Academic Programs

    • Free Full-Day Kindergarten
    • English Immersion Studies
    • Gifted Program
    • Library/Media Center
    • Physical Education (K - 5)
    • Special Education
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Title I
    • Preschool
    • Before and After School Programs/21st CCLC (Century Community Learning Center) 

Fine Arts Programs

    • ​​Visual Arts (K-5)
    • General Music (K-5)
    • Band (4 - 5)
    • Chorus (4 - 5)
    • Strings (4 - 5)


Technology Programs

    • Document Cameras
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Audio Enhancement Systems
    • Closed circuit television for morning announcements


    Hohokam Elementary ROCKS Behavior Expectations


    MTSS-B Matrix. - English                     

    Hohokam is a recipient of a federal program that worked with us to create a safer and more positive learning environment for all our students.  As part of this, we have developed a behavior program based on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavior (MTSS-B).  The primary goal of this program is to create a positive school climate by teaching, highlighting and celebrating positive behavior through a reward system.  Click on links to review the MTSS-B Matrix.

    Hohokam has adopted the acronym ROCKS (Respectful, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness, Safety) to make it easy for students to remember our behavioral expectations and values.

    Hohokam students have embraced this program by taking responsibility for their actions, showing respect for others, greeting teachers in the hallways and vice versa and helping their peers in whatever way they can.  They help keep the campus clean and are mindful of safety issues.  We are very proud of our students.  Each day staff members give Thunder tickets as a reward for this positive behavior.  Students who receive tickets can receive a charm, bracelet or other surprises depending on how many they collect.  Students earning 100 tickets are proudly announced on the Hohokam website under Celebrations and Thunder Rocks. 

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