2023 - 2024 Board Meeting Schedule

  • Location
    All Regular Board meetings will be held in the Board Room/Lecture Hall at Coronado High School, 7501 E. Virginia Avenue, Scottsdale, and all Study Sessions/Special Meetings will be held at the Mohave District Annex, 8500 E. Jackrabbit Road, Scottsdale, unless otherwise indicated. Meetings will begin at times indicated. Copies of the Agenda are available electronically on the District website:www.susd.org. Members of the SUSD Governing Board will attend either in person or by telephone, video or internet conferencing. For further information, please call (480) 484-6238.

    Where are copies of board agendas placed?
    Copies of the agenda are placed in the front office at least 24 hours prior to each meeting. The board uses a consent agenda format for many routine matters. These items will be considered as a group and voted on with one motion. There will not be separate discussion of these items unless a board member so requests. If a request is received, the item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered as a separate item. They are also posted here, past year's archives are also available.

    Visitors are always welcome to speak at board meetings
    Please fill out a digital public comment form before the meeting begins. Presentations are limited to two minutes. The board, by law, is not permitted to discuss items that have not been posted as agenda items. Therefore, if you speak about an item that is not on the agenda, board members will be unable to respond or discuss that item. However, the board may refer your issue to the administration for study and response at a future meeting.

    All regular, special and emergency meetings of the Board are open to the public except during executive session. Notices of all meetings are posted at the Education Center at least 24 hours prior to each meeting. By Arizona law, executive sessions may be called by the governing board to discuss: (1) personnel matters; (2) meet and confer items (negotiations); (3) legal matters with attorneys; (4) purchase or lease of real property; and, (5) litigation.

    For additional information, please call 480-484-6238.


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