purchasing. 
    • Complete the purchase by clicking the Checkout cart at the top. 


  • What are the age requirements?

  • Does my child need to be potty-trained?

  • What programs are offered at which school locations?

  • Is transportation provided?

  • What about the District Boundaries?

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